India needs to amend many of its biased laws to gender neutral laws as they prevent the access to justice for one gender or the other. In this post I shall keep updating whatever laws I find to be biased in terms of gender.


Rape Laws


Rape law is the worst law across the world especially in India. A person committing murder is less prone even to a falsely accused male in rape case. Cabinet is considering a proposal to amend and make a rape law gender neutral and feminists are opposing it!!! You may wonder why the feminist are against this change if no females have done wrong. They should have welcomed this proposal but the reality is quite different. There have been many cases where a female has forced men in physical relation. But these incidents do not get highlighted as men have never been seen as victims though they have been suffering and sacrificing since the onset of humanity and the feminist have always turned a blind eye to this fact (Ever heard of a female sacrificing life to save males?? or in case of calamity during rescue operation females saying let the children and men go first?? NO, itís always the other way round).


The amendment of the rape law is also being protested for their ulterior motives of not allowing such incidents to come to light and letting the power of accusing any one of rape with their own free will and get scot free even if the court realizes that the accusations made were false. All this will change if the laws become gender neutral and the victimized males start coming forward knowing their voice will be heard and not laughed at as happened in case of Santosh Kumar in Satyamev Jayte.


To give an example of how much the rights of a male rape victim are ignored is the case of 15 year old boy who was raped by a 34 year old woman but now faces child support in Nebraska. Jeremy Steen Lincoln was seduced and raped repeatedly by his 34-year-old baby sitter Linda Kazinsky


Following are some other cases where males were raped by women

In Zimbabwe three women were found to be raping men in their vehicle in the pretext of giving them lift. Once in the vehicle the victims were drugged or intimidated by gun or even snake to have intercourse with the women continually, sometimes unprotected too. Once the women were satisfied the victim was dumped on the road side.  -


Women who are serial rapist are also not rare one such group was caught in Zimbabwe for raping 17 Men. Some women not only rape men but have also started to cash their victim by selling their sperms for as high as $ 14000. The victims are drugged, subdued at gun or knife point - even with a live snake in one case - given a sexual stimulant and forced into repeated sex, before being dumped on the roadside. The sperm hunters first surfaced in the local press in 2009, but police have only arrested three women.


Cierra Ross from suburban Chicago forced a man him to have sex with her friend in the backseat of a car after offering him a ride.  The victim was walking in the 400 block of North Kingsbury when Miss Ross pulled up next to him and offered him a lift home. A short time later, she allegedly pulled a revolver on him, ordering him to climb into the backseat and take off his clothes. Ross then forced the 33-year-old at gunpoint to have sex with her friend. The two female also allegedly robbed their victim, getting away with $200 in cash, credit cards and an iPhone. Do note that the article says that the woman who actually raped the man on back seat has not been charged with rape!! Would this happen if the genders in this case were reversed? How can a Raped Man get justice?


Such type of cases are not limited to western world but also found in a country like Pakistan as reported by Daily times, where three women asked a waiter Khalil aged 23 to come to their home to deliver the food. Once he went there he was given milk laced with drug which made him unconscious, on regaining consciousness he found himself stripped and was assaulted by the women for next four days and then they threw him near a river with his genitals bleeding. He somehow reached hospital with help of a passerby.\02\02\story_2-2-2009_pg7_24


Indian females are not far behind in their quest to molest males. As in case of a Montessiri teacher who raped her students as young as 12 years. She not just raped the student but also forced to continue the relationship as per her needs. Her first victim went on to become a city cop and tried to free himself from her psychological control, but she unleashed a vindictive plot to ruin his career, making false claims to his NYPD superiors and filing false claims against him with the Civil Complaint Review Board. But luckily the court could see through her claims and found her guilty. -


Lina is not a rare case of teacher who was taking advantage of children whom she was supposed to take care, you would be unpleasantly surprised that there are hundreds of such cases where parents never suspected that a female teacher could be abusing their children while the child suffered. -


Another Indian lady Shahida aged 40 in Paravoor exploited 11 year old boy who used to bring vegetables and fruits to the house of Shahida. She locked the boy inside her room and allegedly undressed him.  Later, she forcefully engaged him in sexual activities -


Angelina Jolie lookalike 'stabbed taxi driver' for refusing sex a third time - ,


Another Indian lady Reshmi Dipnarine, 21 years old and living in Freeport, is charged with twice raping a  17-year-old boy. She had sexual intercourse with a teenager without his consent at Teak Avenue, Claxton Bay  


Itís not that the females who are in their 20s or older making such sexual assault. Even girls in adolescence age around 13 have been known to carry out such type of assault on boys. As in case of an autistic boy aged 12, He was returning home when two girls aged 13 and 14 forcibly took him to a under construction house. There he was stripped naked and sexually assaulted. The victim somehow managed to escape and alert a nearby resident who called his mother to take him home. The two girls have been charged.


Another similar incident of teens indulging in exploiting a helpless man was carried out by Yasmine and Whitney Notice sisters. They enticed a 22-year-old man with learning difficulties to their Birmingham flat before subjecting him to a degrading sexual assault, they threatened him with a replica handgun and forced him to strip demanding he performed sex acts. Birmingham Crown Court jailed Yasmin, 19, for seven years, two months and Whitney, was jailed for five years four months. -


10-year-old girl accused of raping 4-year old boy


Even Oprah show had an episode on male rape victims. They are not as rare as people think. Ö


Indian law doesn't recognize rape of men, Even police can't help such victim the FIR is not lodged for sodomy


Such type of females not just exploit males but also force them into prostitution and suppressing mens right in every form, as in case of Nikki Fawcett, age 24, from Fort Dodge, who was convicted of interstate transportation with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. Females not only get engaged in exploiting males but they also are part of female child prostitution rackets as well, but the blame always go to the males while they stay out of the spotlight as meek sufferers.


Take a look at Unreported horrors of male rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo - They are men who have lost all


People need to be educated and informed that men are also getting raped by women and the fact that manís erection is involuntary should be highlighted as this has been proved to be the greatest stumbling block for the victims to get justice. The rapist women are exploiting involuntary erection of men to satisfy their lust. The rapist women also get help from femmenazi who purposely do not accept the fact of involuntary erection in men and claim that men cannot be raped as they wonít get erection till they are aroused and willing to have intercourse. Goverments should promote more research on male harassment like the book Archives of sexual behavior in which eleven cases of male sexual molestation by females are classified and described. Men should not suffer silently in fear of getting ridiculed by the myth that men enjoy forced sex hence it is not rape. This point has been well conveyed in the video on you tube called Why Rape Is Sincerely Hilarious and a sensible adds to the point by accepting in other video  that victim of rape should be treated irrespective of their gender as its traumatic to anyone it happens to


I have highlighted another biased law of Domestic violence in my post in which only men are considered to be guilty whereas the reality is different Ė


One of the worst laws is that of adultery where only man is convicted for adultery whereas women are kept free to commit more, considering them to be victim this is gross neglect of menís rights Ė


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