Valentine day is coming near. This day is very important in the day of people bitten by love bug. Valentine day is the day when  so many boys become men. But this is also the day when too many boys also fall prey to honey trap of greedy girls.


So I have written this blog for every male who is getting romantic and plans to get into a relation with girl of his dreams especially if that girl is Indian girl or the relation is blooming in India.


This blog is also for every male tourist who comes to travel in India. As he is a potential victim to get trapped into forced marriage. The scale of abuse is so high that Canadian government has issued advisory for its male citizens travelling to India, warning them of forced marriage.


Now you may think why I am linking Valentine Day to forced marriage. The reason is a law, a highly abused section of Indian law that equates love to rape at choice of girl. It is IPC376. The interpretation of this law says -  if a couple has physical relation then the boy is liable to marry the girl if she wants it, otherwise the boy is deemed to have raped the girl!!! A law that was meant to cater to victims of rape got  twisted by feminist lobby. It's interpretation was amended to encompass the love relations just to benefit criminal abusive women.


This flawed interpretation has lead to the creation of the “Great Indian Rape Trick”, performed by greedy criminal women, yes you read it right. The rope trick is past and the present belongs to women who do this “Great Indian Rape Trick” they trap guys in rape case without being raped at all. As this law considers a man to have committed rape, if he does not marry a girl after having consensual physical relationship with her. This section has given rise to one of the most ill conceived interpretations of a law and has lead to flood of fake rape cases on innocent men who do not want to put up with abusive women.


Any man who gets into a relationship has expectations that he will be loved and cared. Instead of getting love if the man has to put up with a possessive and abusive girl who is control freak, than there is no sense in continuing the relation. So if there are compatibility issues or the relation is not good or girl is abusive the boy should have all the right to end the relation. But this law sets a catch 22 kind of situation for men. Either he has to keep on bearing the abuse of the woman or go to jail in a rape case.


Though feminist will never accept existence of this type of law misuse business. The lawyers acknowledge it by using euphemism "Technical rape" Even Justice Kailash Gambhir of Delhi High Court has expressed concern of this trend of forced marriage of boys by using the ill interpreted law. The court said "Cases like these not only make mockery of the sacred institution of marriage but also inflate the statistics of rape cases which further deprecates our own society,"



To explain my point I cite below some example of abusive woman


Crystal Greer Brooks, she ran over her boyfriend Santiago Hernandez, thrice with a pickup truck just because he refused to take her to McDonald's.  So if a man in India gets into relation with such a lady by mistake and wants to end relation with such a criminal lady after finding about her past, he risks getting jailed for life under IPC376 as he refused to marry her after relation. Is there any logic in this law?


A woman Jodi Arias, admitted to shooting her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, stabbing him 27 times, and slitting his throat, but claimed she did so in self-defense I say Bullshit


A New Mexico Woman Berenice Gallegos-Martinez attacked her boyfriend with tire iron, boot, screw driver and more victimhood to justify violence


"Girl got 'Boyfriend' Abducted & Thrashed!"  A 22-year-old guy was abducted and beaten by an 18-year-old teenage girl it has left the city in shock. Paid Media ignores Crime Against Men by woman!!


Girl thrashes boyfriend in Meerut for not marrying her. Can a boy be allowed to do the same if girl refuses?? Misandry I say


Now if a person has to live with any of the above mentioned women, his life would be no better than hell. So as a human right he should have the choice to walk out of such relation that puts to risk his well being and life as well. But thanks to the archaic & draconian interpretation of the rape law IPC376 such men risk getting branded as rapist at the choice of sadist girlfriend if they try to escape from their abuse, further aided by judgments that are constantly butchering Men rights like that of Madras high court that said Couples who have premarital sex to be considered ‘married,’ and boyfriend to pay maintenance after breakup


The law not just aids abusive girl to trap men but also becomes a weapon for law misuse at the hands of parents who are willing to destroy life of young boys just hide the fact that their daughter eloped with someone or was unruly. Such parents file rape case against the boy whom their daughter was dating. It makes me wonder what kind of values such parents impart to their children when they are willing to destroy an innocent man's life instead of reforming their daughter.


The law and judiciary are so much illogically biased against men that they are willing to equate Live-In = Marriage and consensual sex in Live In = Rape!!! As we see from the plight of an MBA student who was sent to 7 yrs jail  just because lady Live-In partner decided to call their live in relation as rape. Almost similar case is of another executive, he did not want to continue relationship with a lady but the lady refused to let him live a free life. She filed a rape case on him, after this the man had no option left he had agreed to marry the lady and she dropped the rape complaint. Now if the man is forced to commit suicide due to this forced relation than the lawmakers are responsible for his death. Rarely you come across a judgment where the side of the boy is also heard I found one such once in billion good decision by court that acknowledged the fact that if a lady has consensual sex with boy on promise to marry, she does it at her own peril and can't blame the boy of rape if the boy doesn't marry as situation can change and a boy should have right to walk out of relation the same way a girl can walk out of relation without being charged of raping her boyfriend.


One more drawback of this flawed interpretation is that False rape cases form a sizable chunk of rape cases which is dangerous for genuine victims. Also when you convert consensual sex into rape studies saying that females enjoyed rape should not be surprising. As they first enjoy sex and than enjoy the money that comes through extortion of their partner when they call consensual sex as rape.


In some case of judiciary like Justice Kailash Gambhir have acknowledge the fact that women misuse rape law to force lovers to marry them. But they did not give any instruction to change the law for addressing this major flaw  There are many examples like Yasmeen Baig, who had lodged a false complaint against Shafique Shaikh and his 20-year-old son Aatesham alias Sonu. Later she admitted that the rape charge were false after her boyfriend turned husband. But no action is taken on such crime by women of misusing law. This inaction acts as encouragement for other criminal women to emulate this behavior of creating rape traps and making money or forcing a person to marry them without choice. 


MEN shouldn't take these false RAPE cases sitting hands down. It can happen to anyone of them. 


I feel agitated when the judiciary or police does not question as how a lady can realize after many years that she is being raped.


Not just common men but also magistrate also are getting trapped by woman in rape case and  lose job. The arrest of Coonoor Judicial Magistrate S Thangaraj on charges of rape for allegedly ditching his intimate uniformed girlfriend has triggered a fresh controversy over judicial interpretation of the term “consent.”


On the other hand if a girl walks out of failed relation and even if the boy commits suicide nobody question the girl as in case of Raghav Thakur, he commited suicide over failed relationship but no public outcry like happens in suicide of a girl (e.g. Jiah Khan) in failed relation as men are disposable same happened with techie Mukesh Sukla who committed suicide over a failed love affair but no arrest or outrage as the person died was a male!!


Its interesting that though women as young as 15 years have physical relation and even with multiple partners. 


A Boy seeks justice as girl dumps him Though law isn't gender neutral Will Madras HC judgement of Sex = Marriage help?  A dumped male has no help from law while on the other side whole system stands by the side of a girl who claims to have been dumped.


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