Men have been facing biased treatment since ages and that practice still continues unabated till date, because negligible men are taking any conscious efforts to get rid of the bias. In many cases it has also been found that men experience feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness, depressed mood, confusion and degradation due to constant ill treatment and neglect shown by society. This is the reason behind male suicides being higher than female suicide.

Once a neutral & mature people realize the bias exists against men, they may wish to restore balance. But mostly people do not know what the things they can do for removing negativity are. Also, such person won't be as active and aggressive or devote time like MRA. I too lost a lot of time trying to figure out how & what to do in order to improve the situation of Men, I have found many simple ways to do it and shared some that are practical for any person on But these are short term efforts. One also needs to do something that will have long term impact. Itís like planting seeds of equality that will grow up to become omnipresent feeling.

Start with the children. Explain them the difference in feminism and equality. Most of the children are educated with a false belief that feminism is equality.

Take up jobs in schools/ colleges and other similar institutions to practice and preach equality. Spread antidote of misandry.

If you can write plays or poetry that spread message of equality, try to do that.


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Sowing seeds of men rights

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Sowing seeds of men rights