What induced me into writing this article, are three shocking news. First is that of Carlotta Brett-Pierce who killed her child Marchella. The child was found tied to her SpongeBob Square Pants bed, had been beaten, starved and drugged she had dozens of marks and open wounds on her tiny body which was so emaciated, every rib could be seen and weighing only 19 pounds when she died. The mother told the court she fed her daughter 'potato chips, fried chicken and cheese doodles', but an autopsy recorded that only a single corn kernel was found in her body, along with a high level of antihistamines. Carlotta Brett-Pierce was emotionless when the jury proclaimed her guilty of her daughter Marchella’s death. Her punishment did not even stop her from giving the judge some attitude when asked if she understood the sentence. ‘I heard what you said,’ the 32-year-old mother said.


The second news equally horrific in nature is about a woman called Dharmishta. She was held for battering her 3 month old child Aahuti to death. The lady accepted that she had wrung the baby's neck and pressed down on her ribs hard when she kept on crying. She also admitted that she had dropped the child while feeding her two days earlier also in an attempt to kill her. I could not believe what I was reading-


The third one is of a Texas woman who has pleaded guilty of injury to a child, acknowledging she beat her 2-year-old daughter and kicked the girl in the stomach repeatedly and hit her with various objects before gluing her hands to the wall till she almost died. The girl had bleeding in brain, fractured rib, bite marks and was in coma for some days. Though the child in this case survived but not all the children abused by their mother are lucky enough and their abuse continues unnoticed as everyone is prejudiced and people feel that mother is best guardian of a child???


These so called modern women are showing traits of the Stone Age people by their barbaric acts. Also it’s important to note here that the victims were daughters for whom society thinks that mother is the best guardian, how can that be correct?

When I started gathering data on such monster moms I was left stunned by the cases I came across, many of them just defied logic and showed gross disrespect for human life one such example which will stay in my mind for life time is of Elzbieta Plackowska, she killed two her children just because she was angry with her husband and she did it by stabbing her son more than 100 times and daughter about 50 times even while they were pleading for their life. She also slit their throat.


I say women do nothing great by bearing children, even animals & mosquitoes bear babies & forget them. What matters is Men put Childs need above theirs instead of acting like Megan Hunstman who revealed that she either strangled or suffocated at least six babies immediately after she gave birth to them over a period of years. Huntsman's estranged husband, Darren West, contacted authorities after finding a baby wrapped in a plastic bag in the garage. A search warrant was obtained and officers discovered six more bodies at the home.


Jennifer Marie Vargas mutilated her son by tearing scrotum on and then cleaned the wound with alcohol before trying to seal the gaping hole with the glue. “She applied superglue to the (boy's) scrotum until the bleeding stopped, stuffed his underwear with paper towels, and then told him to go to bed”


For those who may find it difficult to imagine how woman can be cruel to a helpless child please see this video. Every time I see this my heart sinks and feel sorry for the child who had to go through the suffering by the woman -


8 month baby Xiao Bao's was stabbed 90 times by his own mother after biting her during breastfeeding, his uncle found him bleeding in the back yard, and then rushed him to the hospital. The boy received hundred stitches.


Even hardcore male hating feminist will not be able to justify action of monster mom Rikesha Burns who raped her 2 months old son  isn't it Crime against Men


If someone tells, Rikesha Burns is only one of a kind abuser woman than I would like to correct them that there are thousands of women like her abusing their male child. It’s just the misandry in society that does not allow it to believe the victim that their own mother is abusing them. Ashley N. Jessup, of Columbus not only abused newborn son but she also shot a video of the act. The judge presiding over Jessup's case said he had never before seen such a case in his 30-year legal career. I would like to tell the Judge that if he is more vigilante and is gender neutral in evaluation than he would find that such cases of mother abusing child are more common than he thinks.


One may think that such children would overcome the atrocities of their mother if they are lucky enough to survive and grow up then they will be independent and free. But the trauma and fear gets better off these kids who are dead scared of their monster mom even after growing  up, example a lady Chowdamma kept her son locked in a solitary room for 17 years and not allowed him even to go out to answer nature's call and food was served to him through a small window.  The child Keshvamurthy, had reached age of 30, when the neighbors, got aware about his confinement, broke the wall of the room and rescued him.


Mom burns 2 yr old son alive  So many monster moms around but father not given child custody in divorce


Mother Tania Coleman, starved baby to death and dumped her body by side of road because child didn't fit in', She was convicted of first-degree murder in Erie, Pennsylvania for the demise of her 14-month-old child, whose decomposed body was found in a suitcase on the street. The chubby-cheeked child Alayja was deprived of food and drink because she was considered the family 'runt.'




Emma La Garde was one of the sickest Mom, she made her son and others believe that he was terminally ill and suffering from cancer so she could rake in £85,898 in bogus benefits to live the high life. She kept her son on wheel chair, shaved his head and fed very little so that people believed he was very ill. This has left her son and husband shattered on the gross neglect of mens right done by the lady within the family. They are not able to believe that a mother can do such thing to a child -


An Oklahoma woman has been charged with felony child neglect after her 10-day-old baby was killed in a washing machine. Lyndsey Fiddler, 26, was high on drugs when she put her newborn daughter, Maggie May Trammel, in the washing machine along with the dirty laundry and started a washing cycle.


Mother sells 12-yr-old daughter for Rs 100,000. I feel pained and sick to hear such stories where custody of child is with women who do not care at all about the child. Instead uses the child to extort the money from the father or abuses and sells the child -


A devilish mother Irina Ionesco took naked photographs her 11 year old daughter Eva Ionesco and sold to erotic magazine. If this is the nature of the mother than she has no right to be called a mother but she is a pedophile monster. I found it very disheartening that she was able to get away with just monetary fine instead of severe punishment. If the judges continue to be soft with such kind of inhuman ladies than children’s exploitation by their own mother will continue unabated.


Pennsylvania Woman Amanda Catherine Hein was so inhuman that she gave birth in a Bar Bathroom, Killed the baby and returned to Party as if nothing had happened -


A mother was found to be involved in physical exploitation of her own child wherein she allowed her paramour to drug and rape daughter repeatedly. Such cases of mothers abusing child and helping others to abuse her child are coming to light in huge numbers but still Judiciary & society thinks mother the only option for bringing up a child -


Mothers blinded by lust of money are even willing to sell off their daughters for a price. One such mother Farida Sheikh from Mumbra surpassed all limits of humanity. The mother of a 13-year-old girl who had just attained puberty was planning to sell her daughter’s ‘virginity’ to the highest bidder....Ohhh you thought all the mothers were caring.


In what could be termed as an act of psychopath, 19-year-old Jodi Rock from Tahlequah, Oklahoma intentionally burned her 15-month-old son’s genitals with a hair straightening iron. This may not have been the first instance of abuse as several fractures were found on the child’s left shoulder and 12-week-old fractures were found on his right shoulder. Additionally, the affidavit states that the child also had forearm and wrist fractures that were somewhere between a day- old and 12-weeks-old and the bones in the forearm and wrists had never been properly set. The affidavit states that the child appeared to be in “agony.”  The lady tried to escape charges by implicating her boyfriend and other family members but the investigating officers were modern and unbiased hence did not fall for her fake tears and feminine tactics generally used by female criminals to fool cops and judges -


Not just mother but even grandmothers have been found to be abusive and heartless towards children. As seen by the incident where a grandmother server tea laced with poison to her grandchildren, identified as Bijeswar Kishan (9), Krishna Kishan (2), Debaki Kishan (4) and Tijendra Kishan (2), who used to visit her regularly just because her son’s were not living with her?


Women are also stooping to new lows to gain custody of children. While the reason for fighting to get child custody is not the love for the child but the money/compensation they get for child’s expenses from which a large part gets diverted towards the woman’s own expenses. In this pursuit of money and power play women are not shying away from of lodging false charges on the father like child sex abuse allegations which almost ends the fathers chance of getting the child’s custody howsoever good father he maybe. The father is not the only victim in a false child sex abuse allegation. Children are also victimized. Not only does the child have to submit to numerous interrogations and invasive tests to determine if abuse occurred, but needless therapy is often prescribed. The child, knowing at first that nothing happened, is subjected to counseling that reinforces the story that abuse has occurred. In time, many children grow to believe and accept that their fathers molested them. The emotional trauma is life-long. This phenomenon has become so common that psychologists have given names to the syndromes that result from false abuse claims, including Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and Sexual Abuse in Divorce (SAID).The allegation is, in itself, a form of child abuse (Wexler, 1990).The loss of self-esteem, the destruction of the father-child relationship, the mental and emotional damage and premature sexualizing of the child are all very real results of a false abuse accusation. Children who grow up believing they were sexually abused often develop deviant sexual interests and proclivities. No child should be treated so heinously by parents embroiled in a legal chess game.


Boy killed for exposing mother's illicit affair Husband Rajendran, 45 run a brick kiln. His wife Prema, 40, was having an illicit affair with one Neethi, 35


There have been so many fathers who have brought up their children exceptionally well but their efforts are generally neglected while praising the modern moms who outsource their children’s upbringing to maids. Even if a Man gives up his career for the sake of children and becomes a househusband, he is still considered as not contributing enough and ultimately discarded for someone else -

However there are some good judgments’ on child custody - but that’s a rarity.


In case of Adam Lanza no one took any action when was so obviously a frightened little boy living with a mother who had an arsenal of guns. The baby sitter said he had tantrums that were abnormal. He behaved as though he might have been abused. No one questioned his behavior. Had he been living with a single father I believe action would have been taken to help him very early on. His mother knew he was explosive yet she gave him access to an arsenal of guns. She has some explaining to do.


Women are not just violent towards their kids but they are equally tormenting their spouse, but that also is considered by the society to be figment of one’s imagination due to which men are not given protection and legal help instead they are ridiculed as being henpecked which is no joke for someone caught in such a situation as shown in my other post about domestic violence on men -


Not just Moms but also female caretaker or teachers with whom we send our children expecting good care are also taking advantage of the vulnerable kids, many female teachers have been found raping and indulging in physical relations with their students but very few such cases actually get registered as females are never considered to be able to commit such crimes at all -


Mother jailed for sexually abusing her own children 


Mother who killed eight girls after their birth roaming free



Talae Akei Thomas killed her newborn son and made up story that she drowned the baby boy because he was the devil!! It’s hard for me to believe that any mom could lie so blatantly -


A mother was found promoting pedophile behavior and used to send child porn images she had taken of her five-year-old daughters and guided men about how to lure girls to their home and teach a girl that sex between adults and children is normal.


A 23-year-old woman Raji has been arrested for injuring her nine-month-old baby girl by piercing a pen into the infant’s private parts. Isn’t this rape of child by her own mother??


A mother Sara Ege punished her son Yaseen Ege by beating him like a dog till he died and then and set fire to his body to hide the evidence at their home in Pontcanna, Cardiff, in July 2010. The punishment was dished out for not being able to memorize passages of the Quran. Instead of being resentful of her act she shamelessly tried to escape and frame her innocent husband. But the evidence exposed her sham. -  

I have been always displeased with the fact that in case of divorce or separation of parents the custody of the child inadvertently goes to female. However modern a society claims to be, it still archaically believes that a woman is the best option for bringing up a child and they cannot inflict pain and suffering to any child. Even if someone finds a mother indulging in child abuse it is just brushed aside as being outcome of new motherhood which is unacceptable to me or any other unprejudiced person as being stressed cannot be held as justification for injuring a baby who cannot even voice its sufferings.


People should open their mind and logically analyze how much care a woman will give to children compared to a man and they would realize that there is no simple answer for this as giving the custody to woman. In today’s times women have shrugged off the responsibility of managing the household and have become extremely career oriented, they join back work just after 2-3 months post delivery and leave the child to maid/baby sitter to look after. So if a child has to be looked after by a maid only than what difference it makes whether the child is with mother or father.


Another silly logic I hear people give is that mothers are more emotionally attached to their children than father. This is also totally incorrect, women many times just exaggerate and fake their emotions pay lip service and share it to the entire world to gain sympathy. One example is case of Rebecca the daughter of a feminist Alice Walker who despises the fact that her mother’s fanatical views tore her apart. She also exposes the hypocrite in the feminists who say that they are working for the welfare of women and children for the sake of popularity but neglecting their own daughters. On the other side men do not create any show instead they stand by the side of their children whenever they need them and prevent them from becoming emotionally weak and unstable.


The above cases are just a tip of the iceberg as there are numerous kids who are losing their life because of unscrupulous females who get the sympathy of society and money from society in the name of children but hardly care even for their life let alone raising the children to be good citizens. I feel the society, media and judiciary should modernize and take a pragmatic view on giving child custody on case to case basis instead of just following the herd mentality and ignoring men’s right.


On the other side there are innumerable of cases where fathers have been very good guardian


Divorced men too crave for their kids -


Please read the Disclaimer about my posts on this website. -


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