I strongly believe, filing fake rape case on a man is equal to raping the man and his dignity this way men are victims of rape law With so many fake rape case getting filed regularly on innocent men  I wonder about the ways to prevent it. One way I found was to have a false case filer registry of women. So that atleast those men who are into relationship or plan to get into relation with a women, can check this registry to see if the lady is a fake rape offender.  This is needed as many women file fake case repeatedly to trap more and more men to make money out of them its just like a business for them that gives easy money at the cost of a man's life. Women not only file fake rape case but also fake case of molestation, dowry, intimidation or insult etc. So any women who files even a single fake case of any type should get named and shamed through this. I say this as once a lady files fake case and is registered it will save life of many innocent men. To explain my point check the link here a fake rape complainant was arrested on fake identity charge only due to the victims alert mother's not due to police. If this lady was registered for faking identity than police would have been able to crack the case far easily and the man would not have faced the shock and trauma.


Especially the serial offenders should be hilighted not just on the registry but also to every police station across the nation. As every woman filing fake case is a potential fakist who can wreck havoc in life of innocent men.  The situation becomes worse if a single man is targetted by many woman in fake case. As the society is bound to think that so many women would not make fake accusation on one man and he must have definately done something wrong. This makes the position of the innocent man even more precarious as happened when 12 women accused a 55 year old innocent man of sexual harassment just because he reported their late coming!! luckily for this man his senior stood by his side, but those 12 women who filed the fake harrasment case were neither punished nor their names disclosed in public. So they definately would get encouraged to repeat this act to trap innocent man as they do not face any risk and the maximum that may happen is that they may not be succesful in their attempt.


Some people are trying to create such a thing as The Registry of FALSE RAPE Allegations & but its utility is limited as it is not supported by goverment, judiciary and police. Such efforts will only yield result when the data for it is provided and updated effectively and offenders of fake cases are caught and punished severly making it difficulty to survive and get away with filing fake case, only than this menace can be reduced.


Whatever examples I am giving are just the tip of the iceberg, this problem is very deep rooted and supported by the system that benefits through it be vote bank politics or money going in hands of police, lawyers and judges in the name of getting bail and litigation expenses for saving innocents from fake cases. As a matter of fact the apathy of goverment is so much that local groups like Khaps plan to hold panchayat on fake rape cases Something that should have been done by our government and law makers.


Lives of many a men are silently ruined because of false cases- Their stories are seldom told in media.

Army suspends woman officer for false allegations


Woman investigated over false rape report


Horrible Miscarriage Of Justice: Man Jailed For 20 Years On False Sexual Abuse Charges (by vindictive ex-wife)


Court grants man bail to Sanjay Massi, in ‘false’ rape case after girl deposed before a magistrate that everything which took place between her and the accused was consensual, and that she was prepared to marry him


Charity forced to close after false rape accusation against chief executive | Third Sector


SC dismisses false rape case against MLA Jose Thettayil


99% rapes in India r false. OFFICIAL RTI response from Delhi police jurisdictions showing reality. 


Nurse jailed for ‘despicable’ false rape claim against her grandad | UK | News | Daily Express


3 held for filing false complaint of rape


Girl faces 7 years Rigorous Imprisonment for false rape against 3people in Chandigarh. Justice 4once


Court orders investigation against Victim of so called Gang Rape and also the Investigating Officer.


False rape allegation can cause equal damage to accused. Allowing the plea of Surender Kumar, sentenced to seven- year imprisonment by a trial court for allegedly raping his sister-in-law, the court said, "In the present case, the story projected by the prosecutrix is so improbable that it cannot be believed."


Though NCW refuses existence of Fake Rape business. The lawyers acknowledge it by using euphemism "Technical rape"


Judge agrees female are more dangerous, but sadly does not charge the woman filing fake case


Man Rakesh Kumar spends seven month in jail on Fake Rape charges, who will return his dignity. Male Vote only to those who stop such nuisance


There maybe many who still feel that women do not file fake cases. I want them to know Women are used to trapping men in Fake Rape since time of Mahabharat. But till date there are no laws to stop it  Rape law IPC376 is going exactly the same route as IPC498A. Rackets of false rape have emerge across the country and even Police are sometimes part of it. Such gangs filing fake cases boost the rape count up general people hardly see the ploy that they are being fed false stastics hence get ready to accept more and more draconian anti male laws and attitude leading to supression of human rights of innocent men even when innocent men are getting blamed and trapped for extortion by woman and city getting tagged as rape capital. This behaviour was also noted by judiciary, it said false rape cases were the reason behind Delhi's tag of rape capital


It,s not just grown up women who abuse the law but even girls as young as 15 yr old are known to be filing fake rape cases  it proves world is suffering a "Fake Rape epidemic"


Most painful are the cases where the male victims trapped in fake rape case are not able to bear the trauma of the stigma that got attached to their name and commit suicide such as Roopkishore he killed self after false charges Worst still the public assume a rape accused to be guilty and decide to give punishment without trying to find out truth such as the British teenager when falsely accused of rape was brutally murdered. Sick mindset that women do not lie and only men are abuser must change for good, society should realise men are not criminals and crime does not have a gender. The Fakist women have stooped so low they do not even spare the old men as seen form the news where senior citizen commited suicide due to fear of FakeRape charge  Still there is no law to punish such fakist woman. These women also trap their ex boy friends like the one who didn’t want her fiancé to learn about consensual – and video-taped – group-sex so filed fake rape case


Reiterating the stand that they are willing to be falsely implicated in murder cases, but certainly not in cases of rape, the meeting of khap representatives in Muzaffarnagar's Phugana village decided that they will not allow police to arrest any innocent person in alleged cases of rape. If need be, the umbrella organisation of the khaps may also adopt violent means to stop police from arresting innocent persons, who it claims have been wrongly framed under section 376 of the Indian Penal Code.


So many Fake Rapes filed that even Supreme Court forced to say - Don't always believe rape victims' evidence


Girls caught with lovers file Fake Rape case after being caught, But never get punished for making mockery of law


Woman jailed for filing false rape case. Extortion of 6 lacs = Woman's dignity! …


Woman who tried to trap man in Fake Rape case pays through her life. Death penalty should be given to such woman …


Crime Patrol episode link for false rape case. It also mentions false cases. …


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Michigan jury quickly convicts woman in false rape case; she still faces cancer fraud case


The devastating psychological impacts of false allegations on men


Woman sentenced to a month in jail for falsely accusing man Ram Sardar of attempted rape


Very rarely we find that a woman gets punished for filing fake rape case and even if the lady gets punished it is often light compared to the crime she commited leading to loss of someones life like after false rape case makes accused commit suicide, and woman gets 4 years in jail. But just 4 years for a life lost? It’s not Justice


Some other cases where women filing fake cae were punished are as follows, but note that such incidents are a very low percentage of the fake rape cases that get filed.


Lady called Margate was named and sentenced after false rape claim South Connellsville woman charged for false rape report


Woman cries rape, cops see foul play -


Mum-of-two jailed after falsely accusing taxi driver of rape


 Woman Is Arrested in Rape Rumor That Ignited Beijing Protest


Woman should be booked for filing fake rape case, says HC


Woman sentenced 10 years jail for false complaint of gang-rape


Girl faces perjury for false rape accusation WOW


File complaint against girl for false rape case: Court to cops



Immediate action for those who want to end this tyrrany by rape law misuse is to work towards eradicating these anamolies from the system by taking active part in the movement to stop law misuse   For those who still are under impression that women never lie, here are some more examples I am listing out of the numerous fake rape cases that I could easily find by doing short search.


Again another false rape case.. false cases outnumber the real cases.. no doubt


Actresses arrested in a call-girl raid they would have blamed their customers of rape if this was not a planned raid


Bangalore Gang-rape plaint turns out to be false the complainant Rani had alleged that she was raped by three friends of her boyfriend Ravi Kiran Biswas (25), a cab driver, at a house in Nanjappa Layout near Adugodi on Sunday night. Later, the complaint was withdrawn.


Pennsylvania woman made up rape allegations


Leanne Black: Woman who made FIVE fake rape claims, finally jailed - Mirror Online


Woman should be booked for filing fake rape case, says HC 


Rape cases will drop 70% if HC ruling is enforced


A sensible decision from Kerala HC, Justice Bhavadasan ! A warning to the fraud women with False Rape cases ! 


Iran woman makes false rape call in Delhi


30 years on, man accused of rape acquitted - Mumbai - DNA -


Press and Journal - Article - ‘I’ve been to hell and back over girl’s false rape claim’ -


Lie detector test confirms false rape report | The Jakarta Post


Police: Pontiac girl, 14, fabricated story about being raped | Detroit Free Press |



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