Men are neglected by the society because they are taken for granted. We have forgotten that we are the highest contributor toward government taxes. We are in the front line of the battle field. We too have voting powers. But still Men’s rights are being neglected because they are not assertive enough.


Men still believe that the society politicians and lawmakers will take care of their rights. But my brother, If they were really so concerned of Gender discrimination then they would have made laws to stop discrimination against eunuch’s (who many times lead a life much worse than a normal man or women) before creating laws for the gays and females. Has anyone seen a public figure fight for their cause???


I suggest all the members of this community who really want to make a difference to this situation and get mens right should come forward and take action, we need a system overhaul and make our presence felt.


As the famous saying goes “God helps those who help themselves”.


I shall start with by saying that every contribution that you can do for the cause is worthwhile, as doing even very little is better than doing nothing. Most important is to speak to people around you. You will find that some people will react negatively to the notion of equal rights for men. They will look incredulously at statistics on gender equity in domestic violence, but most will see the issues if you scratch the surface. Stick, for the first part, to less sensitive subjects, such as boys lagging behind in school - things that no reasonable person would object to. Smile, be understanding, acknowledge women's problems, and avoid sounding obsessed something people accuse me of, but that is more a product of how little attention society pays to the systemic nature of problems men face rather than an obsession per se. I also find that most people who self-identify as feminists would balk at the extremist material that radical feminists dish out. So in the end, they are not the ideological opposite of us, they are actually pretty close, although separated by a thin wall. One reason people sit out and tolerate the hatred spread by feminists is because they lack the knowledge and tools they need.

So I have prepared the list of activities in increasing order of the efforts required so that you can choose it according to the resources you are willing to devote.


1) Read -  It’s easiest thing a mature person can do for men rights.  a) One can visit various websites like A voice for men, Mensrights  subreddit. b)They can also read books like Myth of male power etc.  c) Promote links of Men rights d) Take objection on social media if anyone is shaming men or MRA’s. Once a person starts reading and searching for the topics on Men right they will be able to see through the sham claims & twisted statistics that many feminist and anti male organizations have created.  This will help them to effectively counter anti male views, that people may try to force upon them.

2) Protest loud & clear – Many times it happens that in a discussion feminists are spreading malice in presence of mature people who know that it is incorrect, but prefer stay calm to avoid any argument. It’s this attitude that makes the feminists take us for granted and it should be stopped. So next time you hear any inappropriate statements against men remember to stand up and protest loud. Interrupt anti male conversation in office breaks or other social interactions. Once a person is aware about the reality and knows how statistics are misinterpreted by feminist, they can even go further by trying to challenge any feminist propaganda in their vicinity. The first step towards challenging is from the environment around you, at your home, at office, at informal gatherings etc. Many times you would observe that in general talk during office break people show sympathy towards women who claim victimization but ignore men in similar situation. If you are part of that group, just present a counter view. Example if the talk is about news of woman claiming harassment, you can mention about huge number of fake cases that women file for frivolous reasons. Question them, why the media is creating so much hype merely on accusation. Ask, whether they will compensate the guy if the claims are found fake.  In other condition if your group is laughing on a male rape victim as if the abused guy would have enjoyed it, you can counter by saying whether the group would laugh if it had happen to woman. Ask them why they are so insensitive. Further you can strike a conversation with friends and even strangers about the lack of rights to men. Through such kind of low profile less intensive work also you will be able to bring about some change. Every day if a person devotes just 1% of their time to spreading this it will still have some impact.

Also, avoid any unnecessary generalizations of women. If you talk about false accusations making up a substantial portion of rape accusations, point out how rare they are relative to the number of women in the population. When you talk about female-perpetrated domestic violence, talk about the unfortunate power dynamic stemming from expectations, in particular the expectations that women are expected to have on men, and the fact that women hitting is not necessarily malice, but frustration coupled with the fact that, in contrast to men, they have not been brought up hearing that you never hit the opposite gender.

Just a word of caution. It is a balancing act, and it takes very little for you to come across as angry or unreasonable, so be careful - once people dismiss you in their minds, you are out and so is your way of thinking.


3) Just name it -  You can easily create interest on men rights among strangers by naming your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection as “19NovMensDay” or “Men2Human”. Anyone not aware of men rights will definitely get intrigued when their device finds such name as Wifi hotspot. Same thing can be done in other type of connections and device names as well.

4) Expose Hypocrites - Next level of activism will be being observant of the anti male atmosphere around you and utilizing every opportunity to highlight the incorrect practices. Example - You may start to write blogs highlighting the biased behavior towards Men if your content is logical you will definitely open minds of few people. Or whenever you see anti male news article or commercial etc you write letters objecting to it. Though a single letter / email may not have much effect but it will register at back of their mind and if there are few thousand mail send by people like you to one person it will certainly create an impact. So do not wait for any one just start. Some more examples of such activities are on the following link

5) Disturb in-equilibrium - One can actively taking objections to anti male practices in your surrounding and trying to eliminate it. Example - If in your office feminists are getting preferential promotions and remuneration than you can point it out to those suffering from it and get them together to take a stand against it. You may succeed or not but at least your activism will deter the male hater’s confidence to carry out anti men activities. As carried out by James T. Hayes or Two men named Allan Candelore and Rich Allison

5) Highlight - Highlight the positives of men and negatives of feminists (remember women are not harming men, feminists are harming men and women). So if you are convincing enough, you will not only find modern people supporting you but plenty of them will also will start to like and respect you. I have personally seen people grow professionally & socially after becoming men rights activist.

6) Be creative – Put to use your creative skills like drawing, acting, singing. As there are a lot of drawings, illustrations, photographs created to spread misandry. You too can create material that exposes the bias against men. Make videos, click photos, write songs, write drama script etc about bias and negativity spread against men.

7) Mail it – Any public figure found to be making anti male comments or person/Journalist writing anti male articles should be bombarded with mails, letters and criticism on social media in such a manner as to question their ability & competence to analyze and comment on issue. This will surely curtail them as everyone is afraid of negative publicity. This also works with government. Ifr you find Government is planning to create anti male laws or provisions, you can send them registered mails to object the biased approach. If you live in democratic country, this will help a lot. Keep proof of all the letter communication to the government and follow up on the action taken for the objections raised.

8) Join MRA groups -  If you have energy and inclination to do still more than try getting associated with organizations those promote and create awareness about Men rights and participate in their activities to promote real equality.

9) CommunicateMembers of the men’s organization should make it a point to communicate every relevant news and response given to them regularly without fail and accordingly decide the modus operandi for the next action. Also the success stories should be shared frequently to raise the morale.

10) Lobbying – Each modern person as individual plus members of the “ALL” Men’s organization across the world should meet the people who can make difference like Judges, bureaucrats, local and national politicians whether ruling/opposition/newly formed etc and submit a list of demands that they expect these people to fulfill to get their votes. (I stress “ALL” because the impact of just one or two organizations meeting a public person will be less compared to what all the organizations will make, howsoever small them maybe.). Demand to the political parties, they should include in their election manifesto what efforts will be done by them towards Men’s welfare, if they come to power - Like the promises these people keep on making to feminists & women voters which has led to creation of so many biased laws. We need to make our VOTE count and not taken for granted. Some of MRA’s in India did this successfully and were successful in stalling a highly anti male IrBM divorce law.

Even at individual level you can start meeting your local politicians asking what they will do for Men and Men rights. Inform them clearly that you shall vote only for those who are ready to work for Men rights. You can also let them know that you will definitely vote against the politicians who give incentives to women at cost of Men Rights. This way you are using both the carrot and stick to motivate the politician to work towards men rights and also de-motivate them from ignoring Men rights. I have prepared a sample list of demands you can modify according to your needs.


11) Appreciate – We should not only protest against the people who create an incorrect image about us but also appreciate those who speak for Men’s rights and accept that there is bias against men which should be done away with. This way we can motivate them to promote our cause. Also we should openly support and vote for those politicians who are willing to support our cause. We should also appreciate the efforts of Men who have been able to stand against all the feminist propaganda and false cases to come out as winner -

12) Donate & stop donation - One of the most easy things a person can do for equality is to donate to organization working towards equality for men. If they are already donating to some cause, they can allocate a part of it for men rights. One can also ask their organization to allocate part of their corporate social responsibility budget fopr donating to men’s equality. If they or their organization has been donating to feminist organizations, then ensure that such donations are stopped. As feminists are a threat to equality. They just hood wink people in the name of equality.


13) Set up own NGO - The most active form towards contributing to Mens rights is by creating own setup like NGO or some other institution to support the cause. Do not worry about how much impact you will be able to make. Once you start and work in right direction people will join you and appreciate your work. There are hundreds of such examples. One that I would like to share is that of Mr. Atit who was once victim of biased law but now he has not only empowered himself but also empowering victims of anti men laws.

Most important thing is not to bow down to pressure of the noisy feminist and lead by example. Many cases men who talk equality for men are forced to retreat and go back on their statement just to calm down the femmenazis as happened in case of Farooq Abdulla when he pointed out that the laws have become heavily biased against men that has made filing fake case very easy for women. This has lead to situation where men are scared to emploiy female staff. But instead of taking this statement in correct context and supporting the correction in laws the feminists launched a smear campaign against Mr. Farooq Abdulla and made him withdraw his statement But when similar attack was launched against Palash Sen  for a joke he did not bow down to the unscrupulous women trying to get fame at cost of insulting him. He showed IIT feminists their true place, and said will never perform at IITB till feminists apologies. Once Men start to stand by the truth the criminal minded feminists will have to retreat.

I shall keep updating this post and list of demands based on suggestion of my readers.


I want to change the scenario we are currently living in…. Do you too?


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