Many people foolishly believe the gender biased mediaís sexist claim saying daughters are precious (This indirectly implies that boys are waste and still no one is objecting to this open suppression of mens right). Such claims that daughters love their parents more than a son are also totally baseless as there should be no reason why son would care less for their parents. Itís just a case that since daughters live separately from their parents on getting married and they only meet occasionally; both the parties are in their best behavior whenever they meet. On the other hand a son stays with the parents and since they see each other daily there is normal wear and tear of the relationship which should not be assumed to be lack of care.


There are also huge number of cases where daughters have been found to be very abusive towards their parents when they had to care for the parents and even turning out to be fatal for the parent as in case of a daughter who killed her own mother just because she objected to her affair. How can such a daughter be considered precious - I see no reason to believe daughters are better than son.


A minor girl has gunned down her father because he objected to her affair. I hope those harping on giving priority to girl child do read this and stop serving crap to the world in the name of so called gender ratio which already is skewed in the favor of the girls -


Dangerous Daughter admits to false rape claims that jailed father A US woman claims she lied 16 years ago when was 9 years old she accused her father of raping her and is now begging for his release from prison.


Judge Sushil Kumar Gupta gave Death sentence to Sonam for the crime by women who killed 7 members of her own family


Daughter accuses father of making an obscene MMS clip of her and then circulating it on the internet. It was later discovered that she did it to get car from fathe. How can fathers feel safe with such daughters around? Itís better to have a son or stay childless instead of having daughter like her


Daughters are not caring about their blood relation in their greed for property like the lady named Sacchi who killed her father and brother so that she and her paramour could get hold of property and still we find men like Aamir who claim that daughters are precious even when I find no daughter taking care of parents in their old age but instead I find them milking their parents regularly and haggling with brothers for property share.


One more incidence where a woman did not care about her blood relations and shot her brother who objected to her incest relation with her uncle -


Rachel Canning, grabbed headlines by suing her parents for money even after attaining age of 18 years The lawsuit asks that her parents pay the remaining tuition for her last semester at her private high school, pay her current living and transportation expenses, commit to paying her college tuition and pay her legal fees for the suit she filed against her parents!! I wonder will the parents have to be responsible for child even after it attains adulthood. Will such a child ever take care of the parent in old age??


More horrible news, a lady divorced her husband and took the custody of daughter. After the daughter grew up she is asking for maintenance from father and the court has accepted the appeal.
That means even if you have divorced and settled everything, lost the custody of your child, given one time huge maintenance to wife, the case can be reopened again to suck whatever is left in you!!


Man arrested for sexually harassing daughters If a man goes against daughters love decisions, he can be assumed to be sexually harassing her


Daughter Selvi hired goons to mother Kamala Bai for property!!


Fathers who dot their daughters and shun their sons should be aware that their daughters can commit CRIME WORST than any CRIME - Falsely accusing father of Rape of Daughter.  Atender Yadav, acquitted  of charge of raping his minor daughter.  Principal Sessions Judge Poonch Jaffer Hussain Beigh acquitted Mohammad Shafi of Arai tehsil Mandi district Poonch from alleged rape charges as prosecutrix contradicted with her own statement regarding the place where the alleged rape has been committed with her. A sessions court on Wednesday acquitted a 45-year-old man Javed Khan who was arrested by the Malwani police in 2011 for allegedly raping his 16-year-old stepdaughter.


The daughters affected by feminism are going to new lows as seen from the news where a thankless daughter sued her father just because he did not give enough gold gift to her! Instead of being thankful to her father for loving her and bearing the expenses of her upbringing and marriage she opted to milk him more!! Itís better to be childless than to have such a daughter -


Many people get swayed by the feminist propaganda which shows only half truth and because of lack of reasoning they go overboard in treating their daughters like princess while ignoring their son as a step child. This leads to neglect of the son since childhood and he gets used to thinking that there are no menís rights and he is just a free body guard, protector, and provider and ATM machine of the society. I request parents to stop ignoring their son. Many people are not even aware that women outnumber men in world population Ė


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