In my quest of highlighting the bias against men in judiciary I am writing on IPC section 497 a law which highlights the biased nature of Indian judicial system. Under section 497 of IPC, a woman found to be indulging in physical relations with person other than husband cannot be punished under law though the man can be imprisoned??????? Isn’t this a ignorance of mens rights as a husband. Women can neither be considered as criminal nor abettor for adultery under section 497 but only be considered as victim if need be.


The fact is actually opposite -


I have started to collect and make list of incidents where a woman in adulterous relation has carried out more crimes to be able to continue living in the crime of adultery. This shows that since these women were allowed to be free by law they committed additional crimes which could have been avoided if such women were jailed in the first instance. It could result in saving lives of innocent victims and preventing the loss, the families of such victims had to bear.

Adulterous women are so blinded by the lust that they do not think twice before taking drastic step such as killing their own children as in case of Manjula. She was married to Dasarath and had a 6 year old son named Andrews. The lady had an affair with a person living at a place called Medchal and she kept on insisting her husband to relocate to that place, she also threatened him of harming her son if they did not relocate. When her husband did not respond, she not only bought a home on rent in Medchal by herself but also killed her son by strangulating him!!!!!


A woman Fatima Dhuru in illicit relation with her brother-in-law, Parvez Dhuru killed her husband Majaj and dumped his body in drain after cutting into 11 pieces. She also lodged a missing complaint of her husband with local Bazarpeth police to avoid being caught. However the police officer was modern and not got mislead by her feminine fake tears and show of sorrow. He conducted unbiased inquiries which lead to the revealing of the heinous crime by the lady. I feel very sorry that Indian laws still considers adulterous women as innocent. This has lead to huge number of husbands losing their life as they cannot seek any action or protection from such women under the law. But nobody is bothered as the person was "just a man" whose life went down the drain. -


Another horrific incident is that of a lady called Manju from Ludhiana, India who did not think twice before murdering her son just to keep continue getting the pleasures of adultery. This lady had an affair with her co- worker. She suspected that her son might be aware of her illicit relationship, So she planned to murdered her son with her paramour. After killing the child they inhumanly threw his dead body in field!!! If a woman can plan murder in cold blood and execute it just to continue her adulterous relation then such women are a danger to society and isn’t it wise to put them behind bars??? –\

Son’s testimony nails woman’s lie as court sentences her to life for killing her husband with paramour but still the judiciary does not recognize woman as criminal for adultery though men are suffering and being killed for no fault of their own but just because their wife wants a unbridled promiscuous life -

Woman like this does not hesitate to exploit their children for their motives as in case of Shakuntala Devi. She lived with her paramour Dev Singh Rathore and children in a rented accommodation. The woman used to allow her paramour and his friends to rape her children in her presence???? This case came to light only after a year of investigation when one of her daughter Arpana got so depressed that she committed suicide to end her peril. –\

In India a husband of adulterous wife has no recourse to justice he is helpless even if he finds that his wife is having physical relation out of marriage as the law does not recognize a woman to be abettor. That is what happened with Kamal Singh. He had caught his wife and her paramour Mangal red handed and was opposed to such behavior from his wife. But the lady was adamant on continuing her illicit relation to savor the fruits of this sin. He also did not have much legal options as adultery by woman is not recognized by Indian law; this caused him severe depression so he committed suicide. He stated in his suicide note that his wife’s adultery was the reason for his demise. –\

Following is a translation of news that appeared in Tamil Daily - Arunkumar (30) had married Mekala (25), the two had a son out of wedlock. He was employed at a workshop. A person called Harish who was known to Arunkumar used to visit him at his house. He got introduced to Mekala and that developed into an illicit relationship. The two shared intimate moments, when the husband was working at his workshop to provide for the family. When Arunkumar realized what has been going on behind his back he warned both his wife and her paramour. But after some days Arunkumar was admitted to a hospital with serious burn injuries all over the body. When police inquired, Arunkumar made a dying declaration that his wife and her Paramour had poured kerosene on him and set him ablaze!!


Another similar case is of Parameshwar Yadav whose wife was having an affair with a person called Kumar. When the husband found out about this relationship they plotted and killed him to get him out of their way of getting promiscuous delights. The court awarded them life imprisonment, but it was too late for Parmeshwar. –\

Women may not only have affair with their acquaintances but they try incest as well to satisfy their carnal desires. As in case of a lady called Chand Rani who had affair with her brother in law Oginder Singh who used to visit her regularly. But one day her husband Dharamnvir spotted them in objectionable postion and beat Chand Rani for being adulterous. Instead of repenting her act Chand Rani along with Oginder strangulated and killed her husband –\

I am many times bewildered by the pathetic treatment that the media and the feminist give to the news of such incidents. As in case of another lady enjoying incest, she had affair with her brother in law, the lady not only developed physical relations with her brother in law but also got pregnant with his child when her husband was not around for 30 months. She continued her relations openly even after repeated efforts by her husband to reconcile. She filed for a divorce and without waiting for divorce decree she married her brother in law!!!!
And the news report headline stated the ex husband as abusive. Any person in his senses would realize that here the wife was abusive not the husband. But this biased treatment is meted out to men everyday in the media!!!!


The case of Meena is more surprising, she had affair with a guy called Amit and planned to settle with him. She could have easily divorced her husband and married the new chap as getting divorce is comparatively very easy for women in India. But she had many cruel intentions as she also wanted the money and property of her husband to be with her but not her husband. So she along with her paramour hired contract killers to kill her husband and succeeded in doing it. Their plan came to light only when police zeroed in on Amit and interrogated him.  –\

Meena’s case was surprising but the case of Radha is not just surprising it’s shameful. Radha was married to Mayavan a tea vendor. A person called Ranjith kumar often frequented their shop and developed illicit relation with Radha. This relation was discovered by her husband and
she was warned by her husband and Panchayat as well against this relationship but she never paid any heed to them and continued her acts shamelessly. Mayavan could not even get her arrested as female adulterer is not  criminal as per law. He had no option but to continue living with her, this led to quarrels between them. Radha considered him to be obstacle in her enjoyment so she and her paramour poisoned him and beat him to death. When her crime was caught and life imprisonment was ordered by lower court instead of accepting the punishment she shamelessly contested it in higher courts. However her appeal was denied. Only if such women were considered as criminals on account of adultery and put behind bars in the first instance. It would have saved so many life’s of people like Mayavan, Dharamvir etc. -\

Sometimes innocent males fall prey to dark intentions of such criminal minds as in case of Somdev who was killed by his wife Monika. Monika had an affair with a person called Manjeet, but they could not marry as they were in distant family relation and marriage among such related people was not allowed in their caste. So they came up with a plan that Monika would marry a person in the nearby locality of Manjeet’s residence so they could meet up regularly and enjoy. Manjeet chose to use his friend Somdev for this and succeeded in getting the unsuspecting fellow married to Monika. But after some time of marriage Somdev got a hint of their relationship and showed his disapproval, on finding their plan about to fail Monika and Manjeet decided to kill him and shot him while he was asleep!!!!   -\

A 25-year-old woman was in an illicit relationship with a 21-year-old final year engineering student for the one-and-half years. She spent 0.36 million to get her husband out of her way-

Wife helps lover to choke husband to death. Sangita Chandrakant Varak, a resident of Chembur, watched her husband Chandrakant die as her lover strangled Chandrakant's throat by stepping on it. Sangita and a friend of her lover held on to Chandrakant's hands and feet, as he struggled and fought for his life.

Adultery crime cases are not limited to cities but are also found to be taking place in rural areas as well. A lady Prabhavathi had affair with Venkata Ramana of her village and could not make up her mind on marrying him. So when her parents selected a groom for her she married him, but instead of ending her relation with her boy friend she continued her relations with him. She started feeling that her husband was an obstacle in her life and decided to eliminate him. She mixed sleeping pills in his drink and once he felt asleep she and her paramour smothered him to death.  –\


It’s not that only the common man is affected by such kind of behavior by their wife, the elite are also suffering at the hands of such women. As in case of Aditya who belonged to the Royal family from Pilibhit in India was married to Neeti. Though the couple was married for 16 years and had two children his wife had affair with their cook, this lead to filing of divorce by her husband. The divorce would have lead to loss of lavish living conditions by Neeti so she and Nandlal murdered her husband to get hold of his property and business as well, while being able to enjoy their illicit relations.  -\

Feminist’s may argue that women may commit adultery very rarely and given a chance she would mend her ways to live a monogamous life with her husband, but this argument has been proved wrong multiple of times and one more example of it is Rekha who was wife of Vinod Kumar but had developed affair with a person called Naveen. Vinod used to quarrel with her due to this but expecting that she may improve and realize her mistake, he did not divorce her. This turned out to be the reason of his death. As one day Rekha along with Naveen and a friend Mandeep stabbed and killed her husband.   -\

Being husband of such adulterous lady, one can rarely get justice (As women are never looked upon as criminals..) and even if they do, it’s generally only for those who die and that too very late and after prolonged fight for justice by their family members. As in case of Mr Chatra who was strangulated by his wife and her paramour. But the lady and her accomplice were acquitted by the lower court!!!! It was only when the case reached Supreme Court did the judiciary accepted the testimony of the couple’s daughter and gave them life imprisonment.    -\

Husband of an adulterous wife does not have recourse against her and he risks his life when he decides to question the lady or her paramour and this generally leads to unwarranted outcome. As Bhauji Therey whose wife Savitri Therey was enjoying illicit relations with Jeewandas Uge. When Bhauji found out about this he questioned Jeewandas and wanted him out of his life, but Jeewandas killed him and dumped his body under his own vehicle to make it look like as accident. The police however got suspicious of the injury marks and were able to find out the truth after interrogating the couple.  -\

People who do not get rid of promiscuous wife thinking that things will improve and situation will change are generally proved wrong and pay a hefty price for it. Mr. Navinder Rawat was shot near his residence in the head from a close range which lead to his death. At the time he was shot his wife not even bothered to come downstairs to check her husband. As she was the reason for this crime, her affair with Rishi Kumar was known to her husband and they used to quarrel frequently so she decided to get rid of him to relish the pleasures of promiscuity –\

I believe that living with such woman is a grave mistake for husband as he becomes destined to end in grave by making himself easily reachable to these criminals. As in case of Karan Singh who was strangulated while asleep by his wife and her paramour. Karan was suspicious of his wife but did not take any action on getting himself free from the relation. But the wife had apprehension that someday the situation may create issue so she called her friend in the night, killed Karan and hung him from ceiling fan to make it look like a suicide. She also succeeded in making people believe that it was a suicide and the body was cremated. But she could not resist her carnal desires for meeting her paramour Vijay which was noted by Karan’s family and ultimately led to her conviction. This shows that such females are cold blooded murderers who plan and execute their crimes –\

I always maintain that if a husband realizes that his wife is adulterous he should immediately go for separation, as once the husband confronts his wife and still keeps living with her he is only inviting trouble. As in case of Sanjeeda and her paramour Babu Khan who were natives of same place and had developed an affair. They continued the affair even after Sanjeeda got married to Mukhtyar while Khan got married to other female. When the husband realized it he opposed and asked his wife to stop meeting Khan. But even after frequent quarrels he kept on living with her under the impression that his objections will fructify. But Sanjeeda planned to eliminate him and finally killed him by hitting him with stick and strangulating him. –\


If bride runs away with her lover In India women runaway not crime, if man runs away he is branded Dowry seeker

Invariably along with the husband, his family also suffers badly due to adulterous woman. As in case of Monika who eloped with boy friend, her husband’s family landed in jail. When Monika eloped her parents filed a case that she was killed for dowry by her in laws. They not only made a false complaint but also stooped to the level of claiming some other girl’s dead body to be of their daughter and cremated it. The in laws would have spent their life in jail but were lucky to be released when Monika was found alive. Though the family was now free but no amount of solace will heal the suffering they went through because of their daughter in law. –


D Sumathi confessed husband S Dhanasekar's murder on TV. Sumathi had, along with Rajan her boyfriend, poisoned to death her husband at their house in Marakadai. But she will get light punishment as she is women Justice will be denied to a Man due to gender discrimination of Law


The irony of all this is that the adulterous females do not even bother about their blood relations when it comes in the way of their enjoyment. As in case of a mother who was killed by her daughter. The mother objected to the illicit relations of her daughter with a married neighbor. This caused altercation between them and ended with the daughter killing her mother to continue enjoying Adultery!!!!-\


These cases are just a few which we could find time to update on this site. We have a long list of men who are suffering due to such biased law of adultery and we shall keep on adding them slowly. The need for changing the law is urgent but in India it will be a uphill climb for men to get justice as the National Commission for Women (NCW) has rejected proposals for amending Section 497 so that women can be prosecuted for adultery!!!! The reason for this is - The Commission does not feel that by merely prescribing punishment for women by amending Section 497, the marriage can be protected or saved????


Well the question still remains that whether it is important to save life of victimized husband or the marriage which is only on paper????? If only such women were considered as criminals on account of adultery and put behind bars. So many children and husband’s life could have been saved!!!!! I want to ask how many more people have to die so that the government, judiciary, common people realize it and woman living in adultery are also recognized as criminals.


I would appeal men to start taking action for getting their right to live peacefully. They should not only get rid of such wife but also highlight the plight of men who suffer from such lopsided archaic law as done by Indrajeet singh. When he found that his wife Seema could not be trusted as she was having affair with Ashok Kumar Singh. Indrajeet filed for divorce and also highlighted his situation through PR agency so that the immunity enjoyed by such cheating women can be highlighted. All this efforts has at least lead to acceptance by magistrate Deepak Wason that Ashok Kumar Singh could be in adulterous relation with Seema -


Son in law kills his lover. Guess who? His mother in law. Thereason – Mother in law had several lovers


Man attempts suicide as wife elopes with boss - The Times of India 


Woman plotted murder of sister, brother-in-law. Paid the killer through sexual favours



Men should stop being silent sufferer and start to take action. They should get up and get going after those who try to demonize men and perpetuate false information about men.


If men continue to ignore these signs one day there will be no men’s right and men will be reduced to bonded labor and be treated like animals that need to be restrained. I have highlighted this issue in my article Glass Jailing Which shows how Men are being continually labeled as culprits and even false cases on they are being considered to be true even if glaring evidence is available about their innocence -

We not only need to amend the Sec 497 but also other such gender biased laws as well -


 Please read the Disclaimer about my posts on this website. -






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