In one of my other blog Where I have talked about cruel women not being more honest or ethical than men in various roles I had started to search for news related to lady bosses not being better than male bosses as being projected by male hating feminist lobby. I just wanted few instances to prove my point but I came across so many instances that I thought of writing a separate blog on the fact that it’s highly illogical to say that woman are better bosses or employers than men.

One instance that lady boss can let you down even after an extraordinary act of loyalty was seen in Long Island. Kind and generous  Debbie Stevens, a 47-year-old  mom donated a kidney to save the life of her boss — but the female boss then turned around after she got what she wanted and helped fire the poor woman


Some may say that only uneducated women may treat their employees with cruelty so the first example that I cite is of a lady who has travelled is well educated and travelled in foreign countries and an NRI based in USA that claims to be a modern country. The lady is Aarti Jain, she hired a 16 year old boy as a maid that itself is a crime as the child is under aged. She used to beat the boy with leather belts and sticks and did not allow him to leave the work for two months.



Utterly horrific treatment was given by a woman Jagriti Singh to her employees, she made them act like dog and even eat like dog.  Jagriti Singh’s sheer brutalities lead to death of Rakhi Bhadra which exposed the inhuman face of this lady who had brutalized her employees like animals in slaughter house. I hope the death of her earlier employees are also investigated and she is punished adequately for the crime


Woman assaults domestic help, starves her for 3 days No media outrage in this case as the abuser here was a woman.


Women in power are used to abusing weak & helpless. Linda Howard too abused her maid


Economic Times survey in India revealed that over 50% men are sexually harassed in offices …"



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Lady boss not better

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