The television show Savdhan India has got so many episodes showing victimized males that I thought of writing one article giving links to their episodes as otherwise it is difficult to find them on the internet.


A female Domestic help turns assassin .A working couple bring home a middle aged woman as their domestic help. However, the greedy woman starts stealing money and even blackmails the lady of the house. One fine day, the husband is found murdered and the maid servant is the prime suspect.  Telecast Date: 28 Dec 2014


An engineer, who is already married, finds himself in a compromising situation when he is forced to marry the sister of a local goon. He gets arrested and is asked to pay alimony. Telecast Date: 20 Dec 2014



In Episode of 11 Nov 2014 A secretary accuses her boss of molesting her. However, the alleged comes up with a different version of the story. Nevertheless, he is put behind bars. The victim's wife strives to prove her husband's innocence, and runs a background check on the plaintiff.




Neighbour lady forces a man to have physical relation in 06 Nov 2014 episode. The stopry is Rahul and Jaya move into a new apartment. Their neighbour, Shivani, sets her heart on Rahul. Rahul senses an approaching danger, and asks Jaya to maintain distance with Shivani. However, Shivani blackmails Rahul, and forces him to get intimate with her


Maya, who is married to Sooraj, has an affair with their chauffeur, Raghu. She chokes her 3 months old baby to death to get rid of the motherly responsibilities. She compels her father-in-law, Sanjeev, into intimacy, when he discovers about her affair with Raghu. Sanjeev commits suicide, out of embarrassment. Maya murders her mother-in-law as she discovers about her crime. Later, Sooraj learns about Maya’s affair with their family doctor. Telecast on 24 Oct 2014



A selfish mother bargains her daughter. Pratik took care of Rupa and her daughter, Priyanka, after her husband, Raghav, abandoned them and got remarried. Pratik is a miscreant, and plans to marry Priyanka, who is now a teenager. Priyanka seeks Raghav’s help, but in vain. Later, she learns that Rupa had made a deal with Pratik to get her married to him. Rupa gets Priyanka married to Pratik by threatening to harm her friend. Raghav’s concise compels him to help Priyanka. He rescues Priyanka and gets Pratik and Rupa arrested. Telecast Date: 02 Oct 2014




A ruthless mother Shalini had sent her daughter, Devika, to the city, after her husband was murdered. She does not allow Devika to meet her grandfather, Girdharilal, saying that he is diagnosed with a contagious disease. Devika is suspicious after hearing rumours about Shalini’s affair with Girdharilal’s doctor, Sanjay. Shalini accepts her illegitimate affair, and reveals about killing her husband for property. Her plan to kill Devika and Girdharilal after taking over the property fails as the police arrest her. Telecast Date: 25 Sep 2014




Mihir faces financial issues and seeks monetary help from his employer, Khanna. Khanna helps Mihir, but in return he compels him to satisfy his young wife, Ragini. Ragini takes advantage of Mihir’s crisis, and begins treating him as her personal escort. Later, Ragini’s dead body is discovered, and Mihir is arrested, based on the circumstances. However, during investigation, Khanna’s son, Rohit, is found guilty. Rohit admits that he killed his stepmother, Ragini, as he disliked her. Telecast Date: 22 Sep 2014



A greedy woman gets arrested for her misdeed. Suresh’s wife, Janvi, extricates their shop from his cousin, with Inspector Satish’s help. However, she crosses her limit to do the same. She begins a business with Satish, to extricate property for a commission, illegally. She ill-treats Suresh for opposing to her. Suresh witnesses Janvi and Satish in an intimate situation. He becomes upset when Janvi takes jewellery from an old woman, but does not get her house released from few miscreants. He entraps Janvi and Satish, and gets them arrested. Telecast Date: 16 Sep 2014



A student, Sameer, comes to Mumbai to pursue higher education, and stays in Kamini’s house as a paying guest. Kamini’s husband stays in Dubai. On Kamini’s insistence, Sameer consumes alcohol with her. Later, Sameer panics when Kamini accuses him of raping her. She makes him her slave by blackmailing him. Sameer becomes a victim of her lust. Sameer’s friend, Diya, realises Kamini’s conspiracy against him. Kamini kills Diya. Sameer gathers evidence against Kamini, and gets her arrested. Telecast Date: 12 Sep 2014


Sameer and Niyati are working parents. Hence, they leave their son, Arjun, under the care of their neighbour, Kamna. Arjun becomes a victim of sexual harassment, and Kamna warns him to conceal about the same from his parents. However, Arjun informs his aunt, Nisha, about Kamna’s misdeed. Sameer, Niyati and Nisha inform Kamna’s husband, Pratap, about her crime. They catch Kamna red-handed, while she tries to abuse Arjun. Kamna is arrested on the charges of child molestation. Telecast Date: 23 Jul 2014


A private tutor's shameful act Dhaval hires a private tutor, Kiran, for his teenage son, Bunty. Bunty becomes mesmerised with Kiran's beauty. Kiran indulges herself into a physical relationship with Bunty. Bunty's mother, Nalini, catches them red-handed during an intimate moment. She scolds Bunty for the shameful act, and warns Kiran to stay away from him. Kiran kills Nalini when she threatens to expose her misdeed. She continues molesting Bunty. Bunty reveals Kiran's misdeed to the police and gets her arrested. Telecast Date: 07 Jul 2014


A student falls prey to a conspiracy A student, Takshit, becomes fascinated with his maths teacher, Smita. They like each other, and establish an intimate relationship. Takshit learns about Smita's boyfriend, Ranjan. Later, Takshit is kidnapped. Smita visits Takshit's house, and informs the police that she suspects Ranjan behind Takshit's abduction. She offers to deliver the money to Ranjan. The police suspect Smita, and follow her. Smita confesses to trapping Takshit, with an intention of acquiring money. Telecast Date: 26 May 2014


Deepa deceives her husband  Prashant becomes fascinated on seeing Deepa. He offers to tutor Deepa's son, Vishu, with an intention of getting close to her. Deepa's mother-in-law finds Prashant's behaviour quite unusual, and informs the same to Deepa's husband, Jeetu. Jeetu goes to meet Prashant on learning that he has misbehaved with Deepa. Jeetu's dead body is found and Prashant is the prime suspect. Later, it is found that Deepa and her boyfriend, Shamim, killed Jeetu and framed Prashant for the same. Telecast Date: 16 May 2014


Devyani receives a text message from her husband, Ankur, mentioning that he is committing suicide. On visiting Ankur's office, Devyani and the police find his dead body. Devyani believes that Ankur has been murdered. Ankur's employee, Ravi, turns out to be the prime suspect. However, the police sense Devyani to be guilty. Devyani confesses that she teamed up with Ankur's employee, Jatin, and killed him, with an intention of claiming the insurance money.


The daughter of a rich businessman, Ameesha, marries Vikram, who belongs to a middle-class family. Ameesha fails to adjust herself with a mediocre lifestyle. For Ameesha's sake, Vikram accepts expensive gifts from her father, Atul. Ameesha undergoes abortion, without Vikram's consent. Ameesha and Atul file a complaint against Vikram's family on the charges of dowry, when Vikram refuses to divorce her. With the help of Atul's manager, Vikram brings Ameesha and Atul to justice. Telecast Date: 15 May 2014


Neha kills Karan out of obsession Karan takes his wife, Madhu, to a doctor, Neha. Neha becomes fascinated towards Karan, and begins flirting with him. Karan hides about the same from Madhu. Neha coerces Karan into a physical relationship. She asks him to divorce Madhu and marry her. Neha's fascination evolves into an obsession. She drugs Karan and captivates him. Later, she kills Karan brutally, and escapes. Madhu learns about the same. The police search for Neha, but in vain. Madhu finds Neha, and brings her to justice. Telecast Date: 13 May 2014


Shalini had sent her daughter, Devika, to the city, after her husband was murdered. She does not allow Devika to meet her grandfather, Girdharilal, saying that he is diagnosed with a contagious disease. Devika is suspicious after hearing rumours about Shalini’s affair with Girdharilal’s doctor, Sanjay. Shalini accepts her illegitimate affair, and reveals about killing her husband for property. Her plan to kill Devika and Girdharilal after taking over the property fails as the police arrest her.  Telecast on 25 sep 14


Woman Shanti kills innocent children Sumitra stays with her sons, Rajendra, Bhupen and Angad, and their respective wives, Suhani, Shanti and Neha. Suhani and Neha have two children each. Shanti is childless as Bhupen is infertile. Out of jealousy, she begins killing her niece and nephews, in secret. She attempts to become intimate with her brother-in-law, Harish, with an intention to undergo conception. The family members find out about her crime when she attempts to kill the last child of their family, and get her arrested. Telecast Date: 04 Jul 2014


Pankaj is deceived by his wife Kanika has an affair with her husband, Pankaj's boss, Anand. Anand's employee, Rajesh, makes a video of Anand with Kanika, and blackmails him. Kanika refuses to keep any relationship with Anand. Anand is murdered, and Kanika is found missing. The police find a burnt dead body and assume it to be of Kanika's. Pankaj is accused of the murders. However, Pankaj finds Kanika with a delivery boy, Raunak. Kanika reveals her affair with Raunak, and their crime of blackmailing and killing Anand. Telecast Date: 26 Jun 2014


Ashok hires a nurse, Ragini, for his son, Manoj, who is mentally challenged. He gets Ragini married to Manoj. He becomes astonished as Ragini's behaviour changes towards his family, after the marriage. Manoj becomes violent and hits Ashok, when he speaks about throwing Ragini out of the house. Ashok is found dead and Manoj is accused for the same. The police arrest Ragini when she attempts to kill Manoj. Ragini admits that she was eying on Ashok's property, and confesses to killing him. Telecast Date: 17 Jun 2014


Chitra assaults her husband, Uttam, and captivates him, when he discovers about her extra-marital affair. She tortures Uttam and asks him to transfer his property to her. She burns her lover and reports it as Uttam's dead body, to receive his provident fund and pension. Chitra's son, Raja, learns about her crime and supports her. Chitra tries to harm her daughter, Aditi, when she learns about her misdeed. Raja's friends rescue Uttam and Aditi, and the police bring Chitra and Raja to justice. Telecast Date: 13 Jun 2014


A wife deceives her blind husband Anita marries Vikas, who is blind. Vikas believes her to be a decent girl. However, Anita eyes his wealth. She introduces her lover, Ranjan, as a relative, to Vikas. Ranjan and Anita try various means to kill Vikas, but in vain. Vikas realises that Anita is deceiving him, and threatens to approach the police. Anita and Ranjan show their true colour as their deception is exposed. Vikas manages to escape from their clutches, and complains to the police. Anita and Ranjan are arrested. Telecast Date: 25 Jun 2014

 The Vice President of a company, Aruna, misjudges an employee, Chetan’s friendliness and becomes obsessed with him. However, Chetan is faithful to his fiance, Tiasha, and resists Aruna’s erotic allurements. Aruna gets Chetan arrested on false charges of molestation, and embarrasses him in front of his colleagues. Chetan shares his crisis with Tiasha. With the help of Chetan’s colleagues, Tiasha entraps Aruna. Chetan is released and Aruna is brought to justice. Telecast on 10 oct 14



Dinesh loves Anokhi. Dinesh's mother fixes his wedding with Divya. Meanwhile, Divya is murdered. The police suspect Dinesh behind Divya's murder. Later, Dinesh's mother gets Anokhi married to him. Anokhi is against Dinesh's friendship with Tina and kills her. She recalls that she had murdered Divya, as well. Dinesh reaches Tina's house and finds it locked. An auto-rickshaw driver who had dropped Dinesh at Tina's house, demands for Rs. 2 lakh. Anokhi tries to kill the auto driver. Dinesh gets Anokhi arrested. Telecast Date: 21 Sep 2014


Pinky wants to divorce her husband and marry her father’s employee, Satbeer. Her father, Kuldeep, opposes the same. Pinky is adamant on her decision, even after Kuldeep’s death. She takes over Kuldeep’s property, and learns about his bankruptcy. She plans to elope with Satbeer, and gets her nephew, Vansh, kidnapped. She tries to kill Vansh after Satbeer retrieves the ransom amount. Vansh’s parents bring Satbeer and Pinky to justice. Satbeer reveals to the police that Pinky murdered Kuldeep. Telecast Date: 19 Sep 2014


Suresh’s wife, Janvi, extricates their shop from his cousin, with Inspector Satish’s help. However, she crosses her limit to do the same. She begins a business with Satish, to extricate property for a commission, illegally. She ill-treats Suresh for opposing to her. Suresh witnesses Janvi and Satish in an intimate situation. He becomes upset when Janvi takes jewellery from an old woman, but does not get her house released from few miscreants. He entraps Janvi and Satish, and gets them arrested. Telecast Date: 16 Sep 2014


Dangerous dauighter Savdhan India episode Telecast Date: 09 Aug 2013 Ravi pretends to be in love with Heena, in order to seize her family's land. He confronts her family members for the same. Heena falls in love with Ravi. Her father, Pratap, becomes shocked on learning about their relationship. In order to seek Ravi's love, Heena kills Pratap, Pankaj and her youngest brother, Raju. Heena's family and the police suspect Ravi behind the murders. Finally, Heena confesses her crime in front of the police. The police arrest her and Ravi for their offenses.


Horrifying tale of a lady teacher having affair with students and using them to kill her husband Telecast Date: 25 Jul 2013 Shalini introduces Mohit as her cousin, to her husband, Suresh. Suresh finds them together at midnight, and throws Mohit out of the house. Later, he catches Shalini red-handed with her students and asks her to leave the house. After returning home, Shalini finds Suresh missing and informs the police about it. During investigation, Shalini confesses to having illicit relationships. Two of Shalini's students confess to helping her to kill Mohit and Suresh. The police bring Shalini to justice.


A woman who sold her husband for money Naina, a spendthrift causes her husband Dinesh a financial problem. Naina plots with Dinesh, to get him married to her widow friend, Asha, in order to seize her property. Naina lies to Asha that Dinesh is her friend. She helps Asha to get married to Dinesh. Asha becomes shocked on learning that Dinesh and Naina have fraudulently, taken a huge amount of money from her. Asha's uncle helps her by revealing about Dinesh and Naina's ploy. He gets them arrested for their offence.


Shilpa has an extra marital affair with her husband Vaidik’s friend, Sanjeev. One day, Shilpa being frustrated with her life, decides to commit suicide. Sanjeev saves her. Shilpa advises him to kill Vaidik. Sanjeev finds out that Shilpa has a relationship with his friend, Rohit, and they want to defame him. Sanjeev and Vaidik plan to reveal the truth about Shilpa and Rohit to the police, in which they succeed. The police bring Shilpa and Rohit to justice. Telecast Date: 24 Aug 2014


Divya is a vicious woman who traps rich men into a relationship, with an intention to extort money from them. She intrigues a businessman, Karan. She traps Karan’s brother, Rajesh by introducing herself as Monika. Karan discovers about Divya’s ploy. Divya murders Karan with the help of her associates. Rajesh decides to marry Monika. However, he becomes suspicious on witnessing a necklace in her possession that Karan had bought. Divya (Monika) confesses to her crime during police interrogation.


A lady pimp business camouflaged as modernization, Divya is weak in English. Hence, she joins Sushma’s English learning classes, along with her friend, Sandhya. Sushma teaches spoken English, as well as etiquette. She spends money adorning the girls, and takes them to parties. Divya realises that Sushma is a pimp, when a rich businessman tries to molest her in the party. Sushma kills Divya when she threatens to approach the police. She warns Sandhya to keep silent. With Sandhya’s father’s help, Divya’s family brings Sushma to justice. Telecast Date: 26 Jul 2014

Maid turns out to be a serial killer Mr. and Mrs. Deshpande stay in India. Their daughter, Sarita, is married to Vilas, and they stay in Singapore. Mr. and Mrs. Deshpande allow a student, Bhaskar, to stay in their house as a tenant. Vilas comes to meet his in-laws. He doubts Bhaskar, and asks him to leave. Mr. and Mrs. Deshpande are murdered. Bhaskar is suspected for the same. However, the house maid and her husband are found guilty. The police find them to be serial killers, and bring them to justice.  Telecast Date: 28 Jul 2014


 A wife gets her husband killed to enter politics - R C Kushwaha, a politician, is worried about the upcoming elections. He asks his son-in-law, Deepak, to contest in the same. Samar tries to get his father killed in an accident, but in vain. R C Kushwaha asks a contract killer to attack him to gain sympathy votes. The contract killer murders Deepak. R C Kushwaha asks his daughter, Rekha, to contest the election. The police catch hold of the contract killer and arrest Rekha for getting Deepak killed, to enter politics.


A politician, Rajat, interacts with Sandhya while inaugurating her beauty parlour. He makes her a member of his party. Sandhya helps him to win the election and wants to seek his love. Rajat denies, being loyal to his wife, Rekha. In order to get married to Rajat, Sandhya blackmails him and puts false allegations on him. Rekha becomes tormented on learning the same. She fights against Sandhya, and gives justice to Rajat. The police arrest Sandhya and punish her for her offense. Telecast Date: 30 Aug 2013


Anjali panics with the supernatural events in her house. She suspects her servants, Pradeep and Shobha, behind the same and sacks them. Her brother-in-law, Varun, visits her house. He becomes upset regarding his brother, Ved's death. Anjali rebukes Varun when he demands Ved's property. Horrified by the unnatural events in the house, Anjali surrenders to the police and confesses to killing her husband, Ved, to acquire the property. Varun confesses to frightening her in order to unravel the truth. Telecast Date: 29 Aug 2013


People must have heard of tales where husband sells wifes kidney because the cases where wife sell husbands kidney are not reported by the misleading media as shown in one episode where Mamata, though being married to Rakesh, continues to keep her relationship with Ajay. She shifts to the city with Ajay and Rakesh. She and Ajay sell Rakesh's kidney, and return to the village. Mamata lies to her mother-in-law that Rakesh went to Dubai. But, Rakesh's mother files his missing complaint. The police find a dead body. Mamata identifies the body as Rakesh's. Rakesh's mother finds out that Ajay and Mamata got Rakesh kidnapped. She gets Rakesh rescued, and brings Ajay and Mamata to justice. Telecast Date: 19 Jul 2013


Chetan's wife, Deepti, has an extra-marital affair with her daughter, Sanya's music teacher, Raveesh. Later, as Deepti and Sanya go missing, Chetan files a missing complaint of them. The police find Deepti, but Sanya remains missing. Deepti informs them that someone made her unconscious. Later, the police recover Sanya's dead body. On learning the same, Deepti gets Raveesh arrested. Raveesh reveals that he killed Sanya to get married to Deepti. The police bring Deepti and Raveesh to justice. Telecast Date: 18 Jul 2013


The police arrest Dimple for killing her father. Previously, Dimple's mother, Hardeyi, gets her married to Rajesh. Being a greedy person, Hardeyi takes money from Rajesh. She conspires against Rajesh, with Rekha and Bhupendra's help, with an intention to blackmail him. Dimple's father learns about Hardeyi's  misdeeds. Hardeyi kills him to conceal her guilt. Rajesh traps Rekha and learns that Hardeyi had murdered her husband, and accused Dimple for the same. With the help of the police, Rajesh brings Hardeyi to justice. Telecast Date: 29 May 2013

Ashok invites his college friend, Rishabh, to stay in his house. Rishabh tries to flirt with Ashok’s wife, Rachna. Ashok suspects Rachna of having an extra-marital affair with Rishabh. Rachna becomes shocked when she learns that Ashok has decided to divorce her. She tries to convince Ashok, but in vain. Rachna files a complaint against Rishabh for raping and blackmailing her. The police arrest Rishabh. Ashok becomes shocked on learning that Rachna cheated him, and brings her to justice. Telecast Date: 09 May 2013


3 Nov 2015 • Season 56 • Episode 1369 • 43 min
Mother Molests Son's Friend Jaya is attracted to her son, Sooraj's friend, Nitin. She molests Nitin after sedating him. Later, Jaya blackmails him to co-operate with her by showing a video of them together!

22 Oct 2015 • Season 55 • Episode 1355 • 43 min
Kusum molests Ajay Kusum molests her nephew, Ajay who comes to stay at their house. When her husband Vinay catches her with Ajay, Kusum puts the blame on him. Vinay throws Ajay out of the house. However, Ajay and his friend Anand plan to expose Kusum.

6 Mar • Season 60 • Episode 1528 • 42 min  The Illicit Affair Mahika's father marries Kaamna, a woman much younger than him after his wife's death. Kaamna has an illicit relationship with Mahika's husband, Anant. Mahika finds out something shocking about Anant!
11 Aug • Season 64 • Episode 1774 • 42 min  A Deceitful Wife! Kirti is married to Avinash, but has an illicit relationship with Mithilesh. In order to keep the relationship going, she gets him married to Avinash's sister, Rama. Will her deceitful ways ever be exposed?

12 Jul • Season 64 • Episode 1734 • 42 min
An Illicit Relationship Dr Brijesh's wife, Meenu is involved in an illicit relationship with Vikas. She and her father ill-treat Brijesh. Can Brijesh break free?

27 Mar • Season 60 • Episode 1555 • 43 min
Adultery Proves Fatal Rohit is married to Swati but has an illicit relationship with Megha, his boss Kunal's wife. Swati tries her best to win Rohit's love. Rohit invites Kunal over for dinner. Kunal dies after drinking the milk poisoned by Rohit! And the plot thickens.

20 Jul • Season 64 • Episode 1746 • 42 min
Bad Teacher! Sandhya is infatuated with her student, Rahul and tries to get intimate with him. What will Rahul do now?

23 Dec • Season 64 • Episode 1957 • 42 min
Rakhi Sawant Lays The Trap! Rakhi Sawant is the guest on today's episode. She plays Aarti. Krishna, a school boy, falls into her trap! What will she do to him? Watch the full episode, online only on Hotstar.


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