I often hear people say that having more women in a system decreases the corruption in it and make the system more friendly and strong and efficient and creative and many positive nouns and adjectives attributes get added just by having more women in it. This assumption has spread far and wide affecting various part of our life. It may be fact that there are fewer women in positions of power like Politics, Corporate, Bureaucracy, Judiciary and other positions. Feminist and general public feel encouraging women to replace men will help, based on the thought that male leadership has not succeeded (which itself is debatable) and failed to deliver due to corruption. Ignoring the fact that men have always been considered as disposable hence they are the one sent in war, they are made to work in hazardous conditions, even in case of accidents men are rescued last and now men are being labeled as corrupt to be discarded from position of power.


So I thought of having a look at different spheres of life where corruption or other malpractices generally take place and see if there are no incidents of misconduct and malpractice which involved women. If I do not find any incidents than I would assume that the claims of feminist are correct, but If I find incidents of corruption or misconduct by women in all those spheres than I can conclude that the feminists are just giving the world an eye wash and this thought is no more than a myth or a crude joke questioning the integrity of men who have historically been suffering the gender bias.


To start with proving Gender is not certificate of goodness. I want to share the following link of an article by Dr Catherine Hakim, a senior research fellow at the London School of Economics, set out what she called the "feminist myths" that obscure the truth about gender equality in modern Britain. 


First let us consider politics

Well this sphere has so many examples of corrupt women that my article would become the size of book. Hence I would restrict myself to agree by Nurul Arifin, a female Golkar Party lawmaker, who said corruption “does not recognize gender.”  In an article which talks about women in graft cases and infers that corruption is not gender specific. It discusses many aspects of women involved in graft like Lawmaker Wa Ode Nurhayati, being arrested for accepting a Rp 6 billion payoff from businessman Haris Surrahman in exchange for securing legislative approval of infrastructure projects in Aceh Besar, Pidie Jaya and Bener Meriah districts in Aceh.


If someone says women are honest angles. It’s only false propaganda by feminists. There are hundreds of women like Kumari Avvayi of Sudhamanagar, Gowramma and Shanthakumari ruining the country by their corruption - Women not only indulge in corruption but also in fake propaganda s found in the case of political group that organized fake blood donation for publicity, but bad luck for them that their ploy got discovered.

Rape is the highest reported crime in Meghalaya where matrilineal system, then why feminist blames patriarchy??


Women politicians punch & slap in meeting, Myth of women being well behaved politicians is busted again


Second we talk of parenting

It’s a common knowledge that custody of a child is generally given to a lady in case of a divorce or a lady caretaker for orphan children.


So you may first take a look at this video of woman and how she takes care of a child -


People are ready to overlook serious crimes done by woman and still give them the custody of child like happened in case of Council which gave job of child protection worker neglecting the fact that she had hired a hit man to kill her ex husband which is classic example of people stricken by white knight syndrome of siding with a lady even after being aware that she is at fault -  Children who are raised by mother who does not care about them always have  very unhappy memories about their childhood as in case of Rebecca the daughter of a feminist Alice Walker who despises the fact that her mother’s fanatical views tore her apart. She also exposes the hypocrite in the feminists who say that they are working for the welfare of women and children for the sake of popularity but neglecting their own daughters. It has now also come to light that mothers lead the list of child abusers which simply highlights the flaws in the assumptions made by the society in general.


Judges giving custody of child to mother should be more logical and pragmatic before giving the custody of child to a woman as it’s a matter of life for the child and a generalized decision cannot be taken while deciding on someone’s future life, as there is no dearth of cases where mothers have shown extremely callous attitude towards their children example Rakhi patra who sold her baby to buy jeans and mobile!!! I think that everyone will agree with me that giving custody of a baby to someone like Rakhi patra will be like butchering justice.-



I have listed some of the worst cases I have come across of bad parenting monster moms on my blog    


Parent care

After Parenting we should also talk about daughters taking care of p[arents. In this criteria the women lag far behind the sons on taking care of their ageing parents. We rarely see daughters managing the expenses of her parents or even contributing to the expenses done by her brothers towards maintaining parents. The law aso does not ask daughter to maintain her parents while it may punish the son for not doing so.


The daughters are also ready to kill her parent for the sake of their property as happened in case of Sacchi shekhar she along with Awdesh Singh aka Pintoo killed her father and brother just for the sake of getting her hands on fathers property.


Daughter in Laws are even greedier, once they start living with at her matrimonial home they start to push husband to get his parents to move out of the home and also ask husband to stop maintaining his parents. Some stoop to sill lower levels like Nisha who along with her paramour not only killed her mother in law Angoori Devi for claiming insurance but also her husband for money, Her crime was found because her  father in law smelt foul play -


I have written more about such dangerous daughters in my following article


Third let us consider the police

I have not come across a woman who has refused to take bribe. Instead I have come across many women who have taken bribe or are corrupt like the woman cop who was arrested while taking bribe from a person for not arresting him –


If fact some women police officers are so used to bribe that they become violent if bribe is not offered to them like female cops Jayashree Kumbhar and Sonali Jadhav who thrashed Yerawada jail visitor Reshma More for not paying bribe


An Afghan police woman shot a colleague at Kabul police headquarters, Instead of curbing violence women are increasing violence and ignoring human rights and mens right. This totally proves the theory of non violent women false and also it's a proof that inducting more women in a system is not going to help in anyway. Instead proper unbiased screening of good recruits would lead to a good organization be it military or civilian organization. -


I-T officer Poonam Rai suspended for taking bribe arrested by CBI Who says women cops will decrease corruption in police


Fourth we talk about the Bureaucracy

Going by the logic that women were less corrupted we would be definitely expecting them to be more responsible and reliable with the issues concerning national security. Hence by this logic there should be no woman who would sell the secrets of her nation to other nations but there are umpteen number of cases where women have been found indulging in espionage against their own country as the case of a lady embassy official of India who was posted in other country was spying for them against India-


Another case of irrational behavior was shown by female mayor who got into altercation with a hawker and shamelessly bit her. The mayor made a joke of not just herself but also the city municipal corporation. This kind of behavior would not be acceptable in any part of the world from any human being let alone a mayor. If people like her are given the reins of running the administration things would go haywire. Just imagine chaos that will occur if diplomat of one country bites diplomat of other country for settling territorial dispute -


Bureaucrat's ex-wife Deepali Rajendra Bhosale nabbed in prostitution who said women decrease corruption & crime??


Fifth we look at those in government service

We least expect fraud case by a government official deputed in another country on behalf of its nation as it will bring disrepute not only to the person herself but to the nation as well but the lady Devyani Khobragad, India’s Deputy Consul General in New York left did not have any self respect or respect of her nation when she committed visa fraud and made false statement and got arrested for it.


Women not only shrug responsibility but are not hesitant to blame others for their failures as seen from the apathy shown by female ticket checking staff in railways. All these years the Male TC's were handling their job well without all time assistance from RPF and nobody thought that they required a full time support of police. But now the female TC's have another excuse to not work by saying they do not have police support full time. I do not understand where this will end. Why can't female TC's be able to do it like male TC’s had been doing all the time? If they are not able to do their job, they should resign instead of blaming others. -


Sixth we check corporate world

There are plenty of cases where women like Martha have been found indulged in securities fraud and other inappropriate practices, People just have to come out of their oblivion and face the truth -


Seventh we look at the oldest role that of a wife

One may often hear that a wife cares most about her husband and is with him through the good and bad situations in life giving him emotional support and helping him tide over the difficult phase. But this appears to be just a fable which has no connection with truth at all. Most of the time wife’s behave no better than fair weather friends who will enjoy the fruits of the husband’s hard work but will swiftly leave him for other man or simply dump him when he is facing difficulties. A wealthy Swiss woman dumped her disabled husband in India and went back to Zurich to enjoy luxurious life. Her act only came to light when the husband died and Swiss authorities were contacted to inform them that the man had succumbed to neglect. Though this lady has been jailed, there are many cases which go unnoticed just because of society’s apathy towards men’s rights.


Eight we see the girl student

Senior girl students in the Chirst Church Girls High School in Kolkata locked a junior girl in a toilet The victim Oindrila Das, aged about 11 years was rescued by a sweeper but could not bear the shock and died in hospital. This kind of ruthless behavior by juvenile girls should not be taken lightly . Most painfull in the entire incident is the fact that nobody is asking for punishment to the brutal bullying girls who lead to death of a kid.


Ninth we see women as teacher

To be honest a teacher should be an example of good behavior but I found Lady teacher Mamta Rani who 11 yr old boy a student of Class 3  to death and even Government neglects Crime Against Men due to this there are no safeguards for the male students like Anuj Pratap Singh, from such teacher


Nobody cares if Boy died 2 days after he was mercilessly beaten up by a female teacher in a rural school run by the government’s  The lady teacher banged Bapi’s head against a brick wall


Pervert Lady Teacher Shital Avchar, made deaf & mute students massage her legs, harassed them & slept in classroom! Do women consider students nothing more than a massager??


Tenth we see women as Boss

Those who say women are good boss should read how woman Vandana Dhir treated her maid. The monster boss forced maid to consume her urine and made her sleep and eat in the toilet. The maid was also assaulted with knives, brooms, sticks and a hot pan.


Another lady Bira Thoibi an airhostess tortured her 13-year-old maid for two years. The victim told panel that her lady employer beat her with a belt and sometimes banged her head against the wall. She (Bira) locked the girl in the flat during her frequent trips out of Delhi,” the officer said.


Tenth we see women as Employee

Indian women refuse to work as conductors in an all women bus citing rigors of job. Men forced to take over the tough jobs while woman want to enjoy the benefits. Are women better employee?? 


Eleventh we see women as Driver

Housewife hones up driving skills, kills Borivli auto driver


Twelfth we see women as Traveler

Woman caught smuggling jewelry worth more than 20 million allegedly hidden in inner wear!  Woman can’t do crime huh?


Woman techie slaps BMTC conductor, lands in judicial custody 


Also its interesting to note that if a Man complains of harassment he is fired , But if Complaint is against man still the man fired  misandry right?


Thirteenth we see women as flight attendant

Airline Company had to 10 flight attendants. They had to crack the whip after witnessing an unusual rise in instances of women crew sauntering in when they want, keeping passengers waiting for hours by giving silly excuses


Fourteenth we see women as Doctor

We put in lot of faith on doctor but imagine what will be the faith in them if one of them turned out to be stealing your valuables!! A woman doctor, in the habit of stealing gold jewellery, was arrested by the Subramanyapura police. The police recovered Rs 3.2 million worth of gold jewellery, antique diamond-studded gold jewels and ruby from her.


Fifteenth we see women as religious preacher

A nun Sosefina Amoa, 26, she killed her child Joseph to prevent other nurses knowing that she lied about her sexual activity, Amoa allegedly covered the crying boy's mouth and nose with a wool garment for several minutes.

Sister Roxana Rodriguez, 33, was rushed to San Camillo de Lellis hospital with acute stomach pains in the town of Rieti, 50 miles north of Rome, apparently unaware that she was pregnant.  The baby's birth has provoked an outcry in the Catholic Church since Sister Roxana took a vow of "poverty, chastity and obedience" when she became a nun in September 2012.


I will also write on the other spheres involving woman very soon…


Please read the Disclaimer about my posts on this website. -



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