To start with please see this video of a man who was forced to commit suicide due to anti male laws like 498a that are used by greedy woman to trap and victimize men This is recording of last words of Syed Makdoom, he is no more in this world. He talks of other similar cases of men who are trapped in fake cases by wife.

































I can’t even in my wildest dreams think that a new born can be arrested for being threat to someone’s life especially an adult women, but In a case straight out of “Ripley's Believe It Or Not”, an infant of two month Zoya aka Mehak Shamshuddin Khan had to take anticipatory bail to avoid jail. As she was accused for dowry harassment by an adult woman Shakila Khan. This is height of misuse of 498a law.


So after MEN, now WOMEN are ending their lives because of FALSE 498A. A widow and her unmarried daughter jump in front of train after being blamed and arrested under False 498A. I AM ANGRY. Frustrated. THIS IS the women empowerment in our country. HAIL Feminism.  Kiran Puri, a widow (54) and her daughter Gitika (30) were residents of Pawanpuri area. They were depressed over a case of dowry harassment lodged against them. They plead that they were innocent and were being harassed still, Kiran’s son was sent to jail.


Treats of false cases by wife and injustice makes man take law into his hands, and murder wife. Does anyone care? Shaguftha Shereen, 28, was stabbed to death by her husband Amer who told the police that Shereen had been mentally harassing him since their marriage and due to her domineering behavior they were forced to leave his parents' house. "According to Amer, his wife even threatened to implicate him in a dowry harassment case if he did anything against her wish,"


In a case where police have charged a 15-year old for dowry harassment, due to the turmoil child could not take his board exams. Justice Revati Mohite Dere asked how the police can make a 15-year old child an accused in a dowry harassment case?


Cruel daughter in law not even sparing 80 yr old woman. 76 yr old man. In dowry case. .  498A JUDICIARY FORCES DAD TO DEPOSIT 1 MILLION RUPEES TO SEE OWN SON AFTER 13 YEARS


Have You Heard in India Only Man Can be ATM and girls marry only for money than cry victim of #498a or domestic violence to rob him. As Women  only love money and treat men like money bags to be used and disposed off. This mentality has resulted in a 68 year rich doctor getting marriage proposals from girls as young as 21 years old. -


Such inhuman wife should be put in Jail first then divorce. Amend 498A to gender neutral first." — Stop abuse of men


For all those who tell me the age old rhetoric "EVERY LAW IS MISUSED" ....please take some efforts to click on this link and search 498A on each days will know why 498A is being ridiculed so much. this is just ONE state. Games that lawyers play in India


Husband finds better solution to false 498a-kills four of wife's family



I have just shared a few cases here as already 498a law misuse is covered by many. I shall keep on adding cases over the time in order to highlight the misuse of gender biased laws like 498a and others like rape laws where a man’s life is destroyed by a single fake case of rape -


Please read the Disclaimer about my posts on this website. -



Victims of dowry law 498a

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