To all the men who think all men except them are criminals - why do you even call yourselves men when you don't even stand for atrocities on men? Do you have any self-respect?

All those morons who shout about strict punishments over the Delhi incident, if ever you are accused of rape (as if women never lie), I'll be right outside your house with the same demand - to cut off your balls, if you have them. After all, the stricter the punishment, the higher the number of reported rapes will be.

After all, why would women give up such a fantastic tool just ripe for using to blackmail men, to take their stuff even more easily, or simply act out their fantasies?

1. In 1990, I read in the newspaper about several boys aged 10-11 being kidnapped and castrated. Innocent boys, not even teenagers and you remained silent. That was just one report of one set. Many more remain unpublished.

You remained silent.

2. In 1993, Lorena Bobbit mutilated her sleeping husband's genitals, women all supported her, men like you laughed and joked. A sleeping man is no danger, yet the law accepted self-defence as excuse and she skipped jail. More such cases have been happening every year, though the media doesn't publish all.


You remained silent, or laughed at Bobbit jokes.

3. Even when, an 11 year old boy died after a botched circumcision in India. The same year, thousands of Philippine boys aged 10-11 were circumcised in a mass drive. Annual figures of male circumcision are 13 million - nearly 7 times as many as female circumcision , which the UN has banned ( but not male genital mutilation ), yet you remained silent.

4. That very year in India, a woman and her relatives mutilated the genitals of a man who had come asking for money they owed him. He was not a rapist, he came asking for his own money.

You remained silent.

5. Few years ago, women in the Abu Ghraib prison stripped, tortured and sexually assaulted Iraqi men suspected of being local militia.

You remained silent.

6. Hillary Clinton spent millions of dollars promoting male genital mutilation in Africa and Asia with UN/US funding, the same organizations that prohibit female circumcision.

You remain silent.

7. You ignore male victims of female violence. Here's the site that tracks acid related attacks, around 30% of acid attacks are on males, but the media paints it very differently - makes it look like women are singled out.

Even the records show around 1/3 victims are male. This site details older recorded cases of women committing acid attacks - the term "vitriolic attack" itself stems from a spate of women throwing acid on men who refused to marry them.

And yet you remain silent.

8. In any war, the men and boys are killed, or caught and tortured first. In Kargil, 1999, Indian soldiers were sexually mutilated, but you weren't even bothered. Even the church didn't see any wrong castrating young boys only for them to sing in high pitched voices until 200-300 odd years ago.

You remained silent.

9. Women have sexually mutilated their own sons, here are two that got relatively more media coverage, but there are more that don't , esp from East Asia.

Even in India, women have sent their young pre-teenage sons to be castrated for the service of goddess yellamma. The collective nelson's eye turned toward brutality against boys and men is so pervasive, mothers. By the hundreds/thousands every year.

And still you remain silent.

10. Even the feminist mouthpiece like Times of India now admits that mothers commit more physical abuse of children than anyone else. More children are sexually abused by women too - mothers, aunts, nannies. You won't hear of them as much because no one in the media wants women to look evil. Even the reports of adult women who statutorily rape boys/girls , are written as "had sex with" , "in a relationship with" rather than "raped" , "assaulted".

11.  Women put knife in buttocks of Mahendra Karma, they crushed his head with rocks, stabbed his face, knifed him 78 times, but no Nirbhay like protest no mombatiwala. Even though the crime was no less that rarest of rare. … No one cares for Crime against Men

You raise your voice for women, but not for men, who are even more brutally done unto. Not once did I hear or read you demanding harsh punishment for women who commit such heinous crimes.

Young boys, even infants, damaged by women - but you look the other way and pretend it doesn't happen. And the media always obliges. You don't care for men's suffering, so they don't cover it. You get your panties in a knot over women's suffering, and media obligingly gives you just that kind of news.

Every year, more men than women have suffered abuse, mutilation and torture than women do, and that has always been the case throughout society globally, yet the only concern shown is for women who are far less often and far less severely damaged.

I don't know what it will take for you to realize the misandry in society, but if you are that stupid as to not recognize it, you damn well asked for it.

And if such laws are passed or such actions condone when done by mobs, if even 1 innocent man becomes victim the anti-rape laws you support, I wish your entire female family clan gets the same punishment, fuck innocence, I want equality even if its brutality. Especially the brutality that women have rarely been subject to. You want equality , I hope you fucking get it.

So tell me again, just why do you call yourselves men? Just go have that sex change operation. Or just wait, the very women you defend today, will do it to you. Wait n see. Be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it.


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Women are violent

 as Men are silent

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