White Knight Syndrome or the Hero syndrome or Blind chivalry is a major hurdle against eliminating gender bias. People suffering from it, always side with a female howsoever wrong her action might be.


To make my point more clear letís take an example of a motorist who bumps into a pedestrian on the road but causes negligible injuries. Now there can be two scenarios as follows.

In the first case if the driver is lady and pedestrian is man a white knight will scold the pedestrian for walking casually on the road instead of foot path and also praise the lady driver of her driving skills that she managed to stop the vehicle well in time due to which the guy was not injured at all.


In the second case second if driver is man and the pedestrian is lady a white knight will scold the male driver for his rash driving and tell him that the pedestrians have the first right on the road and the motorist should surrender his driving license immediately as he is a danger to the society. He will than take the lady to a hospital (even if itís very obvious that she is not hurt) and then drop her home.


These are the people who still hold on to the archaic view that a woman cannot commit crime- So a male has no way of getting proper treatment if he is judged by a white knight. I have found many people who knowingly or unknowingly act in such a way that they end up degrading and dehumanizing Men. It is also very sad that many people especially in Media and Judiciary suffer from it. There are innumerable cases in media where the journalists have showcased a victimized Man in bad light while sympathizing or even glorifying oppressive Woman. In judiciary such kinds of people give harsh punishment to a Male even for a petty issue while letting off a Female even for very grave acts this kind of behavior leads to neglect of mens rights.


Take the case of a lady Jian Chen who mixed sleeping pills in her husbandís drink. After consuming the spiked drink the husband fell unconscious and when he woke up she cut off his manhood. Though the guy was able to get to hospital he could not survive the cold blooded act. In any normal circumstance a person committing such an act would liable to the punishment of a homicide, but given the fact that this was committed by a lady the punishment given not even 4 years of imprisonment!!!! -



Danielle Reed, a 23-year-old English Teacher at Atlantic Coast High School in Jacksonville sexually abused a minor and was not charged with rape. Had the same thing done by a male it would have become national news and man would have been definitely charged with rape. But thanks to the white knight syndrome this lady was only given charges of sexual battery!



SC notes increase in violence against women  but fails to note increase in crime against men & crime by women Even the state that has higest number of women criminals has very soft laws for dealing with women criminals, maybe that could be reason that it got the top spot as the women there have no fear of law


The worst part is that many white knights continue to praise women and belittle men even after getting used or hurt by females. And they are ready to help a female even if that means suffering grave risk much more than what the women may have suffered if they had not helped her, just to get the foolish high of being a hero. But they seldom realize that women make fun of them behind their back as how they used and discarded them or trap them. As happened in case of Khurshid Anwar, this man was a white knight he ignored the rising numbers of fake allegations on men and demanded more and more biased laws favoring women. His foolish thinking and deeds ultimately caught up with him and he committed suicide when he was accused of rape and nobody was ready to listen to his side of story Though white knight Khurshid Anwar fell prey to his own anti male agenda, other white knights in his group are not ready to accept the fact and are blaming the media instead for the consequences. Another similar incident is of Judge A K Ganguly of Supreme Court He showed his white knight attitude after male victims of law misuse started demanding repelling Section 498A of Indian Penal Code as it is frequently misused by greedy women to trap innocent men & their families in fake cases. When media asked his opinion on demand to repeal this ill conceived act, He conveniently ignored it calling the demand as ďmale chauvinism,Ē instead of taking a pragmatic approach. But little did he realize that he could also get trapped in the legal misandry he was spreading and causing men to feel helpless because the law totally ignores menís rights to fair an unbiased trial. He also feel prey to accusation of sexual harassment. He told to media that he was "shocked and shattered" by the charges against him and not being given a chance to prove his innocence or present his side.


People have still not come off the herd mentality and blindly follow famous personalityís words. Hope they become more analytical and the personalities become more responsible in what they preach and practice. The male society is suffering because self hating male like them who believe that all women are angles and men should keep on licking feet to be rewarded by the feminists. They only wakeup when a woman screws their ass, they run around finding a savior. Thatís when they realize the importance of what Menís organization have been saying all the time about menís rights.


They will remember men like us when some women marries just to get their property and then divorce them after kicking them out of their own home to marry her boy friend, while they along with family are in jail for Domestic violence and 498a dowry demand.


Or just files rape charges on them to take a holiday form work, while the police make their bottom as red as that of baboon in the lockup. Men need to come out the white knight syndrome and look at the world without bias than they will realize how much men are suffering at hands of feminists.


Men in India are not second class citizens!!!! And the biased laws like domestic violence should be made gender neutral -


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White Knight Syndrome

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