There is so much hype in media over how to stop objectification of woman. I started pondering over the means to achieve it. In the present scenario itís easy to see that people are just complaining, which does not get you rid of the problem, but a solution does. So itís better to look for what could be solution.

Now the best way to get rid of the problem is to eliminate its cause not the symptom. To make my point clear letís take examples, say there is bad odor in your home. The odor here is just a symptom which can be suppressed by using a stronger odor of a room freshener. But that does not eliminate the cause of the problem. The cause could be some rotten fruits under the sofa which you dropped and forgot. So the permanent solution to the problem is to get rid of the rotting fruits instead of using freshener.

So letís find a way to permanently eliminate objectification, First take a look at how objectification comes into play whereby women think that men desire women more for their sensuality than as a person. There could be more than one reason for it. But the only one that matters is that any personís attention goes towards what is highlighted instead of what may be present but not highlighted.

This can be explained by a simple example of car. Suppose a manufacturer makes a car with average looks but loaded with intelligent auto navigation & safety features which no car in todayís times has, letís say itís even better than the James Bond cars. But the manufacturer releases advertisement which mentions about its good looks and aerodynamic body but does not mention its features which are far ahead of the rest of the manufacturers. So its anybodyís guess that the customers they would attract will also be those who give importance to the looks of car while those customers who would actually want to buy a super intelligent car would not visit them as they are not made aware of the intelligence inside. So in this case if the manufacturer complains that the people visiting their showroom are only interested in looks and not the capabilities that nobody but the manufacturer can correct the situation which came up as relevant information was not conveyed to the relevant people


Same thing is happening in case of females. Instead of concentrating on their capabilities misguided women concentrate on their looks; they also spend more time in improving their looks than improving their skills & capabilities. The result of this is that the people who value intelligence and capabilities ignore them while those who give importance to looks take notice. This soon becomes a vicious cycle where the woman keeps on improving looks and ignoring skills and ultimately ends up wrongly complaining and blaming others.


The solution to this is that not every woman should try to look like a model by having perfect body, skin, smile etc. But concentrate on what is their forte. They should also boycott the industry which promotes such objectification like plastic surgery, lingerie, padded garments for increasing size, Botox for looking younger than you actually are. Figure hugging clothes and Binkies which make you conscious of your body.

They should also not participate in events which promote objectification like beauty pageant which make women strip to their undergarments in front of the audience to evaluate them. Instead they should ask for skill and intelligence evaluation only.


This will lead to events like Miss XYZ becoming realistic and evaluating real women who would stand by their word instead of the fake ones who are only chosen by their looks and memorized answers to clichťd questions.


If women can't do away with the above mentioned items than that clearly bares their hypocrite nature of blaming others to gain sympathy or money. This leads to suppression of menís rights


Women need to act like real women instead of radical feminist .


One has to keep in mind that "Crap attracts cockroaches" and "Flower attracts butterflies".


Itís unto you what you want to be.


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How to stop objectification

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