Hmmm so what's the incentive to claiming victimization? I say there are too many of them, but the most important one is that by claiming yourself to be a victim you get the unquestioned opportunity to have the cake and eat it too. Sounds clichťd but won't it be great if you could do it some way. So Iíll give you some examples where people are successfully doing it while the misguided general public willingly pays for it and ignores or even objects to people who raise their concerns on victim incentivizing. Some European countries & western countries are already aware of the large scale benefit fraud, but I am talking about something that is much worse than benefit fraud.


Many people have been objecting monetary assistance to girls who claim harassment. I say this is absolutely logical demand, as providing monetary assistance just on the basis of a claim without actually verifying its genuineness will lead to drastic rise in false claims just to get the monetary benefits, without giving a second thought to whose life will be turned to hell without any fault just because some woman named him in the fake harassment complaint.


I came across one such news where a girl who was getting monetary assistance in order for preventing child marriage has married but still denying the marriage so as to keep getting the money from government. Which is blatant misuse of the assistance meant for victims but being used by unscrupulous women who pose to be victims. Some people may still discard this saying that government is funding so many things so it may not lose much by giving some money to these victims. But this is not the problem. The problem is when life of a man gets screwed, just imagine a girl out of nowhere who you do not know accuses you of harassment just for government funds and you land up in prison for no fault, which is just a start of your sufferings because mind you life of a rape accused even in false case changes forever....


Proclaiming yourself to be a victim also helps in getting away from a situation which you want to get rid of like blaming someone to harassing you for coming late to home when your parent scold you. Like a smart girl did, she filed false rape case. This one just to escape scolding from parents when she had gone to meet her boyfriend!! How easily the police believe them and screw the life of men who are charged in such false cases. The punishment for filing false rape case should be more stringent than that given to those who commit rape as the girl has a chance to survive the trauma with so much sympathy and and government backing such victims. But in case of a man who is falsely accused becomes a social outcast who has no chance of getting a job, live a social life, have a source of earning in fact a person who is falsely accused becomes a living zombie. So if punishment of rape is life imprisonment than punishment for false rape case should be death at least. -


A very disturbing trend is emerging in one of the most pro female country where Swedish women fake rape to claim payouts. Such woman are able to get money for nothing but at the expense of some personís life which turns into a living hell just because some women accused him and the judiciary fell for that lie. Such situation will not change till people stop accepting women's word as gospel truth. Till than many innocent men will be suffering and their life shattered for no fault of their own. similar trend is repeated in India as well where Lured by compensation money, more girls make 'fake rape claims' some intelligent soul has taken pain to load such cases on this link pointing out the scale of epidemic of fake rape cases


The situation is Very scary as imagine that government starts a scheme that women who claim to have got raped will get $ 5 million as compensation from state for not being able to protect her. So one fine day when you are playing golf the police comes to arrest you because your maid is claiming that you have raped her. Now the result of the situation will be your maid takes home a chq of 5 million and stays happily ever after while you go to jail, your family disowns you, and you lose your job and be called Rapist ever after.  This situation may appear improbable but thatís how reality hits you. Hence Men should beware as it can happen to them. A trend proving my prediction has already started in this direction and even Court Judge, Nivedita Anil Sharma acknowledged the fact that there is spurt in false rape cases filed by domestic help - 


If you think that women will not implicate someone in false case than read the following article which shows that a lady is capable of doing such things much more than you could imagine. There is more suppression of menís rights in society than womenís rights -


Manodhairya Yojana compensation for survivors of rape maybe enforced with retrospective effect Fake Rape to increase


The need of the hour is to punish those who commit crime and make the system efficient instead of providing incentive to people to claim that they are victims. Also the rate of increase in cases of harassment is because there are so many false victims. Once practice of incentivizing stops such cases will come down naturally.

Also the laws should be practical and gender neutral example CrPC 125 section which has the provision to provide maintenance to the wife needs to change. First this section considers a "divorced wife" as a wife. How can a divorced wife be a wife defies all rational reasoning? Secondly there is no upper limit provided in this section for maintenance. It does not take duration of the marriage for determining the quantum of maintenance. Thirdly if the husband fails to pay the monthly maintenance amount he is liable to be imprisoned. A man can go through financial crisis and due to adverse financial condition may not be in a position to pay the amount. This section does not provide any relief to the husband during his days of financial hardship. Fourthly an able bodied husband should be liable to maintain his wife. However it does not consider that it should be a responsibility of an able bodied wife to maintain at least herself!!! This is in spite of the fact men and women are considered to be equal as per Indian constitution. CrPC 125 needs to be amended to prevent its misuse in suppressing menís rights. And turning Men into slaves of unscrupulous women/wife -






































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Incentives of claiming victimization

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Incentives of claiming victimization