Problems that men face have been ignored by the society from ancient times and they are still being ignored today. Even though human rights are a topic in vogue, society still does not consider Men rights as part of Human rights. Today when punishment for rape of women is equivalent to that of murder or sometimes even more stringent than that for murder still we see that punishment for rape of man by women can hardly be called strict as seen from the blog on rape of men by woman Similarly sexual harassment of men is also so much ignored that men facing such harassment have very few options left to them. The law of sexual assault IPC 354 also does not consider a male to be victim. So a sexually abused men cannot report the crime by women and has no source of help. Most of them choose the worst option of either quietly bearing the harassment and living a life of sex slave or committing suicide. This happens because of the biased attitude of society that feels sexual stimulus to a man from woman is trophy. It simply refuses to believe that a male can be harassed sexually, without realizing the fact that unwelcome sexual stimulus is as disturbing to man as to women.



Just for the reference of my readers I searched for cases of women molesting men of various age and occupation. To my surprise I found that women even in doctors profession are exploiting men. One man killed himself, and exposed woman doctor in his suicide note "The doctor administered me sedatives and drugs excessively. The doctor sexually exploited me after medication. I am not able to fight her. So I am taking this step. -


It's not just men in family of common men who do not get justice if they are harassed by women but even cops do not get protection and justice if they are sexually assaulted by women. We see example for this in Europe that calls itself modern but when an Italian lady Nina De Chiffre was found sexually molesting male police officer named Salvatore Piccione, she was not even arrested immediately. How can such sick society call itself modern if they can't give justice even to their cops who are male and sexually harassed by female? I am yet to hear the news of her arrest and conviction.


Along with cops even their family are victims of such abuse example a cop’s son Rahul Khandare aged 25, committed suicide and left five-page suicide note that he took the extreme step due to sexual harassment by a woman. His sexual harassment started when Khandare was working with a garment store. There the woman Veera Kalra aged 42 was his senior. She started forcing him into a sexual relationship. He tried to avoid her still the lady did not stop harassing the boy and he felt so helpless that he committed suicide to escape the sexual harassment by woman. Even after his suicide the police did not act swiftly as male suicide hardly gets importance . So the youth's relatives along with an NGO Oriental Human Rights Protection Forum staged a two-hour protest at Sadar police for the lack of action in the suicide and attempt to hush-up the case. The boy’s family had to meet senior police officers and use RTI act just to get the woman booked. Please note that the boy who died was son of a cop and his uncle was also a cop still he could not get justice, so imagine how hard it will be for a common man to get justice for their children against sexual harassment by woman. A senior cop acknowledged that sexual harassment of men is also a reality and they get many victims of this nature, but most of the times, the guys refrain from filing the FIR. Hence, the number of cases reported remains very less.



Men are reluctant to seek help from police as very few countries have laws to protect men. Even in those countries that have laws to protect men from sexual harassment the laws are so weak that the abusive woman hardly get punished hence the police can't give sufficient help to the male victims as seen from the case of woman who sexually abused the young son of a family she boarded with, but still successfully avoided jail & fine. In fact it was highly surprising the judge himself tried to leave the lady with minimal punishment and he also concealed her identity, this will help the lady to easily get her next victim without anyone realizing that she could be a serial rapist. The lax laws and irrational attitude of judges suffering from white knight syndrome, who rarely punish such female molesters increases the confidence of the criminal woman to commit more such crimes.


Even the Justice Department discovered the startling form of abuse in 2010, when it surveyed more than 9,000 youngsters living in juvenile halls and group homes. More than 10 percent of the respondents said they’d been sexually abused by staff and 92 percent said their abuser was female. Even after three years, the numbers haven’t changed much and women continue sexual harassment of men.


Female molesters leave do not even spare kids, a 19-year-old domestic help Rina Sundar Bhegara was found sexually harassing her employer’s four year old son in Aundh. The mother of victim informed that her son complained about severe pain and bleeding in his private parts, he was rushed to a hospital. The doctor revealed shocking information that the child was sexually assaulted. Since the child was traumatized, he did not reveal who had done such things to him. After some days when his mother went home to do some work, she caught the lady maid red-handed. Her mouth was on his private parts. On this the toddler broke his silence he told his mother that the maid had done similar things in the past and would prick his private parts using pins. But even after being caught the rapist woman did not repent her crime instead became offensive, her aggression stemmed from the lack of laws to prevent sexual harassment by women as sexual harassment and rape laws in this country do not recognize male as victims hence such women do not get severe punishment. They easily get free to commit more crime.


More teenage boys reporting 'forced' sex by women in US, 95 percent said a female acquaintance was the aggressor.


Very rarely Women abusers like Kelly Kay Turner get punished. She admitted photographing herself sexually abusing children an 18-month old girl and a young boy.  


Even companies that have strict sexual harassment policy to protect women from sexual harassment, rarely have such policy to stop women from sexually harassing others. In fact if man complains of sexual harassment by woman the company takes no action on the woman instead the man risks losing job as happened with IBM. We rarely have case like LensCrafters or the Cheese cake factory case where a male employee sexually harassed by female gets some justice.  &


Boy killed friend to end sexual exploitation  He took extreme step as India rape law do not protect male victim

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If forcing any object in womens genital is rape than it should also be for male but People are not showing any concern for  Men like Mayur whose intestine was damaged due to sexual abuse



Men too are victims of sexual harassment is now also accepted by some of the leading news paper like NBC



Male victims of rape, sexual abuse and depression: Breaking the silence on International Men's Day


No protest if victim is male kid. The misandry spreading candle bearers are only interested in money 



Very few bodies take gender neutral initiative as taken by Ramjas College, Delhi University on Sexual Harassment. Students seeking admission here are required to submit a sexual harassment declaration form irrespective of their gender.  this policy is necessary in the time when women Don't spare men &women to satisfy their lust as seen from the case where four girls sexually exploited hostel inmate for days, while woman staff supplied liquor to girls

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Male victims of Sexual abuse

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Male victims of Sexual abuse