Domestic Violence across the world is also one of the biased laws where the woman can get her in-laws in jail for domestic violence, but her in-laws cannot take any action on the domestic violence meted out to them by their daughter in law.  In any society being a Male Victim of Domestic Violence means a lot of ridicule, while for women it is fashionable.

Scientifically, there are 3 kinds of Domestic Violence.
     a) Men on Women
Domestic Violence
     b) Women on Men
Domestic Violence.
     c) Mutual Bidirectional
Domestic Violence.

The society and feminists focus on (a) only, because of their misandrous agenda that You are not a Real Man, if you face
Domestic Violence.

The Maximum
Domestic Violence is (c) Mutual Bidirectional Domestic Violence. No attempts and policies are made to stop (b) or (c). For example, if a wife calls man's mother a slut and shouts, "You bastard, you are sleeping with our sister", what is it?


Now Feminists generally argue that women are never the oppressor. They are always the suppressed one. This just because of the fact that people have always believed so take for example the case of Warren Moon who tried to restrain his wife after she threw a candle stick at him and hit him in the crotch and surprisingly Warren was arrested for violence and not released till the wife accepted that it was she who had attacked him and her wounds were self inflicted. But even after this admission no charges were framed against Lady!!!!


Itís also ironical that feminists have successfully made people believe that, it is appropriate for a lady to slap a man but not otherwise. As seen in 2010 32-nation study where more than 51% of men and 52% of women felt that there were times when it was appropriate for a wife to slap her husband. By comparison, only 26% of men and 21% of women felt that there were times when it was appropriate for a husband to slap his wife??? Thatís so much international herd mentality. We do not have such case studies on large scale in India as he government is not ready to fund it and moreover Its busy garnering votes in the name of women development whereby they are spending huge amount of money through NCW and other such bodies.


Even In Wikipedia when I searched the topic of violence against men I found the painting of a Indian lady striking her husband with broom. It shows that Indian men have been suffering at the hands of females for a long time but no one is willing to accept it.


One may think that women are not as physically powerful as males so they cannot be causing violence to men, but that is just a myth. So I would like to tell you about extreme case of a professional wrestler Ric Flair being hurt by wife. He was seriously assaulted twice by his wife hence he sought police intervention which led to arrest of his wife Jacqueline.


Sharelle Wallace of Manatee, Fla., went to her ex-boyfriendís home to pick up their daughter, but she had other plans. Antonio Marquis Williamstold the cops that Wallace wanted to resume dating but he did not. Wallace reportedly did not take the news too well and she violently yanked his genital.


Flair is not a lone case where a physically strong man was subjected to physical abuse, similar case is that of Kieron Bell a club bouncer. He too suffered silently hoping that his wife may improve someday, but all his hopes came crashing down when his wife stabbed him in chest with a steak knife and left him to die. His heart was missed by millimeters and hence could be saved. After recovering Kieron decided not to stay silent and came out to talk so that others would not suffer like he had.


Ian McNicholl too had been trapped in a terrifying violent relationship. His former partner, Michelle Williamson, squirted bleach in his eyes, forced lit cigarettes up his nose and burnt his arms with a hot iron!!! She also smashed his shoulder with a hammer with such ferocity that the handle snapped. Luckily for Ian Williamson was sentenced at Grimsby Crown Court to serve a total of 18 years in prison.


An Independent News article also acknowledges the fact that men are facing domestic violence in record numbers - Also there is similar article by Mr. Anant Kumar on this topic


Women are ready to strike men at every instance and any whimsical reason, take for instance the case of Juanita Garcia who assaulted and broke nose of her boyfriend just for coming home late. The neighbors heard the noise and intimated police that a female was assaulting a man. She even yelled and threatened the police when she was being arrested.


Purushottam Mahajan, 44, who was locked in divorce and custody battle with his wife Pallavi for over two years, installed secret cameras at their Aarey Colony house to capture how she abused him physically in his sonís presence. In November 2009. The video was uploaded on YouTube by an NGO to show how law was heavily loaded against men in cases of marital discord


There have been cases where women have turned violent at very minor thing which may not even elicit response from a mentally balanced person. For example if one person is asking other to help in cleaning home and the other one is not budging that it may lead to small argument but not a violent attack. But in case of Sandra Clinch this was reason sufficient to kill her husband by stabbing with scissors. Even after committing the crime she shamelessly told the police that she did not stab him but just threw the scissor at him which was totally wrong as found out by autopsy report. - another similar case is of Helen Ann Williams, from South Carolina she allegedly beat and stabbed her husband with a ceramic squirrel on Christmas Eve Ė just because she was furious that he returned home without beer!!


Women were also part of the Nazi movement and one such story is that of Karin Magnussen who used the eyeballs from still-living prisoners at Auschwitz for experiments on the pigmentation of the human iris!!! Though at the end of the war these kinds of females tried to under play their involvement by saying they were just cogs in the all-male machine which gave the orders. But claiming that they knew nothing of the terror and torture is absolutely unbelievable. They supported and underwrote such terror and torture. No society can claim that they give mens right and women equal priority.

I want to share that there are helpline of abused men in

US (, )

US (

UK (

New Zealand (


India (


If the women were actually as docile, as projected by feminist there would have been no need for such kind of centers. Also a center is closing down due to neglect and fund shortage. I hope the others do not meet the same fate.


In Scotland 7000 men reported abuse in just one year which shows the scale at which men are suffering but not getting any help -




A female can kill even if the husband wants to get intimate but she is not in mood, as in case of Pragya from Mumbai. She had argument with her husband on making love. During this argument she pushed him off balance and his head hit wall due to the head injury he fell unconscious. But after the scuffle, instead of worrying about her unconscious husband. She used a piece of cloth to strangle him to death.


Females have been equally unleashing their violent side to helpless men, like in case of a blind man Mr. Syed Mohammed and his daughter who were given protection by Delhi High court from his wife. They were being threatened by the wife and she also planned to forcibly marry their daughter.


UK Home office reports that there are a substantial number of men who are subject to domestic violence at home. Bruised and battered husbands have been complaining for years and now the biggest research project of its kind has proved them right. When it comes to domestic confrontation, women are more violent than men.


Feminists who have been saying that women take recourse to violence only in case of facing extreme threat should read the case of Franklin who stabbed her husband on a minor argument. That too just a day before they were about to get married!!!! According to a witness, just 8 hours prior to wedding Franklin and Brewster were about to head out to get some food when they began arguing, Franklin began swinging a knife and stabbed Brewster twice in the left side of his chest, puncturing his heart leading to his death. The guest present ther managed to subdue the lady and she was handed over to police. -


A participant of X Factor part of girl-group Quantro savagely attacked her ex-boyfriend William Scott Aitken. His taken in hospital of showed several cuts across his nose and cheek and the right-hand side was swollen due to a large gash due to barbaric attack. Still the lady shamelessly wanted to be part of the show and wanted support of the audience -


Although incidents of wives abusing husbands rarely appear in the media, many Malaysian men have fallen victim to abuse of their high-earning, dominant spouses -


Itís not just that the females are violent at home but also in social life but these matters generally go unreported as the menís case is not registered by the police. One case I came across was of college girls who assaulted a junior student so violently that the student suffered severe damage to vocal cord and could not speak.


Females are not only physically abusive but they are equally adept in mental harassment as in case of one female who had accused her husband of being Womanizer and drunkard in as newspaper. This was shocking even to the judge who right ordered divorce based on mental cruelty.


Another woman who stooped to new low of mental cruelty was Naina Patel who claimed that her husband had illicit relation with his sisters!!!! When inquired as what was the basis of making such serious accusation against her husband and his sisters who are in the "noble professions of advocacy and medicineĒ She told she has made the statement out of her inner feeling??? This kin of behavior is highly unacceptable and the court rightly ordered divorce based on mental cruelty.


Some videos of women assaulting men -


Some more cases of domestic violence by women -

Women are not only creating Domestic Violence and ignoring Men's right but they have also carried out sexual assault on males as discussed in my other post advocating gender neutral laws -


Please read the Disclaimer about my posts on this website. -



Domestic Violence on Men

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