Women have as devilish intention as any other person but people have a misconception that they are just little angles that can do nothing wrong and no harm to anyone. So I thought of doing some myth busting.


Feminists have been successful in suppressing Mens Rights by faking innocence and getting sympathy. Many feminists say that if the female population increases there would be decrease in crime??? So why is Russia high on crime rate by having so many criminals even if the women there outnumber men??? People should not believe feminists and go by common sense. There are umpteen numbers of cases where women have committed crime against men and women as well. Serial killing, murder, kidnapping, robbery, swindling crime is not just a "guy" thing women are adequately involved in such crimes. There are over 210,000 Web sites devoted solely to women criminals, on subjects ranging from current women's prison conditions to tales of 18th century pickpockets in New York City.


This fact is also highlighted by a book called Mistresses of Mayhem on Women Criminals it tells the often grisly and sometimes horrifying tale of 100 women who made their names in the world of crime. For example: there's Donnie Clark Barker, better known as Ma, who led her brood of five homicidal sons on a six-state crime spree that included bank robbery, murder and kidnapping; Virginia Hill, mistress to the Mob; Anne Bonney, notorious pirate queen of the 18th century; Lizzie Borden, who took an axe and proceeded to dismember her father (with forty whacks) in 19th century New England. Then there was Jean Harris, who in 1980 shot her lover, Dr. Herman Tarnower, author of the "Scarsdale Diet" book, in what became one of the most celebrated murder cases of the decade. In the 1950s, Barbara Graham was the first woman to die in the gas chamber in California, who shamelessly maintained her innocence right up until the end.

The feminist would say that women only want love and care. They never crave for money Gurpreet Gill was being targeted to be killed by the contract killers hired by his wife Balpreet Kaur to get the 40 million insurance of husband. The lady had planned to get her husband killed when he visited India. But he escaped while his grandmother got killed instead.


Many feminist would shout against men till their voice became hoarse that men are criminals, I want to know what they would call those females who were caught smuggling a large consignment of party rape drug. -


A woman has turned marriage to her full time business and is on the run after her series of marriages and desertions left scores of young men broke and heartbroken leading to complaints against her with the Chennai Police. The lady Shahanaz, believed to be aged around 33, has allegedly married more than 10 men in the last few years, including persons from Kerala in the initial years and a few more from Chennai after fleeing from there. Her serial marriages came to light when two of her Ďhusband-victimsí approached the city police, who in turn dug up more details about her peculiar way of cheating. As of now, seven formal complaints have been lodged against her, while speculation has it that there were many more who fell for her charm but are embarrassed to come out in the open with a complaint.


Woman like Shahanaz have not even spared journalists as in following crime commited by other lady on journalist .The journalistís wife ran off with 60 grams of gold and Rs. 0.6 million just 9 days after the wedding. The girl he had married was already married but she married him by hiding her earlier marriage just to run away with the money shortly after the marriage. Not only that she fled with his money but later she and her first husband also warned him against reporting the matter to policeó


The granny of all woman marriage cheats Shahanaz At least seven men from the city and elsewhere in the state were smitten and 'married' her before realizing a few others had similarly fallen for her. By then, it was too late.


in another case A woman killed 20 year young neighbor by squeezing his testicles just because some water flowed into their property from the youths property. Now in both cases a sane person would agree that there was no provocation by victim to the lady but still they lost there life, because the women they were dealing were extremely violent and had no respect for someoneís life hence the myth that feminists are propagating needs to be exposed -


In Tihar jail that houses nationís most notorious criminals it was found that more than 45% of women had committed at least one murder that is considerably higher that 33% in case of men, but still society believes women canít kill


A lady who used to cheat men by promising jobs to in software industry got arrested after receiving complaints from victims. She used to advertise in news paper and used to forge documents like company letter head in order to convince victims. -


Many times custody of orphan children are given to women instead of men without taking in mind that there are hundreds women like Myra Hindley who was responsible for murdering five children in 18 months. Her targets were as young as 10 and 12 years old she was depicted by the tabloid press as "the most hated woman in Britain". But It is surprising and saddening to me that even after there was overwhelming evidence that the lady was responsible for crime people even in judiciary were initially were soft on her, but luckily they later realized that she was ruthless and was punished for life. -


In case of divorce also it is generally an accepted fact that the custody of the child goes to the mother without second thought by the judiciary that the mother may not necessarily be the best person to raise the child. Even if the child wants it cannot stay with father because someone with white knight syndrome thought that only a mother is the best guardian of the child. I feel very sad due to such attitude of the general public. One heart breaking example is that of a girl who was forced by her mom to have physical relation with her paramour and others for money since she was 13 years!!! Equally disheartening is the plight of a three years old girl whose mother used to heat knife and cut injuries in her body. If childrenís are left with such mothers we canít expect them to survive and even if they survive they may have lot of negativity in them which they will inflict on the society. I would request people to be more thoughtful before blindly trusting a person with child just because that person is female.


Virgin Atlantic had come up with a policy of not allowing unattended or alone travelling children to be seated with male passenger. This shows the blind belief in women by the society who easily forget women like Allitt who was a nurse and was expected to take care of her child patient, but went about killing them murdering four children, attempting to murder another three, and causing grievous bodily harm with intent to a further six at Grantham and Kesteven hospital in Lincolnshire. She had killed child who was barely 2 months old she was given 13 life sentences in 1993 for it -


Women thieves in Malaysia now strip and stun victims to rob them. How creative - I am still guessing what would be the reaction if some male thieves did the same thing.


Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranza Zabala, who has joint Spanish-Mexican citizenship, is charged with shooting dead her husband in 2008 and in 2010 her new partner. Prosecutors allege she then sliced up the bodies of her first victim Holger Holz and the second, Manfred Hinterberger, with a chain saw and concealed the pieces in lumps of concrete that she mixed in the cellar under her "Schleckeria" shop in Vienna. The gruesome remains were discovered by chance during maintenance work in June 2011. After going on the run to Italy, Carranza was captured several days afterwards and later extradited. -


A girl Saumya daughter of a reputed industrialist in Peenya, googled information on ways to kill people before she found one to bump off her fiancť Nitish. She and an acquaintance of hers, Parshwanath Malagatti from Hindwadi in Belgaum City have been arrested. -


Twenty-six-year-old Kausar Begum aka Umme Kausar married eleven times, on each occasion conning her man and absconding with his money. Each time she claimed that it was her first marriage, only to dump the latest victim and, worse, fleece him subsequently using dowry harassment allegations. Finally, the law has caught up with her.

I have given some examples above but these are just as few. I will keep adding more as time goes by in this post.


I have posted some stories where women have initiated violence against their husband who suffered silently because no one believes that woman can cause domestic violence -


Additionally to the above mentioned unacceptable behavior, women have also been found to physically harass males the harassment is not limited to physical abuse but also they are equally involved in raping Men as shown in my post


Women are capable of lodging false complaints on males even for minor gains - supported by various stupid laws that provide incentives for woman to file fake cases


General belief is that women would take better care of children hence people blindly handover their children to female nanny or teachers without suspecting that they can be pedophiles and ruin the life of their beloved children -


Women do not even spare their own children as shown in my other blog -


Society in general and white knights are blinded by the false propaganda that women are less corrupt and more responsible hence including more women in an organization will bring about improvement which is totally incorrect and sexist prejudice -


Apart from this there are many cases where women in adulterous relation have been found to commit more crimes in order to continue with such relations and suppressing menís right - This should be warning to people who have adulterous wife that they should be careful and get rid of her or they may end up paying dearly for allowing her in their life.


Please read the Disclaimer about my posts on this website. -




She can't commit Crime ????

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