Thereís huge discussion forced by western media on eastern countries about balancing the female to male gender ratio of their country. Female feticide is one such topic you can pick any public personality at random and ask their opinion on this issue. They would respond with a strong criticism for those who are involved in this and advocating strong punishment for those people. But ask them about child feticide / male feticide / abortion and they all would be at loss of words. Millions of unborn children are being discarded (aborted) like disposable piece of meat and the abortion on account of gender selection is just a small part of it. Nobody questions about all the boys who get aborted? They are neither secondary citizens in any way nor disposable. If a female fetus has to be protected than so does any other fetus.


If we need to find the solution to Female Feticide the first thing we need to find out and eradicate the reason due to which parents don't want a girl as a child.


The problem

First let us understand the issue of female feticide for which there is lot of hype in media Ė Female feticide generally refers to the abortion of a fetus if itís found to be female. The gender of the fetus is generally found out by carrying out ultra sound test.


Causes of the problem

Unlike the so called social workers and media personalities who have been blaming parents and doctors for the practice and want them to be punished. I feel that they are targeting the symptoms instead of the cause to eradicate a problem. So I would enumerate what I feel as causes leading to parents preferring a male child to a female.


1)      A couple which plans to give birth to a child generally hopes that the child would take care of them when they grow old. (There is nothing wrong in expecting support from a child on whom parents spend large part of their income) Ė Itís generally expected that a boy would and should readily shoulder this responsibilities, whereas a girl may excuse herself citing various reasons from not earning, higher expenses at her in-laws home to anything much silly than one can imagine.


2)      Taking care of parents is considered a duty of the boy by the society. Also a male can be forced to maintain his parents by the law if he is not performing his so called duties of maintaining his parents Ė In case of girl nobody expects her to maintain her parents let alone the thought of forcing her to maintain her parents even if she is their only child. So people with only girl child feel that they would get very helpless in their old age with no one to look after them which is very true as every human being is concerned about their well being in the old age.


3)      Parents are expected to spend for their daughterís upbringing, marriage, dowry and even share in their property but expect nothing in return(A female has equal rights in the property of the parents as her brothers but no responsibilities in the eyes of the law.) - This makes the relation economically one sided or parasitic where the parents are left with the short end of the stick.


4)      Parents need to have a place to live hence if they do not own a place of their own they can reside with their son but Parents of the females are not very welcome to stay with the husband and wife. Ė So the parents risk higher chances of being rendered homeless in their old age if they do not have a boy child.


5)      If the parents do not have option of having more than one child (As in China) than their risk of facing the above mentioned problems becomes significantly higher. So the want of having boy child also increases proportionally.




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 Solution to the problem


1) The mindset need to change. If a girl's parent need financial support than girls must be willing to support them even after marriage and set an example that even they can be depended upon by parents to look after them in the old age. Parents will than start to accept the girlís as a secured bet for their old age.


2) Laws should enacted making females equally responsible as boys for maintaining their parents and if a female does not fulfill this responsibility than law should be having provision to punish the female child and make it share a part of its income with the parents as in case with the only male child currently.


3)      Laws need to be enacted to bar children irrespective of gender from share of their parentís property if the parents have not been looked after them. This will help in two ways first it will act as incentive for the child who is looking after the parents that it will get the property of parents and will not have to share it with the irresponsible siblings who shrug off their responsibility.  Secondly it will also act as a restraint in the mind of child who is looking at having the parentís property but wants to ignore the responsibility to look after them.


4)      Pre implantation methods for child gender selection should be made available to parents at reasonable cost. As I said earlier as well people are targeting the symptoms instead the cause of the problem, they are trying to impose a ban on the abortion of female fetus instead of asking for a ban on abortion on Toto. I suggest that if parents are allowed to choose the gender of a child before a fetus is formed than there would be no need for abortion. It is democracy and every family should have the right to select the gender of their child. Whereas, illegalizing this will make this practice more popular and drive the market abroad in Thailand or underground. So the people should be made aware of the methods by which they can choose the gender of their child instead of resorting to the bad practice of abortion. Some of the methods of pre implantation gender selection are as follows


The Ericsson method Ė in this method the sperm cells are segregated based on the difference in their swimming speed and if the couple desires a male baby the faster swimmers are artificially inseminated, and if the couple desires a female baby the same procedure is enacted with the slower swimmers.


IVF/PGD technique Ė In this Embryos of the desired gender and with acceptable genetics are placed into the mother


Sperm sorting Ė In this method a laser is targeted at the sperm to distinguish X and Y chromosomes, and can automatically separate the sperm out into different samples. Itís also called MicroSort


These methods allow for gender selection before a fetus is implanted in the womb hence are not as barbaric like abortion. Such methods should be promoted and subsidized by the government.


5)      Allowing gender selection before birth will help in multiple ways in addition to preventing unscrupulous abortions. Many parents have multiple children in their wait to have a child of gender of their choice hence people looking for a female or male child end up having many children than they actually planned to raise leading to financial and resource constraints on them in addition to increase in population. So if these people will have a choice to select the gender of their choice they can have the first child itself with the gender of their choice which will be a win win situation for both the parent and the child.


People believe that daughters care more for their parents. But thatís just because daughters live separately from their parents on getting married and they only meet occasionally, both the parties are in their best behavior whenever they meet. On the other hand a son stays with the parents and since they see each other daily there is normal wear and tear of the relationship which should not be assumed to be lack of care. There are also huge numbers of cases where daughters have been found to be very abusive towards their parents when they had to care for the parents, as shown in my post about daughters  I see no reason to believe daughters are better than son as this though also shows ignorance of mens right.


Lastly I want to say that all the propaganda about the fall in female population due to gender selection is crap served to unsuspecting gullible people to ignore menís rights. Promoting birth of girl child under the pretext of balancing of gender ratio is a very lame excuse as the global gender ratio shows without doubt that there are more females than males across the globe. Though there may be variation among the regions. The world average is 51% of population is female! Even in the middle age population woman outnumber men and for population above age of 65 there are mere 79 males to 100 females(Surprising isnít it)


Women also survive longer than men. I have uploaded data from graphical representation of gender based population distribution across the globe which clearly defies this myth. That female population is decreasing. Hence the means for actually balancing the world gender ratio would be to save the male child or better still a woman may be allowed to prevent a life forming by using contraceptive, but once it is formed it should not be aborted as it is a separate living human and aborting it whether a male or female is nothing but ruthless murder. If a woman chooses to abort she can ask the doctor to butcher that life into pieces, and it is woman's right!!! But the same child if killed after it comes out of the womb is termed murder. This is illogical and barbaric? Killing a human life, no matter where it happens is a murder. So all women who abort are ruthless and mindless killers deserve to be punished. Why do the feminist want a free license to kill? How hypocrite it is that women want right to abort at will and still wanting to be called good Mothers -


I strongly believe every fetus has a right to live while abortions are evidence of throw away culture hence all the types of feticide (Male or Female) abortions should be banned.  Unless done after special approval of court is received on a case to case basis.


Abortion doesn't make a woman un-pregnant, it just leaves a mother with a dead baby!

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