Heroes fighting legal terrorism

I dedicate this article to men who did not bow down though they were made to suffer the worst form of Legal terrorism by self centric, parasitic women. Men who not just talked about the bias treatment faced by men on many fronts but also took action against it. I believe lip service does not serve any purpose, only action can bring about any improvement in a situation. Hence those who only talk about Menís rights but has no inclination to do actual ground work for their cause have no space in this article.


First of all some might be unfamiliar with legal terrorism. This is a term was used by Supreme Court to highlight the misuse of laws to implicate innocent people for personal gains or for harassment.

Fake claims by women legal terrorist has reached such proportions that Supreme court was forced to acknowledge it. But the sad part is, still the sexist media and biased society do not accept this fact and keep denying mens rights, hence the feminist media keeps drumming up demands for more anti male laws that will help the unscrupulous women to milk money from innocent men who they treat as free ATM machine.


In all such adversary some men have stood their ground and fought for their rights and respect.

One such Hero is Mr. Munish Dalal he was supposed to get married to a lady called Nisha Sharma and live a happy married life thereafter. But on the day of marriage instead of getting a loving bride he got jailed. Because Nisha Sharma his would be bride filed a false dowry complaint against him and his family under section 498a. Overnight Nisha Sharma became an International celebrity interviewed by Oprah and other personalities TV channels etc and got title of Iron Lady. On other side Munish Dalal became an international criminal.


Going to jail without fault is scary enough for a law abiding straight forward, innocent person. This scare and humiliation gets multiplied exponentially when that person is arrested publicly in front of hundreds of guests and then further ridiculed by national and international media, which Munish Dalal and his family had to go through. A normal person in such case would have given up hopes or even committed suicide but in case of Munish Dalal it woke up a Hero inside him which took on Nisha Sharma and False 498a head on. He did not relent in his quest for justice and started gathering proof to prove the case filed against him was false. After 9 years of struggle he was able to prove in court that the case lodged on him was false and he was made a scapegoat by Nisha Sharma just to cancel the marriage as she wanted to marry her boyfriend. The startling discovery in this case was that Nisha Sharma even ditched her boyfriend to marry a third guy! When all these facts were presented in court by Hero Munish Dalal the court verified the gaminess of the proof through hi-tech labs and ultimately accepted the truth that Munish Dalal was a victim of false 498a. It thereby acquitted him and his family.


Another hero who stood up for his honor is Reg Travis a film director. He was falsely accused of raping a woman while she was sleeping and drunk. But luckily the CCTV footage captured the lady to be in full conscious state and hence her lie was caught. The sad part here is that even though the whole media and judiciary go berserk and publish the name of the man accused of rape they do not bother to expose those women who file false rape case to take advantage and thereby leaving scope for that woman to go unnoticed and trap another guy.


Itís not just common men who fall prey to fake accusation of woman who want to trap them or escape from an unfavorable situation by flipping the blame on the man. As 23-year-old Deanna Griego did when she was caught driving drunk and failed the breath analyzer test. She blamed the cop who arrested her of† sexually assaulting her. Luckily the cop had been recording the whole incident and he could prove his innocence, else he would have lost his job while the girl would have got free even after commiting crime.† But one thing that I regret about this whole incident is that the girl was only charged of drunk driving and not of fake cases and lying to police. Such lax attitude boost the confidence of such criminal fake accusers who then look out for newer victims as they know they can easily get away..


Cabbie Hervey Farrell sues city over arrest in sexual-advances case by Gaubert



One hero has not only fought legal terrorism but also wants to end it. He was trapped in fake rape case but proved his innocence hence was acquitted of rape charges spent four years in jail before being set free. He did not stop his efforts at getting acquitted but also has moved the Supreme Court seeking restoration of his lost dignity and honour. Niranjan Kumar Mandal, told the court that he was treated as an outcast even after his acquittal. We need more such heroes who do not end their fight for justice after getting acquitted but continue to point out the anomalies in the system and motivate others to fight for justice.

There are people who become hero by defeating people who try to suppress them. Then there are others who not only defeat their abusers but also help others to defeat and get free from the clutches of abusers. Amit Deshpande an engineer by profession is fighting against forced toxic relations. He is also helping other men to achieve freedom from legal slavery through an NGO in Mumbai, Vaastav Foundation which works to highlight the issues of men.


Itís only because of the efforts of such heroes that at least some section of the society has started to accept that women are grossly misusing the laws that were meant to protect victims and now these ill compiled archaic laws have become extortion tools and means of harassment by evil minded women. I appreciate the channel life ok which has showed the episodes where such women criminals who misuse the laws for personal gains. One such episode was based on Hero Munish Dalalís suffering telecast on 6 Feb 13


Another Hero is Neeraj Jariwala who with support of reporter Mr. Shibu Thomas and others fought back against police officers and the misuse of IPC 498AB, 406 His fight lead Bombay high court to slap fines on state government and was asked to pay Rs 250 thousand each to Ramesh (66) and Hansa (63) Jariwala, who were illegally detained by the Navghar police for around 36 hours. This highlighted the fact that innocent husband have to suffer along with his elderly family member for no reason. A corrupt police officer brings shame to everyone in the system. Due to such few wrong people in the system, everyone else have to face the bad name. As of now Hero Neeraj Jariwalaís case has been transferred to East Region Zone VII Vikhroli Police Station of Mumbai. He has requested the current Investigating Officer to re-investigate the case, but he is really not very sure if they will at least do the needful or not. His charge sheet has not been filed, since they could not find any evidence against Neeraj or his family members so far. Moreover he has submitted a 205 pages report to Vikhroli Police and requested them to re-investigate and to take statement of his wife's family members into records. Many times police simply files a fabricated case against husband with the money power of their wife and father-in-law. Such people misuse the law and make a complete mockery of LAW & ORDER with support of corrupt police officer. Every corrupt police officer need to be punished so that they do not trouble elderly people especially ladies without evidence.


Even though there are laws to get divorce from an adulterous wife it is very hard to prove it in court. As the burden of proof lies on the husband and the requirements are very stringent and not practical. The law is so biased that even if a husband finds his wife and her paramour naked it will be difficult to prove in court that there was adultery. It will also expose him to false cases filed by wife to terrorize him and exploit him for money and assets. Hence I believe that those Men who are able to get their wife's evidence of adultery which will hold in court are also Heroes. They are Heroes as they do not lose their calm and do mistakes by confronting wife without proof and alerting her. As after the wife gets alerted itís almost impossible for Men to get any proof in future. Fighting Legal terrorism requires lot of patience, courage and reliable people who give correct products and options which help a man get proof of adultery by his wife. I found one such Hero in Bangalore. He is a Hero because even though he had to bear lot of emotional pain but he kept calm and pursued evidences to catch the wife red handed and make her agree to divorce. This saved him the unwarranted alimony and maintenance that would have been awarded along loss of reputation due to false cases because of the biased laws.,-lies-and-videotape


There was an episode on Life ok channel in Savdhan India show telecast on 14 Feb 13, here a lady jumps from running train and then blames her husband of pushing her out of train to kill her. So that her husband is jailed and she can enjoy husbandís money and property with her boyfriend by misusing Domestic violence laws I congratulate Savdhan India team for showing truth as they are the only one, who show stories where woman are at fault and also accept the truth that criminal mind is not gender specific. Crimes should be looked down and punished as per the severity of the act, not as per the gender of the person who has committed the crime. In current scenario when other shows resort to male blaming(even in cases where woman is clearly at fault) itís like a breath of fresh air in middle of stinking media lies, to see truth being shown by some TV shows. Another remarkable episode was telecast by Savdhan India 19 Mar 13 where Woman files a complaint against husband for harassing her, and gets him and his parents arrested. She also sends divorce papers to him and demands an apartment, Rs. 8 million, and Rs. 40 thousand per month as alimony. The Husband finds out that she was married twice before marrying him. He exposes his wife and her parents and brings them to justice for cheating him. -


In the episode of 10 Apr 13 of Savdhan India a Man gets divorce on basis of Mental cruelty. The story goes like this, Sumitís wife, Kirti, pretends to have miscarriages. Sumit is shocked on learning that Kirti has been consuming birth control pills. Kirti seeks a doctorís help to abort her child. Sumit decides to divorce Kirti, but she files a complaint against him and his mother. In the court, Kirtiís mother confesses that Kirti aborted her baby for the sake of her career. The court convicts Kirti and the doctor for their offense, and helps Sumit to divorce Kirti.


Must watch and share Savdhan India episode of 9 Jul 13 on how a wife sends Husband in jail than kill his father and child.  The brief of story is The police investigate the murder mystery of Dhiraj's father and his daughter, Dolly. They suspect Dhiraj's gardeners behind the murder. Dhiraj suspects his wife, Devyani, for the same. He informs the police that Devyani and his father had a fight regarding the property. Dhiraj traps Devyani and gets her arrested. During interrogation, Devyani confesses to killing her father-in-law and Dolly due to the property dispute. Dhiraj brings Devyani to justice.


Savdhan India has also brought to light the practice of robbing of men by woman crooks through serial marriages & divorces. In one of their episode of savdhan India telecast on 14 Jul 2013 the story goes like this - Bhawar becomes shocked on seeing his friend Rajan's fiancť, Shilpa, as she resembles his wife, Neetu, who cheated and left him after 1 year of their marriage. He confronts Shilpa. Two days later, he is attacked by some unknown men. He tells Rajan about Neetu and shows his wedding pictures. With the help of the police, he proves Shilpa as a fraud and gets her arrested. Shilpa confesses to running a racket of serial weddings. The police arrest the mastermind, Manoj Shah, and his associates -


The president of a group of "harassed husbands" Dashrath Devda  to contest election in Gujarat. Devda said he contests elections to spread the message that domestic violence laws are against men in India and need to be changed.


A savdhan India episode telecasted on 18 Jul 2013 also highlighted the risk faced by men whose wife is adulterous in this episode  Chetan's wife, Deepti, has an extra-marital affair with her daughter, Sanya's music teacher, Raveesh. Later, as Deepti and Sanya go missing, Chetan files a missing complaint of them. The police find Deepti, but Sanya remains missing. Deepti informs them that someone made her unconscious. Later, the police recover Sanya's dead body. On learning the same, Deepti gets Raveesh arrested. Raveesh reveals that he killed Sanya to get married to Deepti. The police bring Deepti and Raveesh to justice.


Itís not just common man who fall victim to legal terrorisom but even God men priests sometime fall victim to such law misuse as seen from the savdhan India episode  Telecast on 10 Sep 2013 where Antara gets arrested for getting involved in an illegal activity. Swami Shyamanand releases her from jail and makes her, his disciple. He shows her the right path, and appoints her as an accountant of his Ashram. In order to seize Swami Shyamanand's property, his disciples, Mr. Bajaj and Naveen, conspire against him and accuse him of exploiting the girls. On learning about the same, Antara fights against the offenders and proves Swami Shyamanand's innocence. The police arrest the offenders.


The police bring Shalini to justice in savdhan India episode telecasted on 25 Jul 2013 Shalini introduces Mohit as her cousin, to her husband, Suresh. Suresh finds them together at midnight, and throws Mohit out of the house. Later, he catches Shalini red-handed with her students and asks her to leave the house. After returning home, Shalini finds Suresh missing and informs the police about it. During investigation, Shalini confesses to having illicit relationships. Two of Shalini's students confess to helping her to kill Mohit and Suresh. The police bring Shalini to justice.


 Preeti gets Bhavna and Milind arrested in savdhan India episode telecasted on 24 Jul 2013 Sunita and Satyadev, both senior citizens, live in Delhi. Their servant, Bhavna, wishes them on their wedding anniversary and goes to the market. After her return, she panics on seeing them dead and informs their daughter, Preeti. On noticing Satyadev alive, Preeti admits him in the hospital. The police suspect Preeti's husband, Sachin. Preeti finds Bhavna with her driver, Milind, discussing about Sunita's murder, and gets them arrested. The duo confesses to committing the crime for money.


One news channel has also acknowledged this fact and had done a sting operation where they exposed the nexus of people who are involved in looting men by lodging false cases against them and then asking money for settlement. -

In another sting operation TV9 female reporter with hidden camera approaches various women's welfare organizations in Bangalore, telling them that her boyfriend dumped her after 4 months, please rejoin us. The femmenazis immediately jump in to cash in, take the boy's cell no, call him for a meeting somewhere (a TV9 male reporter goes in pretending as the boyfriend) & start striking deals. All of them demand about 1 million bucks. No attempt to rejoin the couple at all. If you do not give money, we will gather 100s of femmenazis & protest in front of your house, take legal actions etc. In the third sting, the guy tells her that he wants to rejoin his girl friend which shocks the femmenazis  & immediately she somehow tries to break the relation & starts demanding 1 million for the girl & 300 thousand for her organization. They even tell the guy that the media are at their finger tips.


It,s not that women only use the gender biased laws like 498a & rape laws for extortion but they also get involved in encroaching on others right. A fight of one such victim was shown in Savdhan India episode Telecast on 04 Sep 2013 Here Ramnath becomes shocked after the court sends him a legal notice to evict the house. He learns about the new owner Shanti Devi. Ramnath decides to represent his case. He informs the Judge that he gave the house on rent to a lawyer, Shakti. He had given an authorization letter to him for some work to be done, which was canceled later. Shakti's sister, Shanti Devi, informs the Judge that Shakti had asked her to make a signature. The police arrest Shakti and file a case of forgery against him. The important learning here is that as male victims do not depend on lawyers as for them you are just one more client and delaying the case will help them in increasing their fees. So to win against Legal terrorism one has to get involved fully.


I am sharing these incidents as morale booster for those suffering bias at hands of feminists and biased laws so that instead of fighting for their rights they do not lose hope and compromise with their abusers or commit suicide.


I shall be sharing more such stories of Heroes who stood against the false cases of 498a and survived the trap of lopsided law. One such story is of Hero Atit on the following link


I further request the lawmakers to stop practice of giving financial assistance to woman just because she may claim victimization without actually verifying that she is real victim, Otherwise there would be hundreds of men getting trapped by woman who would stoop to any level to get free money and publicity by suppressing menís rights


Also strict laws need to be formed to prosecute those who lodge false complaint and destroy peopleís life for personal gains as it is crime against humanity.


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