Most of my readers must have been aware of the phenomenon termed as “Glass ceiling” which I have never experienced but according to women, exists in corporate world and leads to deprivation of women in getting top jobs. It's a matter of debate whether such problem actually exists or if it’s just a figment of imagination. As many women attribute their personal failures to societal bias. While sexism does fuel some people’s actions, discrimination alone does not account for all inequalities. Blaming others for their situation are often much easier than self-reflection, but avoiding responsibility is not a successful life strategy. Instead, focusing on self-improvement is a proactive way to handle setbacks. Character development can only happen when you take responsibility for your actions.

This article is not about Glass ceiling but a much more severe problem which exists in real world but has been constantly overlooked. The problem which I am talking about is that all men are presumed to be criminals, rapist, addicts, dogs, savage animal etc. In other words they have been successful in creating a mindset which says “MEN = CRIMINALS”


To start with I coined a term for this as phenomena as "GLASS JAILING".


I would define "GLASS JAILING" - A preconceived notion about a person or a group to be a criminal or outlaw, whereby that person is deemed fit to be jailed based on popular belief but not on facts.


Due to the glass jailing effect on peoples mind men are looked down as creatures who should be kept tied and restrained or jailed for the benefit of society hence all the men are already in glass jails and it only takes one false complaint by a women to land them in a real jail, which not just breaks their confidence and self esteem but also screws their career and life. Though this problem is very serious and rampant, people are not willing to accept its existence. So I thought of writing my opinion on this behavior.


Currently due to efforts of feminists and self hating misguided men (White knights), all the men are already in glass jails and there are very loud and clear indications that glass jailing is highly prevalent in society which can be demonstrated from following examples.


Glass jailing starts since childhood, when at home a boy is always more severely punished than his sister for the same mischief. While girl is let off with just an advice under the presumption that the girls are always innocent and docile while the boys are brats. This is nothing but glass jailing and denial of mens right.


When the children grow up and enter school the glass jailing increases whereby the teaching staff which is predominantly female, is strict towards boys and lenient towards girls. They also are ready to punish the boys for harmless mischief or even talking during lecture but ignore chitchatting, unruly and mischievous girls. Even for home assignments I have seen boys being canned for not completing home work while girls being left with just a sugar coated warning. Isn't this too glass jailing where people act on presumption.


When the children reach adolescence the glass jailing is reinforced at a more grievous level among the children. In this age girls who are still below 18 years but have reached puberty and are pumped with estrogen have consensual physical relation with boys, use their boyfriends pocket money for partying, boozing and even drugs, but on getting caught or pregnant levy the entire blame on the boy while pretending to be victim who was mislead into all that she had jointly enjoyed.

After completion of studies when people start earning they are more prone to become the sufferers of glass jailing as after slogging through school and college men acquire job and here too they slog to meet the performance targets given to them and get hard earned money. They become soft targets for glass jailing, when opportunistic women marry such men only to divorce them later but after claiming their property, alimony money and turning the man to a bonded labor who has to pay maintenance to his wife till he dies irrespective of whether he is earning or not. As happened in the case of John Waldorf  who has been in the county jail for nearly seven weeks on a “non-support” charge for allegedly failing to pay alimony. He is a victim of New Jersey’s "antiquated" alimony system. As the judges and police presume husband to have done crimes for which wife is never asked for proof. Another glass jailing effect

Worst sufferers of glass jailing are the men who are falsely accused of acts like sexual harassment. In such cases men are arrested just based on complaint by a woman without any proof and investigation of unruly behavior or aggression that may be considered to cause threat to the lady. Wives typically take advantage of wrong perception of men along with poorly framed laws to harass their husband and in laws. In India such abuse of laws has reached epidemic proportions leading to suicides by married men to such an extent that every eight minutes one married man commits suicide. This bias has also lead to demand a law for protecting men from domestic violence called SMITA (Save Men from Intimate Terror Act).


Media bias and TV shows like Satyamev Jayte are also responsible for this problem. I request men to come out openly for men’s right and demand fair treatment otherwise the "GLASS JAILING". effect will increase to such an extent that men will be reduced to slaves with no rights at all but only female masters who would treat them same as bonded laborers or like Nazis treated Jews..


I appeal to men that do not accept the anti-male propaganda by feminists and ignore men’s rights but question it and also view the following thought provoking video which shows how a man faced glass jailing but stood up against it and proved his point.


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Glass Jailing Men

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