Unless Men start questioning the wrong tags applied to them. They will be called names like Abusive, Demon, Criminal, Womanizer, Drunkard etc. There is urgent need to put a stop to the practice of blaming men for everything wrong in the society. Anyone who creates wrong image of men should be questioned and made answerable.



Generally in verbal argument a male gives up if the female uses abusive language in order to prevent escalation of matter but that is incorrect approach. As a self respecting man he should not stoop to the same level as the abusive lady by using foul language but he should also not give up but instead assertively make the lady answerable for the abusive behavior as done by Mr. Devlal Chandana, president of the Rameshawar Mahadev Temple committee. He filed a defamation suit and sought legal action against NCW chief Mamata Sharma demanding a compensation of Rs 5 million on account of using "derogatory" language for him; she allegedly called him "rapist" and "anti–social element" during the exchange of words while she was forcibly trying to break the lock of 'Dhuni' room. If Mr. Devlal had not taken such action than that would encourage women like her to be more abusive towards men hence I appreciate the step taken by him as this is the only way to stop people from making unwarranted comments on men and ignoring mens right.


Another similar example is of Vinod Kambli, he filed complaint against an abusive women for racist comment. He didn't bog down like other Men who tolerate abusive behavior & even assault of women just because they feel helpless in the current feminist culture -  



I also raise objection to things which I find as incorrect like I wrote a letter to the editor questioning their bias- in the way of supporting feticide while opposing female feticide



Dear Editor,


Economic times of 7 Sep 12 had article by DIVYA RAJAGOPAL  saying Women are in shock due the shortage of abortion pills because of strict Crackdown on female feticide in Maharashtra( Economic times paper edition Mumbai). The article surprisingly supported abortion which is nothing but killing fetus.


 If a female fetus has to be protected than so does any other fetus.


I strongly believe every fetus has a right to live hence all the types of feticide (Male or Female) abortions should be banned. People cannot be given free license      to kill. No abortion should be done unless done after special approval of court is received on a case to case basis.


In future please edit such biased articles





I saw a article in New York times by Greg who feels that Men are not needed as they are worthless so I have sent him a mail questioning his logic on his email - The mail I have sent is as follows.





Hi Greg,


Read your article in New York Times (


In that article you have mentioned some points that I strongly disagree.


1)You say that females are non violent.- Pls check the following link and you will get a list of so many cases where females have been violent against men. If these do not satisfy you than mail me and I shall provide you with a longer list and many more examples.   ,


2) You are talking about technology where a woman can reproduce without a male will be detrimental for men ?? Does that mean you are cancelling out all possibility that men will also be able to use similar technology to produce off spring in a surrogate womb or womb of a non Human by using their own cells. If you say that its not possible and Men will not be able to reproduce without a female than you should stop calling yourself a scientific person.

The Ultimate question should not be whether “mankind” really need men? But instead it should be “mankind” really need women? .


The male society is suffering because people like you who believe that all women are angles and men should keep on licking feet to be rewarded by the feminists. They only wakeup when a woman screws their ass, and they run around finding a savior. That’s when they realize the importance of what Men’s organization have been saying all the time. Hope they will remember men like us when some woman marries just to get their property and then divorce them after kicking them out of their own home to marry her boy friend, while they along with family are in jail for Domestic violence.
Or just files rape charges on them to take a holiday form work, while the police make their bottom as red as that of baboon in the lockup.?


I also would love to hear that some women rape them where their dic* gets fractured and testi** ruptured like happened to Khalil –\02\02\story_2-2-2009_pg7_24


No Regards






Similar misleading article was in Mid-Day Mumbai about adulterous woman who has married her brother in law without getting divorce decree from her first husband and this article writer is calling the Husband Abusive????

So I have written to the Journalist a letter questioning his logic of terming the suffering Husband as Abusive at his email -  

The letter is as below



Dear Mr. Samarth,


In an article written by you today in Mid day –


The headline was that of "With divorce pending from abusive husband, woman 'marries' brother-in-law" on reading the article it’s clear that here the wife is the perpetrator for cheating the husband behind his back and when the crime unfolded she termed him ABUSIVE. Also she has committed adultery for which your article is silent along with the law which only punishes Men for adultery and frees female to commit more…


So pls give appropriate headings to your stories and avoid showing men as wrong doers even when they are not.


As already the Law & feminists society has been blindly accusing men of everything wrong on this earth.







This bias is not just in one news paper but across the media.


I saw another article in Times of India reporting two cases of shortage of facility for also one gender in case 1 and other gender in case 2, but reported and treated very differently by Times of India. The issue was of shortage of washroom for females in China where women used men washroom citing their shortage and this act was praised in Times whereas the second issue was of shortage of trains for males where some males protested by using the ladies coach which were not full and this incident was criticized by Times. I have written a letter to the editor asking why are they biased towards males.


The Letter is as follows



Biased Journalism

I want to discuss two cases dealing with shortage of facility for one gender in case 1 and other gender in case 2, but reported and treated very differently by Times of India.


Case 1 - Chinese women made headlines across the globe by doing something successfully that should have been resisted and criticized. But they have been applauded for using Men’s wash room!!!!

Following are the articles that appeared in The Times of India The articles has been praising the women who used Men’s room which is grossly wrong.


 The reasons given by the women for doing this were following

1)      Shortage of washroom for women

2)      The women were in hurry


Both these reasons are insufficient to justify their action


First being that there is shortage of wash room is incorrect as the ratio of men to women washroom in that China city is 1:1 whereas the number of working women are less that men so why should there be a case for shortage. Unless the women instead of using these places to answer nature’s call, start to use it for other time consuming activity, like they use it as a makeup room and spend hours locked inside the WC. A facility should be used for the purpose it is provided to the public.


Secondly some of the women said they were in hurry so they did these act???? This is also a very lame excuse. As these women could have requested the ladies in queue to let them go first as there was urgency. I am sure they would have been accommodated and allowed to go out of turn. This would have been a sober exercise compared to barging in the gent’s wash room.

In brief there was no need at all to create such a scene. The practical solution to this is to have gender neutral washrooms as mentioned in the New York Times article and being used in Mexico -


Now a question arises If a male who is in hurry and uses the ladies wash room would be given the same respect that these women got from TOI? The answer is no as men are not even allowed to board ladies train!!! Leave alone using Ladies wash room…


Case 2 – Indian city trains and metros are always full during morning and evening rush hours when the offices open and close, the commuters travel in very crowded compartments. In India the trains have coaches which are meant for ladies travelers, Men are not allowed to board these coaches whereas the ladies can travel in ladies as well as men coaches. Which females always do and decrease the space available in the Men’s coach while leaving empty the coach meant for them.


It is many times seen that the men coach is so full that there is hardly any place to stand where as the Ladies coach in the same train is empty, still men are not allowed to board the ladies coach at all. In 2011 when some men boarded the ladies coach to protest the lack of trains and men coach, they were meted very different treatment from the media and the police. These people were insulted and some were even bashed up by the cops!!! Just for boarding a ladies coach. The same news paper which applauded the ladies occupying gent’s washroom was seen criticizing the Men who occupied the ladies coach???? They not only criticized the men but also praised the fine collection done by the railway officials.


If men are entering the ladies coach, which are not fully occupied during rush hour than they may be charged a fine, but insulting them or bashing cannot be justified on any grounds. Rather a positive solution to this is that there should not be any ladies coach in the metro and city trains so that the trains can get fully utilized. As in case of United Kingdom, they withdrew “Ladies Only” accommodation in British trains in 1977 and have done away with gender-specific provisions.



Why is Times of India following such biased approach against males????




An actor in India has become host of a show called satyamev Jayte which claims to be a voice for the suppressed but it has resorted mostly to men blaming for everything wrong and projects men as demons, disposable and worthless. It even went on to laugh at the plight of a boy who was married at gunpoint instead of sympathizing with him. It is also indirectly implies that boys are disposable in an episode on feticide, it only spoke about saving the female fetus and totally ignored the discarding of boy fetus which appeared biased to me. So I did following two things.



 First I wrote a blog exposing the biased nature of the show Styamev Jayte

And I regularly write on their website expressing my disagreement with the content of their show. Like the following


1)      Domestic violence is not just a problem faced by women but also men but the show is totally negligent about men. I hope they will show men’s suffering as well in future if they really care about society as whole and not just TRP.


2)      Not only female feticide is a problem but male feticide is also a problem so why is the show talking about only the female fetus and totally ignoring all the boys who get aborted for no fault of their own  also the show is perpetuating the myth that the female population is declining and hence the female fetus needs protection while the fact is that 51% of world population is female. I request the show team to avoid implying boys as disposable -


3)      It was very disheartening to see the show host and audience laugh at the plight of the boy who was forcibly married at gunpoint. They would not have given the same reaction if such incident would have happened with a girl. So why such a biased treatment is being given to a boy, he is not a second class citizen of this world. -


Though my comments invariably get deleted by their staff but still they are being read by some people before getting deleted and at least they will come out of the myth being unscrupulously spread against men who are already suffering the bias against them in all the spheres of life. I would request people reading this post to voice their objection on biased treatment on the show website - so that they realize that men will not take it lying down as has been happening earlier. And people like these cannot hope to ridicule men to be praised and get away with it.




I request all the men who want to improve their and fellowmen’s position in this biased society to question such journalists and people making such wrong statements and ignoring men’s rights.


Only when we actively counter the incorrect treatment meted out to us we can expect change in the society.


We can also make difference by exercising our voting rights and openly supporting those candidates who are ready to do concrete work for men –


Please read the Disclaimer about my posts on this website. -



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