In my interaction with people I get a feeling that there is still a large section of society that feels that “Crime by Women” is imaginary and only crime against women takes place in reality. Such misconception is highly detrimental for the progress and wellbeing of society. As ignoring crime by women has already led to skewed laws and practices that grossly neglect even the basic human rights of men. It also disturbs the social fabric as the moment society starts to ignore crime by women we have psychopath women roaming freely on the street in search of their next victim instead of being locked in jail. If we neglect crime by women criminal women even if caught will continue to get very light punishment as compared to their male counterpart, this will act as encouragement for them to commit more crime, as they can get away easily. The number of women found guilty of murder, vicious assault and other attacks has risen by 81 per cent but world is not bothered and continuously bringing more and more anti men laws.  Following link shows arrests made for serious crimes such as murder, dacoity, burglary, arson, kidnapping, thefts etc proves increasing crime by women while decrease in the crime committed by male. .

Also note worthy is case of Indian state Maharashtra  that has more rights and liberal attitude towards women also tops list of women arrested for crime this news supports my point  Neglecting crime by women has already lead to many biased laws that have provision to punish a man but no provision to punish woman for the same crime example the Indian law for Domestic violence,  rape and sexual harassment does not acknowledge the fact that women also harass and rape men. Due to this many male victims of domestic violence and rape have no scope to get justice. This kind of continuous neglect of rights of males will lead to destabilized society and the country becoming weak or facing civil war.



For reference of my readers I have listed below various incidents/types of “crime by women”. So that they can show reality to those who challenge its existence without worrying about being called anti women, as you do not become a misogynist if u have written articles critical of specific women as long as u base them on facts



Crime by women are so common that a series called Women who kill about Britains worst female murderers



Shavonna Rumph, 31, pulled a knife on her boyfriend after he refused to cuddle with her in bed Saturday night and some fools think that women can’t force men into sex.



Three women Amy L. Grass, Jamie Thompson & Jamie Jarvis Raped 15 year kid
But no Nirbhaya like sympathy for boy victim


If a 19 year girl Sana Amaan Khan Pathan brutally kills two kids. Clearly it’s “crime by women” against children, hope the children Satakat & Mahek get justice



A lady caretaker of autistic children who is supposed to take extra care of the child can hardly be expected to neglect, child leave alone abuse the child. But a video has exposed a crime by lady caretaker who abused and mishandled a 4 year old girl child who collapsed and lost consciousness and had to be rushed to hospital Same way a mother of child with Autism is also expected to take extra care of childf with disability but police in South Florida found crime by woman of keeping her 30-year-old autistic son in "dungeon-like conditions." His room smelled of urine and feces. It had no lighting, no bathroom, and there was only a mattress to furnish it.


Women are also part of terrorist outfit. Colleen R. LaRose an American woman who called herself Jihad Jane pleaded guilty to following orders in 2009 from al Qaeda terrorist operatives for her role in a failed plot to kill a Swedish artist who had depicted the head of the Muslim Prophet Mohammad on a dog.



19 yr old Girl marries 12 yr old boy - Now this isn't that rape of minor kid by that woman



When a mother runs away with 0.2 million compensation money meant for her kids Anjali and Rimjhim it is “crime by women” against her daughters.



Just see the photo of this 80-year-old great-granddad, battered in his home by empowered women burglar. The lady burglar attacked the old man stamped on him. Isn't it “crime by women” against old age men?


Crime by women on three-year-old girl is never believable but it happens. Indu Kavya was brutally murdered and set afire in Srivilliputhur in Virudhunagar district allegedly by a woman Anjana. Women criminals need to be punished at par with other criminals not with kid’s glove


Crime by Women is emerging everyday but media ignores them and drowns them in their clamor against men -


Crimes by Women against is not rare, one of the video exposing how abusive a woman can be is seen from the video of Coral Millerchip who attacked 80 yr old Man dead, also spat on his face   


A book/drama called vagina monologue glorifies rape of 13 year old girl by a grown up woman. Instead of arresting the author and banning the book, the shows of the play are allowed and public sale of the book is also allowed. Glorifying such rape “crime by women” will only encourage women pedophile to rape more kids.



When an adulterous wife is not ready to give up adultery and instead kills her husband just because he objected to the illicit relations. It's “crime by women” on innocent husband.



A gang of girls is trapping rich men in Delhi. They meet and develop friendship with men than have consensual physical relation with them, surreptitiously making video recording of the act. Afterwards they start to blackmail the men threatening of making the CD public for Money. Such blackmail is “crime by women”. If same thing would have been done by man it would have become national headline. But here no one is bothered as the victims are men.



If one person is causing hindrance in development for better living place planned by the rest of the society that its as bad as holding others for ransom just to satisfy personal ego. Such was a case where a lady refused to allow development and ultimately High Court had to order eviction of Encroachment lady who tried to hold builder for ransom & refused to vacate flat. This is also “crime by women” with high ego.



The news media also neglects the plight of male victims even if they are kids as seen from the news article where 6 minors, youth sold in Chhattisgarh. This is clear case of exploitation of young boys but misandrous media shows picture of a girl in news. Are boys not humans??? Isn't this neglect of male victim’s right to be heard?   



Females are aware of the fact that women criminals rarely get punished and even if they get punished the punishment is very low. Hence abusive women have got so emboldened that they not only abuse common men but also abuse male cops as seen from the video where lady model abuses male cop. This is clear example of “crime by women” against police but no questions on safety of men in police reveals careless attitude towards Men safety.



A woman Bhupinder Kaur thrashed a lady constable in district courts complex also tore her uniform. The constable Manpreet tried to pacify her. But the woman got more aggressive and she overpowered her


Sarita Kulkarni, a resident of Hingoli district was arrested from the premises of Aurangabad (rural) police headquarters while she was allegedly trying to dupe women police constables posted at the rural police control room by portraying herself as a police sub-inspector.



Women con artists are regularly duping unsuspecting men. A Greece NRI youth Parmjit who thought he had met his 'dream girl' through the social media and arrived to wed her in style in a 20-car cavalcade, got a virtual slap on his face when he arrived at the marriage venue at Gobindpura village in Kapurthala district. The bridegroom never dreamt that anything was amiss as the 'bride', Sandeep Kaur, was in constant touch with him, guiding him to the venue, a banquet hall on Nakodar Road, Phagwara. But, the minute the over 100 wedding guests reached the place, she signed off and was never found. A clear case of crime by women.



If a mother doesn’t want to take care of children than she can give them up for adoption to childless couple or even orphanage. But killing helpless children just because you do not want them is not a human behavior at all. A mother starved her two kids to death. I wonder how cruel can moms are. It's hard to believe such “crime by women” on their own children. Another Mother had set her son ablaze in Jamnagar. Vandana Vadgama told police that her son Ronak (2) died of burns caused due to an accident in the kitchen. But after grilling, she confessed to charring him to death.  Such cases of abuse by mother are not rare as seen by study that concluded 91% of mothers abuse children. So I feel one way to decrease crime on children by parents is that the custody of children should go to father in case of separation.



Kelly-Jane Stone from Watford, was responsible for finding staff for the online retailer Amazon. She was suspended after her comments provoked backlash when she boasted on Twitter about halting benefits and posted a series of messages describing how she got “so much pleasure” from getting people’s benefits stopped. If a woman is biased against the helpless and wants them to suffer more than they already are, than that also is “crime by women” against society.



Mother is supposed the caretaker and well wisher of her children but there are plenty of woman pedophile who not only abuse others kids but also abuse or allow abuse of their own kids like the mother who sedated son, 5, and gave him to pedophile for cash. Such “crime by women” done on their own children should get the maximum punishment possible in that country.



There is no dearth of women psychopaths who have no respect for life of others. Unless courts give exemplary punishment to criminal women. The quantum of “crime by women” will not decrease at all. But we rarely come across such judgment where court shows no mercy to woman who set kids ablaze, awards life  Need more unbiased gender neutral judgments like this and I also hope that this judgment does not get diluted in higher court.


Two women arrested for molesting six-year-old girl in Gurgaon


Daana, 37, and Sajida, 28 - were arrested for playing with private parts of the girl in the washroom. Neutralize these women for raping a child.


Woman Anjali Chumalkar brutally kills 3yr old girl Varsha, breaks husband Sudhakar's head with stone & cut his private parts. Still wants leniency!!


Empowered Woman Ruby cuts breast of girl She will escape without tough punishment as Crime By Woman isn't severely punished


A 13-year-old girl from west Delhi has accused her mother of forcing her into prostitution.


Mom pushes girl into sex trade, held


These women for raping a child


Lake Charles woman accused of kidnapping, molesting girl indicted 


This man climbed a TOWER , threatening to jump off n die if not saved from his cruel girlfriend. SavefromBasanti


Pratik took care of Rupa and her daughter, Priyanka, after her husband, Raghav, abandoned them and got remarried. Pratik is a miscreant, and plans to marry Priyanka, who is now a teenager. Priyanka seeks Raghav’s help, but in vain. Later, she learns that Rupa had made a deal with Pratik to get her married to him. Rupa gets Priyanka married to Pratik by threatening to harm her friend. Raghav’s concise compels him to help Priyanka. He rescues Priyanka and gets Pratik and Rupa arrested.



One thing to be noted from this is women are capable and commit every type of crime against every type of individuals, but are generally released by the law with very light punishment or no punishment at all as the society full of white knights finds a male scapegoat to blame even for the crime committed by woman . This leaves the woman with more confidence and a after a very short sentence the women are free to commit more crime......


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