People who are not able to take care of their children or unable to spend time with them generally have to rely on crèche, day care, baby sitter, play school or boarding school and other such facilities to take care of their children. They leave their kids with others so that kids are looked after properly in their absence. But Parents should be careful before handing over their kids to such care taker or teachers as they might be giving their kid to a child abuser who will ruin the child life. Parents should carry out background check and take regular feedback from the kid on the treatment meted out to them from others and not ignore any signs of discomfort whether the care taker is male or female. People generally have this misconception that their children are safe with female and on the same lines an airline had introduced a policy that children travelling alone will not be seated next to male passengers which was very disheartening as it indirectly implied that males are sexual criminals and women can be entrusted with well being of children. But I strongly refute this notion as there are very large number of cases where women have preyed on the children whom they were supposed to take care as will be clear from the examples below.


Amanda Sotelo, a 35-year-old married woman, was a substitute teacher who had a months-long affair with a 14-year-old boy, police in Texas said She learned she was pregnant, allegedly with his child, during a visit to the emergency room in September 2012. Police charged her with indecency with a child, but she claims that she and the boy are in love and I think there will be many white knights who will believe her.


Lynne Freeman, a 38-year-old mother and parent volunteer at University Schools, was arrested for the alleged sexual assault of a 14-year-old teenage boy friend of her daughter's in her home.

A 17 year old maid raped employers 11 years on 11 times and threatened to kill him if he disclosed the crime. The matter came to light only after the boy suffered from sexually transmitted disease


Colorado school board member Stefanie Dickinson was charged with Internet luring of a child in September after she was caught sending sexually explicit messages to a 14-year-old boy. The boy reportedly told police he became uncomfortable after she would show up at his football games and tell him how sexy his smile was. She was arrested in October for sexual assault on another minor, also a student.


In June, 2012, Irene Khan  was accused of having sex with a 14-year-old student on multiple occasions including in her car and home and at various hotels.


In late March, 2012, Nicole Jacques allegedly had sex with her 15-year-old student several times in her apartment.


Stephanie Cobb was arrested in March, 2012 for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old student. She also allegedly exchanged 12,000 texts with the boy over the course of four months.


Lauren Redfern, Colorado high school physical education teacher and basketball coach Lauren Redfern was charged with sexual assault on a child by a person of a position of trust with a pattern of sexual abuse after suspicions arose that she was having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student over the course of 4 months. Though initial interviews with the victim indicate that their relationship was consensual, it should not deter the Sheriff's Office from pressing charges against her.


Heather Whitten, a 38-year-old teacher at Williams Intermediate School in Alabama, was arrested in February 2012 for allegedly raping a male student between the ages of 12 and 16.


Andrea Ebert, a 30-year-old special education teacher at Rice Lake Middle School in Wisconsin, was jailed in February 2012 after she allegedly had sex with two 17-year-old students.


Jennifer Schultz, North Dakota school teacher is charged with sexually assaulting two of her students after a group of students arrived at her home and asked if she would like to drink vodka with them. Authorities say that after a few drinks, two of the boys went up to Schultz's room, where the teacher allegedly had sex with one boy while the other watched.


Kelly K. Miller, 32, a science teacher in the Chicago suburbs, was charged with sexual exploitation of a child on Sept. 27 after allegedly sending explicit photos of herself to a 15-year-old student.


Pamela Rogers Turner, a former teacher who served time in jail for having sex with a 13-year-old boy, is again serving a prison sentence for sending inappropriate photos and videos of her to that same boy after she served out her original sentence.


A lady MQA, 35 sexually exploited a son and two daughters of her employee. The exploited boy KM, 7-year-old student, said that he was also asked to grope the private parts of the accused in addition to that of his two sisters.


Naomi Dixon, 31, Posed As Teen To Have Sex With 14-Year-Old, Kept Victim Locked In House. On several occasions when he tried to go home, she became upset, locked the door and even choked him.


Another case of a school teacher is that of Debra Jean Beasley, at Angelo L. Greco Middle School in Temple Terrace, Florida. She looked beautiful and managed to get a 14 year old boy into physical relationship. Her crime was found by the victim’s family who approached the police; they arrested her after collecting substantial proofs of this relationship. She pleaded guilty in 2005 and was given 3 years community control.


Mary Kay Letourneau, an American schoolteacher was found having sexual intercourse with her 13-year-old student Vili Fualaau. She met him when he was 13 and she was a middle school teacher. She started to befriend, flirt with him and soon also developed physical relations as well. This was discovered by her husband and notified to police. She was found guilty and imprisoned from 1997 to 2004.

Amber Jennings Shepherd Hill Regional High School teacher pleaded guilty to "disseminating harmful materials to a minor." She was sentenced to two years' probation. A spokesman for Worcester District Attorney John J. Conte said the allegations involved a 16-year-old student.


Carrie McCandless was taken into custody after her sentencing hearing at Larimer County Justice Center for an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student at Brighton Charter High School, where she was a teacher, Friday, June 8, 2007, in Fort Collins, Colorado. McCandless was sentenced to 45 days in jail, five years on probation and a four-year deferred sentence. McCandless was arrested in May of 2011 for a parole violation after she tested positive for morphine. She served a 60-day sentence for the violation.


Wendie A. Schweikert, 36, of Belton, South Carolina an elementary school teacher, was arrested and charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor, Laurens police said. The former fifth-grade teacher accused of having sex with her 11-year-old student was ordered held on $100,000 (84,060) bond. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty in 2007.


English teacher Tara Driscoll, pleaded guilty to having sex with a student who attended the high school where she worked. She was sentenced to six years probation.


Rachel L. Holt, a science teacher at Claymont Elementary School, was arrested, April 4, 2006. The sixth-grade science teacher was accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student and was sentenced to 10 years in prison Friday March 16, 2007. Prosecutors had wanted Scott to sentence Holt to the maximum of 25 years.


Holly Hatcher, a Gallatin High School teacher charged with statutory rape after being accused of having sex with a 17-year-old male student at her home in Nashville.


Angela Renee Comer, 28, reached a plea agreement and was sentenced to five years in prison for one count of sodomy and five additional years for one count of custodial interference. The former teacher was charged with having sex with a 14-year-old middle school student and running off to Mexico with him in January 2006.


Brittni Colleps, a teacher who has charged with having sex with five high school students at her home in Arlington, Texas. Colleps, 27, was jailed on $125,000 bond after turning herself in Monday morning, then posted bond in the afternoon for her release. She faces 20 years in prison.


Stephanie Fletcher, Former Walton, N.Y. Teacher had Sex with Students during class breaks. She  texted her victims naked and half-clothed photos of herself, and often performed oral sex on them


Stacy Schuler, 33, an ex-Ohio teacher convicted on Oct. 27 of having sex with five students. The teens testified their teacher had been drinking alcohol and initiated much of the contact during the encounters, which took place at Schuler's home. After a judge rejected an insanity defense that argued the teens took advantage of her, Schuler was sentenced to a total of four years in prison.


Danielle Reed, a 23-year-old English Teacher at Atlantic Coast High School in Jacksonville, was arrested for allegedly having sex with a minor between the ages of 12 and 18, a serious mens right offence -


Kala Bray, 19, of Memphis, was sentenced to 168 months in prison for conspiracy to engage in child sex trafficking and sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion. She prostituted trafficked children, tricking them and making them suffer abuse for her personal gain -


Cara Dickey, Teacher Convicted Of Raping Student, Violates New York Parole


The female caretakers not only victimize helpless kids but are equally cruel towards aged as well like Taquita Lashay Watson, 29, who had been providing in-home care to the bedridden victim. She assaulted a 106 year old lady with 6 inch sex toy, she forcibly tried to get inside the victim. Due to this the bedridden lady started bleeding which was also observed in medical examination. The abuser is now booked into the Escambia County jail -


Not just female caretakers can be trusted blindly but also Moms need to be looked at without blind trust as there are number of moms who have treated their children so violently that even a stranger would not do so -


Society should stop blindly believing that all women are innocent as women have been found to be indulging in sexual exploitation of men and men’s right, as exposed by my blog on women raping men.-


Please read the Disclaimer about my posts on this website. -




Beware of female pedophiles

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