Honorable Politicians


Subject: No vote for leaders who neglect Men.


Respected politician,

                                 We would like to draw your kind attention towards gross neglect of man’s problems in India and our concerns about men’s rights as they have always been neglected by the society. Since ages men have been forced to be protector & provider for the society placing their needs last while serving the whims and fancies of others first.

Males have always been major victims of crime much more than woman throughout the history. Reports of National crime reports bureau clearly point out that crime on Men are much higher than women, even suicides of husband’s are double that of wife's. But still there are no laws to protect male gender. Instead more and more laws are being formulated for awarding females and suppressing rights of boys.


Leaders have neglected Men and taken men’s votes for granted, even though men are facing crisis situation in their life, career, marriages, especially in extravagant situations like men facing false cases of rape, dowry harassment (498A), Domestic Violence Act, maintenance cases etc. Still more laws are being proposed containing very dangerous provisions whose ramifications can be far-reaching and taxing for the society. Men are being offered a very raw deal by the government as their constitutional rights of equality before law, fair & free trial and protection of personal liberty are being thoroughly jeopardized.


These elections we have decided to "Vote Out Male Haters”


We will only vote for party that supports Men's right and vote against party which suppresses Men's rights for pleasing feminists


Our vote for all upcoming election in future shall go to the party that is ready to do the following things for Men


1)  Make all laws gender neutral, replace words Men/Women with “Person” and replace the word Husband / Wife with the word “Spouse”.

2) Create “Mens Welfare Ministry” and “National Commission for Men” and their counterpart in every state.


3) Provide exemplary misuse clause in laws of Rape, Harassment and Dowry and make provision for very strict punishment for fake cases filed by women.


4) Police staff should be directed to initiate suo motto proceedings on the complainant if investigations show that the allegations are baseless and made with motive of causing harm to the accused.


5) Clause of Exclusive Litigation should be introduced into the Marriage Laws to prevent wife terrorizing husband with multiple cases just to extort money.


6) Court hearing on “Family” matters particularly involving outstation litigants should be done by video conferencing.


7) Lower maximum punishment periods of males, equal to that of female criminals.


8) Protect  dignity of man accused in fake cases. Amend IPC 228A to protect identity till conviction of male accused under section IPC 498a, IPC 376, IPC 377, IPC 354 and other laws.


9) Make daughters equally responsible to maintain parents in sec 125 CrPC.


10) Scrap maintenance & Alimony for spouse.


11) Make Crime Against Men a non bailable & cognizable offense.


12) Make arrest and jail mandatory for journalist who cook fake stories of Rape / Molestation e.g. Muruthal Gang rape etc.


13) Enact law to stop abuse of husband, elderly male by wife / daughter-in-law.


14) Make a policy of rehabilitation of Men charged in false cases and give government jobs to them if they lose their job due to fake case.


15) Make laws for stopping / punishing incorrect representation of men in media..


16) Give equal parenting rights with sharing proportionate child support and maintenance by both the parents in proportion with time spent with the child.


17) Bring paternal leave for fathers at par with maternal leave for mothers.


18) Start programs to regularly sensitize law students, lawyers, judges and bureaucrats with issues adversely affecting males.


19)  Bring down income tax level of men to that of women.


20)  Start programs towards lowering suicide rate of men.


21) Cancel all Gender based reservations.


22) Make a policy to take channels Off Air or Halt print of Media houses who indulge in

rumor mongering and promoting fake stories of Rape / Molestation.


23) Conduct camps for medical problems of males and sponsor treatment of male-specific medical ailments for the needy.


24) Appoint more Judges and make provision for courts to work in double shift till the huge pendency of family matters are not cleared.


25)  Start Men’s Helpline and Men’s Cell in police stations to provide legal and psychological help to male victims of abuse. Provide government support to existing Men’s Helpline like SIF One – 08882498498.


26) Provide support to the aged men and establish old-age homes for Men.


27) Allocate funds to spread awareness on unfair treatment by society to Men throughout his lifetime.


28) Make provisions for including male studies as academic courses in colleges and universities.


29) Introduce regular seminars and conferences targeting issues affecting males should be encouraged and conducted involving people from all walks of life including corporate.


30) Activists championing the cause of men's rights must be invited by the Govt. to envision programs related to male welfare so that research conducted by men's rights activists can be enhanced and leveraged for better social positioning of males overall.


31) Make a body for conducting research on gender specific problems faced by men.


32)  Allocate fund for protection of harassed husband / raped Men and for media representation highlighting plight of Men.


Presently most of Government policies are thoroughly poised against men and is poisoned with a social mindset that validates burdening a man with the financial responsibility but offers no security to males.  So we have decided that we will not vote for politicians who neglect boys and also vote against the politician who talks against boys. So if a politician is talking against males for getting woman votes than that politician will lose men’s vote irrespective of the fact whether they get women votes or not.


So Politicians who rely on male bashing for getting votes will now be voted out of power.


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Men Vote for Men rights

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