If I ask any person that in case there is fire near his home and if not extinguished it will reach his home and destroy it than what would he do if he has nothing available that can extinguish the fire?

1) Will he wait and watch hoping that the fire does not reach his home?

2) Will he try and remove combustible material between his home and fire so that the fire may stop before reaching his home?


3) Will he take combustible material from his home and add it to fire?

Of course of all the option no sane person will choose the 3rd option and promote self destruction.


But in real life in case of misandry the same person many times choose the option of self destruction either knowingly or unknowingly. The fire of Misandry promoted by radical feminist to suppress & demonize men is often neglected by men leading to more and more anti men laws getting passed along with more and more anti men policies being implemented turning men into slaves and punch bags.

The least men can do is to stop helping such radical anti men feminists and companies supporting them.

Men should stop buying products from companies that indulge in anti men behavior or support anti men campaign. So that at least such companies do not earn from men and then use the same money to harm men.


I have started noting and listing those companies that I feel are indulging in such gender biased  practice so that my readers can check and decide if they want to buy their products in future or not.


A detergent brand of a fast moving consumer goods company sponsored a survey about men, but they took responses only from women. The questions were biased and leading to wrong conclusion. It implied wrong attributes to men. So should men allow products of such company to bepurchased by his household so that the money made form those products are further ploughed back into more such misandry spreading campaigns? 

Tata group of companies have been doing a lot of campaign using JaagoRe  From their website one can easily make out that they only concentrate on helping women but in doing so they forget to put a check on the campaign that they should not imply that men are always abuser and women are only victim. None of their campaigns have supported male victims instead they constantly ignore the fact that men can be victimized. So I think by buying TATA products I would be supporting such anti male campaign funded by them, hence I stopped buying their products.


Asian paints has come up with a very insensitive advertise saying Husbands are useless! , , So I say why should Husbands buy product of company that thinks of them to be useless I will never buy Asian paints products. I would like the company to answer whether the husbands on company board of directors are equally useless?

One should also refrain for buying products or giving business to companies that have anti male hiring policies.

I shall be listing more such companies for guiding unbiased Men & women to make a conscious decision on whether they buy or boycott products of companies that divide the society in name of gender.


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Men Won’t buy Misandry

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Men won't buy misandry