Human race used donkeys & other animals in past to carry burden of physical things. Over some period the society realized it also needed someone to carry the burden of responsibility as well, someone who could be punished for not being able to satisfy the those taking free ride, the way donkeys were beaten up when they can't carry the burden forced on to them, someone who could be made scapegoat for others mistake, someone who could be forced to slog more than an animal for the benefit of the society. So the alpha males of the society started devising means of controlling beta men or the common man.



It started as early as Stone Age when humans lived in community/tribes, it began with giving more responsibility and risk to common men while giving more safety and less responsibility to women.


The men carried following responsibility


1. Ensuring safety of the tribe from animals, enemy tribes or other dangers


2. Hunting animals and searching forest vegetation to get food for the tribe.


3. Creating, searching and arranging for safe living place for the tribe members.


On the other hand women of the tribe had following responsibility


1. just look after the children.


The result of this was the society progressed. On the efforts of men who became the foundation stones of the society. Like foundation stones that take all the burden of the marvelous looking building, but never get appreciated as they lie deep below the ground. Men too kept on taking up the responsibility but still were never appreciated no importance was ever given to their safety. The common man along with other animals like donkeys kept on slogging while the fruits of their labor were conveniently enjoyed by the women. We can clearly see that the setup was highly biased against men, here the men carried risks while women enjoyed safety! Moreover in the event of attack by a rival tribe it was only the men who got killed. The women of the losing tribe simply became part of the new tribe and there too enjoyed safety while just looking after the children!!



Society progressed from stone age & tribal living to community living, here the rules of living together got more refined and civilized but the basic principle for devising the rules still remained the same that men have to be burdened with responsibilities while women have to be provided right to safety. Men were always trained to be chivalrous while women were always allowed free ride.  Responsibilities of women have always been either very little or none at all while rights for men have always been very little or non at all. Somewhere along this the institution of marriage was created but that too yielded more burden of responsibilities for men while more rights for the women along with opportunities to significantly improve their lifestyle by getting married to a male with higher social status. So women started to marry and improve their lifestyle, thereby starting the trend of hyper gamy that is still in practice because it suits the women.


Even in 21st century when the constant efforts of men have resulted in substantial development of mankind, still the underlying principles of the stone age are followed and men continue to be burdened with responsibilities, donkeys continued to carry physical burden, while women continue to get safety. In fact the safety card of women has become all the more powerful and women have been allotted outrageous privileges just in the name of safety while men have been burdened with outrageous responsibilities.



Following are examples of present day distribution of responsibilities


1. Men are responsible to pay more tax than women for the same level of income.


2. Most of the government's revenues come from men but benefits of government's welfare schemes go to women.


3. Men are expected to provide compulsorily for the wife and family while same responsibility is not forced on women.


4. Even in case of paternity fraud where the wife bears the child of her boyfriend/paramour the husband is still expected to take care of both the cheating wife as well as the illegitimate child, It is simply outrageous.


5. Compared to women more men are murdered and suffer violence but there is not a single law in my knowledge for protecting men.


6. Even the rape laws are so biased that rapist women get away with light punishment even if they are convicted, while women molesters rarely get convicted.



On the other hand the responsibilities of the women in present time are


1. Nil.



Due to modernization in the method of works even the donkey that was traditionally loaded with burden has got relieved and now machines are used to carry loads but the treatment towards men still remains that of Stone Age. In fact men are increasingly being treated like subhumans by the society to load them with burden of responsibilities and still taking away their rights as humans.



All this will continue unabated even in future if men do not get up and demand their rights, there might be day when treating men worse than animals will be norm of the society.


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Man made beast of burden

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