It’s common knowledge that there is corruption in some sections of judiciary and many times these people are found to make unwarranted high handed comments and decision especially against men.


Many judgments especially in family and divorce cases have been pronounced without giving due consideration to the Men’s point of view. All the pleas of mens right are normally being ignored and the men representations not considered. And now when they are facing a resolution “Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill” where their actions will be questioned they are getting worried about their Independence and want a representation in the bill!!!


Even chief justice of India has now become defensive of their Independence saying "We need to make a detailed study before we tinker with the Constitution"


(But many judges rarely make a detailed study in false cases against men while pronouncing judgment).



Chief Justice admitted judicial overreach, and said, "sometimes in our anxiety to do justice, we give judgments which disturb constitutional balance among three branches of state. It resulted in judicial overreach. We must keep in mind the tenets of constitutional principles (of separation of power)." He cautioned judges against overreach, saying that rights and privileges are also there for other institutions, which should be respected. "These balances are disturbed by our judgments and the judges need to be very careful when they draft their judgments."


(He or any other Judge would have never felt the need and bothered to accept this problem in other circumstances hence Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill is the need of the hour to prevent unscrupulous judges from ruining the life’s of innocent victims.)


In fact judiciary did not even bother to bring about any considerable changes when TV news reporter stunned the Supreme Court by exposing "cash for warrants scam" wherein the reporter got four bailable warrants issued against President A P J Abdul Kalam, Chief Justice of India, V N Khare, Supreme Court Judge B P Singh and a senior advocate R K Jain from a metropolitan magistrate Mahendra Sombhai Brahmabhatt in Ahmedabad The starling fact is that the bribe paid for the warrant was even less than 1000 dollars. if someone is able to get arrest warrants for first citizen of a country than how can common men be safe or expect justice. The Supreme Court has asked Zee News correspondent Vijay Shekhar to file a written apology for carrying out a sting operation exposing corruption in the lower judiciary. So as a respect to the "Powerful Judiciary" I also apologies for writing this article.


Justice Ganguly a Supreme Court Judge also had ignored the voices of male victims who had fallen prey to ill-conceived anti male laws. He ridiculed legitimate demands of victims by calling it male chauvinism. But than life came full circle and judge A K Ganguly too got trapped in the biased laws and attitude he had promoted from the helm, he too was not heard by the media and society when he got accused of sexual harassment. He felt shocked and shattered by the treatment given to him on account of an accusation that had not even been proved. But the damage was done what went around also came around in his case . Similar incident also happened after the Madras judgment of Sex = marriage. A magistrate form Madras/ Chennai itself has fallen prey to it and got arrested


Judges ordered to show more mercy on women criminals when deciding sentence. How can a murder by woman be less criminal offence than a murder by man??? -


A labour court judge DS Chaudhary and released on bail for molesting a 23-year-old woman employee of the court in Dharampur town of Valsad district. He was arrested along with Amit Naika following permission from the Gujarat high court.


The cash for bail is also a bitter reminder of the corrupt people in judiciary -


A judge made a statement that cops always side with rapist. This is as correct/wrong as saying all judges always side with false rape accusers -


Judge arrested for not paying alimony

karnataka judge arrested on graft charges


Court tells man to fall to feet of woman. Strange court

Lawyers who've never fought a case or run tea stalls made law officers

Life of judges have become miserable: Chief Justice H L Dattu -



In vacation, Supreme Court bench is late by an hour every day. Justice delayed = Justice denied


Bombay High Court judge won’t take cases unless addressed by full name


Supreme court defines what is a woman's modesty but still too vague and prone to misuse for harassing men


Biased judgement Only girl can decide nature of touch!! Will decide depending on how much money she can make by case



So many men have been jailed for Nonpayment of Child Support - though it's Not their Child. Judges and prosecutors are fully aware of the DNA tests exonerating men, but still rule against them. They hold men to super high technical standards that are not equally applied against women. Women can make all kinds of mistakes in court obtaining child support, and the courts will look the other way or help them.


Even after finding that the woman had filed and frivolous complaints which had irretrievably broken down the marriage between the parties. The court asked the husband to pay Rs 1.5 million as alimony for grant of divorce??? Isn't that a violation of human rights and justice to the husband. -


SC cautions on slapping murder charge in dowry death case "The question whether it is murder punishable under Section 302 IPC or a dowry death punishable under Section 304B IPC depends upon the fact, situation and the evidence in the case," said the apex court bench of Justice T.S. Thakur and Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai in a recent judgment. The court said this while addressing the question whether the high court was justified in affirming the trial court decision to add murder charge against Jasvinder Saini and others who were under penal provisions for punishment for cruelty against woman by her husband and his relatives, dowry death and criminal breach of trust. Saini and his relatives were named as accused in the case of his wife Chandni's death under unnatural circumstance.


Would the Indian Supreme court or any such court in India give gender equality note when a husband complains of domestic abuse including emotional, financial or physical abuse at the hands of the wife or female partner? I guess no, as the whole concept of gender quality in India is used by courts only when it benefits women in general and not men.


I am happy that they are now getting a taste of their own medicine hence I welcome this bill so that judges who are just interested in playing to the gallery will get reigned in from making judgments and comments which they should not!! This will especially curb the unjust ways of people in judiciary who suffer from Megalomania and think themselves as Demigods and the civilians to be at their mercy.


A traffic cop has taken judges to court for threatening and humiliating him just because he fined their relative. This justifies the growing demand of curbing the powers of judiciary so that they come out of the megalomania that they can act high highhandedly and still get away with it. This has led to so many innocent men suffering from fake cases by their wife & prejudiced judgment just because they fear that if they argue with judge their life will be more miserable. -


Government wants judges fined for frequent adjournments. The government has been holding consultations with the Supreme Court to urge the latter to ensure that the amendment made under Section 309 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), which capped the adjournments permissible in a case at three, are implemented. It suggested that the higher judiciary consider imposing fines on judges infringing the three adjournment ceiling.


Some of the judges have accepted the mistakes done by them when they realized their mistake they wrote a letter to president to concert the death penalties to life sentences as per the article around 9 death penalties wrongly imposed by Ex-judges. The miscarriage of justice has prompted 14 retired judges of the SC and high courts across the country to appeal to President Pranab Mukherjee to turn the capital punishment imposed on nine persons into life sentence. I say that if they can make such blunder in giving death penalties than won’t they make similar mistake in other cases. Hence it becomes imperative that even the judges actions should be regulated so they are more careful while deciding on cases as their opinion can make difference of life and death for someone.


Some judges have also been found to be indulged in un ethical practices due to which parliament had to initiate impeachment proceedings against them, Justice Sen was held guilty of misappropriation of public funds he received in his capacity as receiver appointed by the High Court of Calcutta and misrepresenting facts with regard to it by a committee of three judges set up by former CJI K. G. Balakrishnan in 2007. The sad part is that Justice Sen along with his other colleague facing similar accusations Justice P. D. Dinakaran will keep getting their post-retirement benefits, even though they resigned ahead of impeachment proceedings against them, as there are no constitutional or statutory provisions restricting their entitlements in such a scenario.


Common people cannot expect justice if judges quietly change their order after announcing it as notices even by Supreme Court. The Apex court bench of Justices Aftab Alam and Ranjana P Desai criticized the unethical practice of judges dictating an order in open court and later changing it in their chamber behind the back of litigating parties. This makes the judiciary liability bill urgent need of the hour-


Corruption in Judiciary is also rampant as seen from much news of judges getting framed under various charges like in case where The CBI court has ordered to begin trial in the Rs 6.58 crore PF scam. Special CBI Judge A K Singh framed charges against six retired judges – R P Mishra, R P Yadav, A K Singh, R S Choubey, R N Mishra and Arun Kumar The CBI public prosecutor B K Singh has reportedly said that these retired judges have been framed under various sections of the IPC and under Section 13 (2) read with 13(1) (d) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.


The Bombay high court issued a notice to the attorney-general on plea filed by Kusum Harsora (53) and her mother Chandrika (78) whose complaint against her brother, his wife and two sisters was rejected by the Girgaum magistrate's court in February 2001 on the ground that a mother and sister do not fall under the definition of aggrieved persons under the Act. -


In a serious setback to Men’s rights Bombay High court has asked the father in law to maintain the widow of his son! And it said that she has a right in not only the property left by her deceased husband, but also that owned by her father-in-law! It’s shameful to be falling prey to such extortionist woman who is supported by legal machinery.


Justice C.S. Karnan of Madras high court passed judgment that unmarried adult couple will be considered married and can be termed husband and wife if they have sex. Such a couple could not separate or "marry" a second time without a decree of divorce if it was proved that they shared a sexual relationship, The court said marriage formalities of tying a mangalsutra and exchanging rings were only for the satisfaction of society, adding legal aspects should get precedence over customs. This order equating sex = marriage has been described as regressive and confused across the social media and general public throughout the nation.


Justice is not what people generally think (They have a rosy picture that the court always stands by the truth and gives justice irrespective of gender or status of person). Check this site for some judgments by our respectable HCs and SC that you may find hard to believe.


The blind faith in Judiciary should be done away with as they are also humans and suffer the same weakness as others. Though it may be possible to implicate a government servant or other civilian in graft charges but it’s very difficult to fight with a magistrate. Hence I support the initiative to curb their rights and also make them responsible for their actions. Otherwise they will take general civilians for granted as the case of magistrate who allegedly molested a victim who had come to court to meet him -


The judiciary believes that a woman is always innocent howsoever grave crime she may commit as seen from the judgment given by a South Carolina judge to Jessica Blackham who left her newborn son near death in the toilet of a sports arena. The judge did not feel that she should be sent to prison for trying to kill her newborn son??. If the same act would have been done by a man he might have spent rest of his life in jail. -


Do as your wife commands and never question her authority”:this advice to husbands came in a lighter vein from a vacation Bench of the Supreme Court comprising Justices Markandey Katju and Deepak Verma. But they should have also considered the ramification of such statement on Men who were suffering at the hands of abusive wife This is not the first instance where a hint of prejudice is seen in the acts and words of Justice Katju. His opinion in D. Velusamy vs D. Patchaiammal, delivered on 21 October 2010, relating to the maintenance of a woman in a live-in relationship grossly neglected Men’s rights towards their hard earned money and promotes the treatment of Men as free ATM machine and bonded labour. In December 2012, and subsequently in February 2013 his remark “90 per cent of Indians are fools” again highlighted his biased views In March 2013, Justice Katju has appealed to the Maharashtra governor K Sankarnarayan seeking pardon for Sanjay Dutt on humanitarian grounds under Article 162 of the Constitution after the apex court had upheld his five-year sentence in the 1993 blasts case, giving credence to voices within the Indian Justice system that most judges are often weak and take a path of sympathy for celebrities.


Advocate with links to terror outfit almost became high court judge. But luckily the Intelligence Bureau, which is traditionally assigned this job, came out with a screaming report that the lawyer had links with a terror organization. Hence prevented judiciary from committing another grave mistake Still people have faith on judiciary and expect unbiased judgments.


In Pratibha Rani vs Suraj Kumar [1985 SCC (2) 370], the SC ruled that the wife was the absolute owner of the ‘stridhan’ and the husband had no right over it. “She may spend the whole of it or give it away at her own pleasure by gift or will without any reference to the husband,” it said. There is no similar reference to a husband’s right in law. Additionally, in legal battles over custody of children, the courts, except in stray cases, rule in favor of mothers. Even though many mothers have been found to be highly abusive towards their children and also it has been proved that mothers are more abusive than fathers.-


Can an innocent Man convicted in fake Rape/Dowry case say it? Will beat you with shoes SP neta tells magistrate


A Majority of Bangalore Lawyers are involved in Prostitution says: HC Judge. Get a judgment in favor n get a suitable 'girl'


A good example of judiciary comes from China. In a bid to temper the rising expectations of Chinese women, China's Supreme Court has now ruled that from now on, the person who buys the family home, or the parents who advance them the money, will get to keep it after divorce. This modern judgment tries to stop women marrying for money, rather than love


Supreme Court fumes at arrests on 66A, but what about 498A arrest? 



Someone rightly said “If you can see a hundred miscarriages of justice daily and can still keep faith in judiciary as last resort of people... You are great !”


A Criminal should be judged and punished as per his deeds not as per his Gender, Money, Colour, Caste or Creed.


Please read the Disclaimer about my posts on this website. -




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