The punishment for crime by women is lesser and that crime by women juvenile are all the more lower. So to highlight the fact that Juvenile girls are also capable of committing heinous crime I am sharing some incidents of crime by women Juvenile.


Juvenile Daughter of 16 years killed father Nandkishore with help of mother Lalita Salame for objecting to their affairs. I say itís better to be single than have wife and daughter like this!


Teenage girls Lauren A. Bush aged 17 & other aged 15 used knife to force autistic boy to perform sex acts on multiple occasions. The girls also kicked the boy in the groin and dragged him by his hair.


16 yr girl Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez stabbed her friend 65 times Protect Men from Women Juvenile murderer


Panchkula girls shoot friend after stripping her, circulate MMS


Poornima Rana, Rana, Chaya Raksha & Rekha Bhojde arrested for making obscene video of man Vinod Agarwal to blackmail him


40% of rapists are Women



A 16-year-old girl was held in shooting case  Misandrous media won't ask for strict punishment to crime by women Juvenile criminals.


A teenage girl shot dead a six-year-old boy after a petty quarrel at Chandan Nagar


Busting misconceptions on juvenile justice


Due to blackmail by bullying Girls a student ends life Women Empowerment in crime is reaching new heights


Class X Girl delivers in school hostel, kills newborn .


10 year old girl throws toddler from 25th floor balcony after repeatedly slam the victim to the ground and kicking him


When Taliban beats girl world is outraged. When wife pressure cooks husband no one bats an eyelid



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Crime by women juvenile

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Differential treatment to girls and boys by police