Greedy Womanís plan to get rich


Modeling/Acting > Fame > Hollywood > Marry Rich Guy > Allege Harassment > Divorce Richly > Squander money > Trap another Rich Guy for marriage > Canít get another guy to marry > Allege Rape > Compensation for Retirement


IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA - WOMAN FILES 52 FakeRape CASES!!!!. No punishment? Women are above punishment? The tale of lady who cooks rape


Brahmakumari woman arrested for filing False Rape on old man to extort 7 lacs.


Women Meenakshi raped doctor prepared sleazy video & than blackmailed him for 2 crore


More than 500 BMC engineers from nine ward offices in the western suburbs boycotted work and protested against a false FIR registered on a fellow official, which alleged that he tried to molest a woman.


" Acquitted of rape bid, IAS officer reinstated in UP - Indian Express " what about his lost dignity?who will return?


Ladies gang make Fake molestation trap for robing men. Asim Kumar Maity fought this legal terrorism need more like him


FALSE allegation of rape, then compromises, then BOMB scare letters from ex-BF's name, all this to TAKE REVENGE.


Police knowingly filing false rape cases, alleges Dalit activist 


Woman files fake rape case to grab money  News discloses name of all, except the culprit woman Biased Media?


Girl extorts 4 lakh from boy threatening him of MMS leak. When would feminists stop playing the victim card in every circumstance?


Women: Cannot pay rent in India, no problem. File a rape case against the landlord.


Another false rape by airhostess


Divorce - A new quick fix for the newly wed youth. And a money game for women.


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Greedy Womanís plan to get rich

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Greedy Womanís plan to get rich