Open letter to Condom manufacturer

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Dear Condom manufacturers,

The users of your product are male. Your company runs & earns because males buy your products.


So as a token of thanks you should also take up some initiatives to take better care of your customers. One of the most simple and effective program you can take up is educating your customers on how to decrease the risks they may face while using your product.


The biggest risk comes from loosely framed rape laws. Too many men have fallen prey to legal terrorism that take advantage of  such laws. A man who has consensual relation with his girlfriend is never aware that his love making can be termed rape at the choice of the girl.


Right from developing countries to the third world countries, this cancer of fake rape case has spread its claws. In many places nearly 80 to 90% rape cases are false. They destroy the life of the boys who could have become eminent citizen of their countries while the women who trap these boys are rarely punished.


In such a situation the least you can do is to educate the innocent men about the risks involved. The easiest way is to print warning on the packaging of your products like the image along with this letter. Other thing you can do is while printing the usage instruction of your product, you also print the local laws of rape, sexual harassment etc with the percentage of fake cases among them . So at least the boys are aware of the risks involved and avoid getting trapped in unpleasant situation that can ruin their entire career & life.


Hope my suggestion gets implemented in some form or other by condom manufacturers who care for their customers.


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Open letter to condom manufacturer