All across the globe especially in India the mother in laws are projected as villains and the daughter in law is shown as victim. But that is only one side of the truth, I have come across large number of cases where daughter in law have been Frankenstein in their matrimonial home without getting noticed by society. So I started to write this blog to clear the haze.


A woman, Vannala Swarna, 50, was murdered at her house at Waddepally in Hanamkonda on October 13 by her daughter-in-law Vannala Soujanya and her lover Srinivas for her money and gold ornments.  The daughter in law was also successful in passing the murder as heart attack and creameted the the body. But the incident came to light when the husband  Vannala Satish  grew suspicious of money being withdrawn from his mothers account which lead the catching of culprits -


Elizabeth McClain, 22, allegedly ran over her ex-boyfriend's mother with a car in Austin, Texas, after stalking the man for three months, the Austin-American Statesman reported. As McClain drove away from the crime scene, she allegedly sent her estranged lover a text message that read, "Hows Life LOL," I find it hard to comprehend how can someone be so ruthless -


High court has imposed a fine INR 0.5 million on state for illegal detention done by sub-inspector Mahadev Pandhurang Nikam. This investigation officer had detained Ramesh Jariwala and his wife based on FALSE CASE filed by their daughter-in-law on his son Niraj Jariwala and his family.
Hope there will be more such judgments so that people are not arrested on account of false cases by extortionist females. This will also curb the corrupt police officials from supporting the extortionist females for selfish gains. But even in this article one thing to note is that this article has cleverly downplayed the fact that many daughter in law are filing false cases against innocent people just to get monetary gains and enjoying power play which is very saddening as Media should be neutral in their reporting.


Murdered Daughter in law Pinky found with lover in Varanasi. While In laws and husband Arun Rana were in jail. This how the system works in India.


Woman Asha attacked her mother-in-law Naniben Solanki for sleeping on bed causing severe injuries on head


Daughter in Law beats aged in laws black n blue, throws them out of home


The mother-in-law syndrome reflects the skewed power relations between the sexes, as well as strife between the Mother in law & Daughter in law.  The sad part is that the mother in law is always shown as the culprit and the daughter in law as always the victim but it is rarely the truth.


Daughter in law Chitra’s false complaint forces in-Laws Nakshatiram, 65, and Jothi, 60 to suicide, who gives justice now? noone at Jantar Mantar now? Just because crime is done by a wife!!


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Dangerous Daughter in law

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