When Dire Straits wrote the song “Money for nothing” they would have hardly thought that someone would take the idea and bring it into reality. The efforts of feminists have started to yield very sweet fruits to them as they have been able to convince the society that they should get all the benefits, rights etc but all without responsibility.  Women are continuously asking for more in the name of equality and are also succeeding in getting it as nobody questions it, people blindly accept the false propaganda and cooked up or skewed statistics.


Well many of you may not believe me as you have been blinded by the media hype or just suffering from the white knight syndrome.  Otherwise it hardly takes any serious intellectual and logical thinking to realize that men are being milked legally and slowly being turned into a slave sought of person.



Few facts that point in this direction are as follows


Men are made to pay higher taxes but the money goes to women’s welfare whereas there is no official body which looks after needs of men due to this there are so many laws which are enacted in favor of women but without giving any thought on its repercussion on Men.


If a woman files a complaint on man than person is considered guilty until proven innocent. Whereas a woman is never considered to be able to commit crime and police are reluctant to accept any complaint against them. This hurts men in two ways. First if a false case is filed against them their life is destroyed as it’s very difficult to prove a woman false. Secondly is a man is suffering because of women he has nobody to rely on as there are no laws which accept abuse of men by women


Women are admitted for education and jobs even at lower standards of screening so even if a man is more qualified or capable he loses the opportunity and there have been many cases where a more qualified man lost a job just because the management wanted to hire a woman as happened in case of US immigration agency where The official, James T. Hayes Jr. alleges that he was shunted out of a high-level position in the agency in favor of a less-qualified woman because he was a man., he also accuses the agency’s chief of staff, Suzanne Barr, of “sexually offensive behavior” that contributed to a discriminatory work environment for male employees The discrimination lawsuit, which names Janet Napolitano, the Homeland Security secretary, as the sole defendant, was filed in May by Mr. Hayes, special agent in charge of investigations for the agency’s New York office. Ms. Barr stepped down from her post and voluntarily left the agency on paid leave pending the outcome of an internal review of the misconduct allegations, a spokesman said. Ms. Barr, the lawsuit alleges, “Created a frat house-type atmosphere that is targeted to humiliate and intimidate male employees. -


Those talking about equality are shamed by women who want freebies in the name of women empowerment. In fact even Microsoft CEO Mr. Saty Nadella was not spared by these radical feminist, when he was invited to women’s conference. His only folly was he wanted real equality not promote bias in name of equality. So instead of offering women shortcuts and unfair advantage under euphemism of positive discrimination over men. He asked them to work at par with men and than expect progression in career. Such a fair talk did not go down well with those used to getting unfair advantage everywhere including pay & promotions. That’s why feminist started shaming attacking on him. Sadly he too backtracked.


If a man gets separated from wife he has to pay alimony and maintenance to the lady irrespective of whether he is able to earn or not. Some of the worst cases I have come across makes are that of Even if a husband is dying he has to pay alimony!! This is gross negligence of human rights and men are being treated like bonded labor at par with animals. 


Girls are not contended with reserved seats for them and less stringent selection criteria compared to men. They are now demanding that they should be given grace marks to pass in exam even if they are not able to get minimum passing marks on account of bunking classes and not being serious in studies!!! -


GoAir airlines opt for female crew which is outright discrimination on males. I request mty readers to shun such airlines, never travel with such sexist airlines which plans to reduce the 40% of their male cabin crews to female hence reducing the job opportunities for Men


The judiciary who are feel that the custody of child should go to the mother and the father should pay maintenance of the child to the mother, should wake up and realize that such women are only interested in the maintenance money and not bothered about the well being of the child as seen form the case of a lady who did not give custody of child to father in order to claim maintenance for the child and had put the child for adoption!! -


Rajesh Khanna's so called live in partner has filed a case of Domestic Violence against Dimple and Akshay Kumar. So now the rich and famous have also started facing the Legal extortion by women. They will realize that they are also prone to the issue which they thought was only related to middle class.


1 in 5 boys at primaries have no male teachers while some could go through their entire education without one. Official statistics compiled for the first time reveal how 360,485 boys aged four to 11 are attending schools which have only women teachers. But no effort is being taken to ensure gender equality there and getting more male teachers onboard -


Most women flirt to get their way is now proved as more than half of women in UK admit to flirting with men to get their own way, with a fifth saying they do so at work, according to a new study, many women will turn to their feminine wiles to... get ahead, should the situation call for it -


Highly sexist move against Men & Merit by Rahul Gandhi, he wants 50% seats reserved for women in AICC


Male Job applicant humiliated after being made to dance Abuse of men is always ignored.



Twenty-six men maintenance staff members working at a university in Wales are suing their employers for more than £700,000 over allegations of sex discrimination and unequal pay. These men have been underpaid since 2007. Had they been a female secretary or a library worker on the same grade working the same shift pattern, they would have received an additional £4,000 per year.

Gender bias in office Men are the victims of sex discrimination at work, according to a ground-breaking new study suggesting that professions once regarded as male bastions are now biased towards women. The results present a startling picture of the so called modern workplace, suggesting employers may now be employing a form of stealth  fake affirmative action and actively trying to recruit more women. It makes life more difficult for a mand to get a job without decreasing his responsibilities while increases job opportunities for woman without increasing their other responsibilities. Athis imbalance in the rights and responsibilities will lead to social issues.  -

Job bias against men


Things have gone to really bad levels... charge of sexually harassing Robot...  So no doubt that women who want to reduce competition from a male counterpart can charge them in fake sexual abuse case or get rid of a hard working boss who expects his team to be as hard working as him.  Now it’s Males at Accenture, soon it will be males in IBM India, Infosys and wipro who will fall prey to misuse. The fear of misuse of sexual harrasment laws by Indian women is now hitting airlines.


Organizations are pulling out all the stops to recruit female employees, beginning with higher fees for head hunters. (It's a trend that augurs well for women in the corporate world. But Men lose job opportunity to discrimination)


IBM on a drive to hire more women in India


IT industry hires more women than men during campus recruitment -


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Discrimination against Men on job

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