Since ages humans in power try to seek subjugation of the powerless and dis-empowerment of weaker ones. One of the forms that this tendency becomes visible is through practice of bonded labor or slavery. In this system humans who are financially weak or considered to have no rights were traded as live stock animals and they were bonded for life to serve their masters, to obey their every command howsoever unreasonable it maybe. The returns of their labor were enjoyed by their masters while the slaves were given just enough to survive. Those slaves who became weak and were not able to meet the unreasonable demands were sometimes beaten or starved to death but nobody could object as in those days it was LEGAL. The practice of bonded labor in its previous form attracted so much criticism that abolishing it became imperative.

Though the practice of bonded labor / slavery was allegedly abolished across the world, US did it in 1865 to 2013  and India also did it in 1833 to 1976 but that was just symbolic efforts or an eye wash. In reality the practice still continues in various forms giving rise to newer and complex forms of bonded labor and they are also LEGAL enforced by the police and judiciary. As the advantage to the masters were too much to relinquish. These new forms of slavery are as worse as the conventionally known forms of slavery.

One of the most common forms of LEGAL SLAVERY in current times is faced by Men in the form of maintenance and alimony awarded towards paying for the demands of unscrupulous wife or partner. Men often have to endure inhuman treatment and even driven out of their own home and deprived of their own income and assets at behest of wife / partner. Nowadays it’s very easy to enslave a man. All a woman needs to do is to file a false rape case or if she is married to him than to file case of harassment and then ask for lifetime maintenance along with lump sum alimony. After this, there is no escape for that man. He has to keep on paying money to his wife whether he is earning or not, whether he is able to earn or not, whether he has sufficient money for his own survival or not. The modern form of slavery is same as the earlier form of slavery where slaves were getting treatment of sub humans while their masters were living a peaceful lavish life. In earlier days if the slave was lucky enough to somehow escape from his confinement he could have a hope of living a free life even if it may be in a jungle or some isolated island where his master could not find him. But now there is no escape as even if a man goes to different country a warrant can be issued on his name and also his assets and bank account can be confiscated, so there is no escape to the Legal slavery of men unless the archaic and biased laws are amended.


Society has never been male-dominated. In the beginning, both men and women were equal But in due course of time, men acquired prominence, not dominance, using their physical and mental powers properly. Men toiled harder than women; took up the toughest jobs and dedicated their lives to innovations and inventions. Women lagged behind, not because they were deprived of opportunities or due to biological reasons, but mainly because of their selfishness and narrow-mindedness. Women may claim to have made some sacrifices for their children and families, but they seldom thought about society, community or humanity at large….. Men fought, not just for themselves or their families, but for society, for those who were not related to them. Men invented, for the welfare of humanity. Hence the prominence of men is hard-earned. Men deserve this….. But in recent times, feminists have been working hard to achieve female-dominance, just by making laws, false propaganda in media, biased judgments and using all other short-cuts.


People who think reasonably and without prejudice should help in eradicating slavery and bonded labor in all its forms. As when a Man suffers he does not suffer alone but along with him his loved ones, old dependant parents, children and siblings also suffer, thereby the whole family goes through trauma after every Man who gets trapped in false case or becomes victim of Legal terrorism by evil women.  One way of helping the victims is by sowing the seeds of Mens rights and sensitizing the people around us about the secondary treatment that is given to men by society and is also accepted as normal. Every bias against Men should be questioned and abolished, only then can there be true human equality and people will have real human rights.


Out of Total slavery Government forced slavery accounts for 10%. So withdrawal of Maintenance & Alimony is must 


Even if a husband is dying he has to pay alimony!! Look at case of Suryakant Tiwar he was so ill that he could not stand. He produced various certificates and pathological reports which showed that he had HIV+ status, arthritis and TB susceptibility and asked court to quash the order asking him to pay maintenance to wife. But court refused any help. This is gross negligence of human rights and men are being treated like bonded labor at par with animals -


This attitude of society also reflects in the form of gender discrimination against men in jobs. Men have to shoulder responsibilities of the family but in job he gets discriminated against. Women are given privileges in form of flexi hours, maternity leaves, work from home, career break etc. But on the other hand men rarely get paternity leave, he even finds it difficult to get sufficient leave for marriage. To further aggravate this problem women are given preference while recruitment by companies. This is very dangerous as the money goes to one person and the responsibilities stay with other. So how can a man shoulder responsibilities without rights & money. On the other hand why women with money are not asked to take responsibility and equally tough assignments - 


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Men are bonded labor slaves

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