I have grown up listening and reading a lot of  material criticizing the practice of dowry. For those who do not know what is dowry i shall define it. Dowry is practice of the maternal family giving cash or assets to a girl getting married. The purpose of dowry was to financially help the girl.

Over the period of time marriages begin to lose favour and couples started to get divorced and hence came the concept of reverse dowry. Reverse dowry is practiced in two forms one is maintenance and the other is Alimony. In case of alimony, a man makes one time payment to wife. While in maintenance a fixed amount is paid periodically over a long period of time. This period can extend to the lifetime of that man in many countries. Though the earning age of any person is limited a man is forced to pay reverse dowry irrespective of the fact whether he is earning or not. The payment could be mutually decided by the Man & woman or be ordered by a legal body.

In all its forms dowry is against the well being of a man as it drains out his resources. In case of dowry for daughter men take loan or sell assets to generate funds for dowry. Men(Father, brother etc) some time go to the extent of getting into debt trap just to see to it that they are able to give substantial dowry. Hence its the man who loses out his existence to provide for a woman.

Same thing happens in case of reverse dowry. The Man here pays or is rather forced to pay for a woman's expenses (legitimate or not). The point here is its a Man who is always on the giving side and While the woman always receives and benefits. A man has to pay dowry & reverse dowry to woman irrespective of whether the relation is parental or matrimonial.  In both case man  is reduced to free ATM who is responsible for giving money and other benefits without expecting anything in return. The hype created saying that women are suffering from dowry totally ignores and hides the fact that Men are victims of dowry & reverse dowry both.

Apart from being the person shelling out money and assets for dowry & reverse dowry, men are also being terrorized by woman who want to extort the men till their last drop of blood. The terrorist woman misuse the lacuna's in the dowry law to commit extortion. They file fake cases of dowry harassment to harass the husband and their family for meeting the unreasonable demands of such woman.


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Dowry harms man in all forms

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