Maleís have become so disposable for society that inadvertently suicide by a man is looked as something very trivial. Even when Suicide surpassed war as the military's leading cause of death, I saw no programs by government to help men in distress


There are many instance where woman suicide are investigated to find if there is any male involved who could be cause of her unhappiness, woman worshiping has reached to such an extent that suicide by a woman is considered as murder by man. But if a male commits suicide itís rarely investigated. Instead it is brushed under carpet and termed accident.


In simple terms


Male Suicide is equal to accident


Female Suicide is equal to Murder by Male


There is even a law in India IPC 304B which says that if a married woman dies within 7 years of marriage the husband and his family shall be deemed to have caused the death. (This law assumes female death even if by accident /suicide is equal to Murder by Male partner) This law is misused by the wifeís family to trouble the husband. This trend was observed by Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) K S Pal he acquitted a man his brother and his wife of the charges of subjecting the woman to cruelty. Court observed that now-a-days, there is a growing tendency adopted by the parents of deceased married woman, who died in her matrimonial house within seven years of marriage due to any reason, to implicate the husband and his relatives by making false allegations of harassment on ground of dowry demands due to their anger and to take revenge. The court acquitted deceased Vinita's husband Lalit Kumar, his father Soran Singh, mother Ram Murti of the charges of murder, harassment for dowry and destruction of evidence. Lalit's brother Devender and his wife Urmila were acquitted of the charge of harassment. On the other side there is no such provision for protecting a man. So if a married man dies even on the next day of the marriage no one will question the wife.


There are huge numbers of cases where the suicide of a man is brushed under the carpet showing it to be accident or farmer suicide. Hence lot of murderous & terrorizing wife force husband to commit suicide and get away without any problem. The bottom of this article shows the increase in suicides of male in India since 1964 to 2012.


A classic case demonstrating this attitude is of Prakash Patni, he hanged himself at his residence and had written a 'suicide note' in pencil on the wall of his home, implying that his wife, her mother and aunt were responsible for his death. He wrote, "Because of my wife and her mother Jaishree Kundani and (aunt) Mohini Kundani it is over. These 3 persons are the reason". Police, however, register accidental death


Army men save civilians from various calamities but no one cares to save them from women made calamity. Society respects them only when they lay down their life for others. But never bothers when they are forced to commit suicide


A very thoughtful article written by Deepika Bhardwaj JiahKhan Vs Men of India: A look into how police, media, judiciary differentiates between suicide of a man and a woman.


Would anyone investigate this case as deeply as JiahKhan IAS officer falls from stairs, bleeds to death How did he fall? No one at home? Troubled relationship with wife!"




State Anti-terrorism squad's (ATS) deputy commissioner of police, Sanjay Banerjee (47), committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Banerjee's wife and two children along with several others witnessed him dying as he shot himself at a dining table in the Goa Portuguesa restaurant in Thane. His colleagues said he had some domestic problem and was disturbed for a couple of months. Banerjee's wife, Sushmita, has told investigators that her husband did not commit suicide but died after his pistol went off accidentally. How can a police officer do such a mistake in presence of his family? This again exposes the sick attitude of society considering male suicide equal to accident



Even suicide of kids, if male is equal to accident. A 15-year-old boy was found hanging from the ceiling of his house at Kapurbawdi on Saturday. The deceased, Vivek Singh, was a class IX student resides at Nalpada area in the vicinity of Kapurbawdi. The Kapurbawdi police have registered a case of accidental death. if the victim had been girl than immediately a criminal case would have initiated.


Vikram Bhosale of Range Hills in Khadki allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan on November 28, 2012. Khadki police station registered a complaint filed by Vikramís mother Sandhya only after she met Pune police commissioner Gulabrao Pol. A complaint was registered on June 15, 2013 for abetment to suicide against deceasedís wife Priyanka, her mother Aruna Jadhav and three relatives. After delay of 200 days ? Menís Rights Association (MRA) founder and president Atit Rajpara said, ďWhenever male member approaches a police station they are ridiculed stating how can wife and in-laws beat you? According to National Crime Records Bureau, more males commit suicide due to family relationships.


Siddharth Naik (Gupta), alias Mohit, aged 22, who was appearing in law examinations in Madhya Pradesh, was found dead and without clothes on the bed of his married girlfriend who also had a five-year-old son. But Gittikhadan police has registered the case as accidental death. -


In Man's suicide, women never get arrested. Its double standard, see the video, Syed Makdoom's Last Message to the World This depressed father committed suicide on 5th April 09, and left 4 suicide notes and this video recorded on his mobile. Here he clearly mentions how he was tortured by his wife & in-laws and not allowed to even see his only son whom he loved more than his life. There is also a heart rending message to the entire society towards the end...


I can never imagine in my life that a man hanging dead by his neck can reach there by accident. But there are plenty of examples that show, this happens everyday, problems of males are neglected when they are alive and when they die their death is brushed under carpet as accident. I would appeal to the government through my blogĖ Any policeperson found to be misreporting male suicide as accident should immediately terminated from his job.


Most of the anti men attitude emanates from the assumption of the society that all men are criminals leading to a phenomenon called as glass jailing. In this every men is already living in a Glass jail created by the feminist in the mind of society and hence when a man dies or commits suicide that it only registers in the mind as a criminal has died so why should anyone bother -



Below is the suicide chart of male suicides of India. It is the suicide capital of the world.


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Male Suicide is equal to accident??

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