Femmenazis or Monster women have an inherent hatred towards men and they stop at nothing to cause pain and suffering to males who are around them. They do not even spare children who are helpless and canít voice their sufferings or retaliate. I have described here some cases of crime by women, it might be hard to believe for those who think women are the most beautiful and best thing for mankind and only females can make the world a peaceful and beautiful place. I want them to know that they are day dreaming and should come out of it otherwise they could be the next victim. Also weak hearted white knights should maintain caution and can skip this article.


To start with I want you to know that crime by women is generally neglected considering it to be rare. This helps such criminal women get away with light punishment and increases their chances of committing crimes again. Society should not treat crime by women differently and punishment should be given based on the crime not according to the gender of the criminal.


A 4 year old child Usman was found by mother Shaina stuffed in a metal case, the child was wet from sweating and cold due to death. On inquiring Shaina found out that his aunt Rubina Mansuri  had put her four-year-old nephew into a 3x3 ft bedroll trunk and slammed the metal cover shut. The boy thought it was a hide-and-seek game. But deprived of air, he died after a while. The worst part is even after killing child by suffocating him in trunk Rubina Mansuri will get light punishment as she is woman, Why??


If a male teacher scolds a child severely than Feminists blow it up out of proportion but when a kinder garden school helper lady punished kids of age 3-5 years by branding them with hot knife nobody seemed to bother. But shouldnít such women be severely punished as women are the major abusers of children. -      


A woman doctor flung her son from roof just because she had quarrel with her husband. There are so many women like her who do not give any importance to children but still the society blindly feels mothers to be better than fathers what kind of foolish beliefs the society is still clinging to. Fathers are deprived while mothers are praised even for bad parenting -


A monster mother Ranju Devi burnt alive her new born son while the other members of her family were sleeping. She also shamelessly gave excuse of a dream that if she did not sacrifice one of her sons, both will die. Such murderer women should not be given iota of sympathy but the system and laws are such that crime by women are given light punishment.


A judge sentenced Catherine Kieu of Southern California to life in prison with the possibility of parole, she had cut off her estranged husbandís genital and tossed it in the garbage disposal.


More and more cases of woman abusing their own children are being found. The blind faith on woman should end otherwise such woman will be fearlessly roaming amongst us while their children will succumb like happened in kolkatta where a mother forced her under age daughter to have sex with her live in partner Manash Polley!-


A female teacher pushed burning stick in male child's mouth and branded him with hot spoon but still not suspended. Such treatment is worse than rape. Hence female teachers should be banned from boyís school. Abuse of Men and male child at hands of females should result in strict punishment -


Another lady teacher Rosy mercilessly assaulted male child Vivek Jaiswal & shamelessly denied wrong doing


Some moer examples of differential treatment given to crime by women can be found on this website -


The feminists say that women are not violent and even if they are violent itís in very rare case. But I would say that women are more violent and sadistic than men. Itís just that their crimes are not getting highlighted as in an example of a lady who killed her elderly neighbor just because he did not give her money to get drunk!!!!


Woman are not just violent towards men but they are equally brutal towards animals as seen from the case of Monica Ferreri, She set pet cat on fire and posted the video with status Lighting Monica's cat on fire -


No all women are not innocent and straight as seen by a study, when men and women considered offers of casual sex from famous people, or offers from close friends whom they were told were good in bed, the gender differences in acceptance of casual-sex proposals evaporated nearly to zero. So all the bad publicity faced by men is just a sham created for undermining the menís rights -


Unless Men decide to get back their rights and eliminate gender bias by being actively involved in the movement of Mens Right there will be no light at the end of the tunnel. So I request all the men that rise and start doing your bit for yourself and your brothers. Do not stay silent like our ancestors because of which Men have been reduced to mere free slaves and bodyguards cum ATM machines for women -




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Monster woman

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