Imagine If a Girl is forcefully made to marry at gun point by some gang/stalker or any individual or group of individuals. Like we have in movies the villain kidnaps a girl and tries to marry her.


Even in India in real life if such incident happens to a girl and comes to light, it will be a national headline, people from all walks of life will talk against it film personalities, Socialites and politicians will criticize it. The perpetrators will be jailed and trashed. But if that kind of thing happens to a boy. The reaction is not at all shown. Take for instance Episode 3 of Satyamev Jayte. In this episode a boy Santosh Kumar narrated a piteous and disappointing incident. When he had gone to attend a function, he was abducted by a girlís family and married off to her in their quest of escaping the payment of dowry. The instances of forced marriage of Indian males have increased to such an extent that some countries have started to give travel advisory to men about forced marriage while visiting India.


But instead of sympathizing with boy this incident was laughed off and the effort done by the girlís family was indirectly appreciated. It was horrific and nauseating to watch all the people showing such pathetic and callous attitude towards Santosh Kumarís forced marriage after abduction.† Had this happened to girl than the boy would have been arrested under IPC section 366 of forced marriage. But since the law is silent on forced marriage of boys the boy in this case had no recourse and it exposes how mens rights are ignored by the law & society too.



I would like to ask the show host and all those present during the show whether their reaction would have been same if the incident had occurred to themselves or their children. The show host divorced his first wife to marry some new female of his choice. I want to question, would he have accepted a girl forcefully married to him to be his wife and spend his life as her husband???


This was not an isolated incident of the show misguiding the audience. Another episode of this series talked about the issue of female feticide and insisted on saving the girl fetus by ban on female feticide. I agree with satyamev Jayte's line that every life is precious.


But the host Aamir is only talking about stopping the female feticide and is silent about millions of abortions that take place just to terminate pregnancy. If he really thinks every life is precious than he should be opposing all abortions and not just female abortions.  He actually means aborting a boy fetus is acceptable. So he should change his line to "Every girl's life is precious and boys are disposable". This is gross ignorance of menís rights.


Their lies were again exposed at INK Live 2014. The Satyamev Jayate (SMJ) team were speaking about their episode on female feticide when they mentioned how they had met 62,000 mothers all over the country for that one episode. She mentioned that she was the only mother in their unit, she had to travel all over India to meet all 62,000 mothers herself. She told that she wanted to capture the female feticide issue from a motherís angle as the gender ratio at birth may not be correct interpretation of female feticide even though she considered that as significant indicator. But logically this was such a large number that she would require 7 years to meet all these people thous the show was not conceptualized so long back!


This show is same as many western shows which thrive on showing men in poor perspective and condemn them.


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