Among all the disappointment that men are getting from the Media, Politicians, White knights and feminist of course. There are also good things happening to support the Menís right movement. So I am sharing some positive news for Men.


Some positive news for men who are deceived by their wife comes from china where a man sued his wife for not disclosing the fact that she had done plastic surgery to improve her appearance, Hope similar unbiased judgments are given in rest of the world as well - I also wish that the other countries harping about the human rights should learn a thing or two from China on gender rights equality from a case like this. As I know that if a poor man had wed a lady pretending to be a billionaire and she sued him after finding the truth the entire nation would stand by her side. So hypocrite!


Supreme court comes heavily on High Court and Trial Courtís reasoning for convicting the accused U/S 306 and 498A IPC


If wife can't even be considered abettor when she is adulterous than how can it be cruelty if done by husband.


A judgment which can only be termed as good but rarest of the rare, Justice T Mathivanan in Madras high court has awarded 5 million compensation to an actor Mansoor Ali Khan who was convicted based on the false rape charges leveled by a woman. I welcome such judgment though will have to point out that it took very long and mere monetary penalty is not sufficient, instead such women should be put behind bars for lifetime as an example of punishment for destroying someoneís life  -


Some efforts by Indian Mens right activist have resulted in the cabinet considering a bill called SMITA (Saving Men from Intimate Terror Act) This will be presented to the Government/parliament of India and is highly likely to be discussed in the upcoming winter session of the Parliament. If SMITA act is passed it will help Male victims of domestic violence and other forms of abuse which is rampant across the world but is not recognized to be existing. Some more information on this proposed act is available in the following article - . I hope that this act gets passed in India and similar acts are enacted across the world too.


I generally target media of writing anti male articles but some articles are neutral like one by Manoj Mitta from Times has written an article pointing out, after changing Rape laws to gender neutral the law should sexual also recognize such harassment of males at workplace as they also suffer from it -


Another article by Dhananjay Mahapatra, also points out to the socially beneficial tool which are turning into legal terrorism mechanism where unscrupulous women take advantage of the biased laws to milk men of their assets and money, after which they are discarded like a used sanitary napkin. He also points that the law commission should asses the negative impacts of the laws being recommended by them. -


I welcome the pro-male judgment a pleasant surprise that was given by lower court where No maintenance was given to wife in domestic feud. In his order, Additional Sessions Judge A P Raghuvanshi, held that the housewife was not entitled to any relief under the provisions of Protection of Women under Domestic Violence Act, 2005. In his order, the judge observed that "all these allegations made by the wife clearly establish the probability in favor of husband that it is he who had tried to settle the matter from time-to-time and he even resided separately along with the wife, but still the dispute continued between them"


Generally majority of judiciary suffers from the white knight syndrome and considers a male to be at fault irrespective of facts and circumstances but some judges have started to acknowledge that the Domestic Violence Act is being misused. I hope the rest of the judiciary also starts acting in unbiased manner -


One more case that made me hopeful is that of a woman who had falsely claimed to have been raped, in order to get money will now face fraud charges. This is a welcome change to the earlier practice of letting such women free thereby the man whose life gets disrupted due to such false charge loses faith in the system as the person destroying him has been left off the hook to victimize more men. -


In Newzealand some pro-menís rights activists launched the makeshift ĎMinistry of Menís Affairsí in a bid to raise awareness of a number of men-specific issues. Though it wasnít sanctioned by the Government and few people turned up for the occasion. Itís a step in the right direction to eliminate bias against men and support the cause of Menís rights. I would like to see such ministries launched in all the nations and also be recognized by the government -


One more person has stood against biased laws and claimed alimony from his live in partner on basis of supreme court verdict that a lady even if not married should be paid alimony by her partner because she had put in 10 years with him. I hope he wins that case and the women also are at the receiving end and canít take things for granted and judiciary for a ride-


Many women resort to openly making image damaging derogatory false charges and claims on their partner when the relations go sour. They take advantage of the myth that a woman always says truth and will not lie about the sufferings she was made to go through by her partner. But slowly the people are realizing that there is not an iota of truth in many claims made by women and this type of woman should not be allowed to take sympathy of society and law. Hence in one such case the court accepted that it is mental cruelty done by a woman who had posted a derogatory Ad about her husband accusing him of being a womanizer and drunkard and granted divorce on basis of mental cruelty to the husband. Though this is rare judgment but there will be more as people realize that its not a man who is the oppressor always -


Another judgment I would like to refer here is that on a case which said that after filing mutual divorce petition, wife cannot withdraw and ask for more money. It has become business for many women to take a u turn on signing divorce papers after receiving money in order to extract more. Many Men have been suffering on account of this attitude. The strategy adopted by such women is that they first file false 498a and DV cases to scare men than ask for money to give divorce. Once the husband agrees to give the agreed sum they take it and then on the day divorce papers are ready they simply say that the money given was not sufficient and ask for more to see how much they can extract from that guy, this happens time and again till the woman has extracted all that she can from her partner and. HC JAIPUR has realized this ploy and noted that- If an estranged wife, after filing for divorce through mutual consent and took money under an agreement, takes a U-turn and subsequently withdraws consent for divorce and force the husband to pay more money, then such a step itself is a valid ground for divorce and such U-turn cannot be allowed to be used to harass the husband


Taking cognisance of the increasing number of false complaints being filed under section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), the Central Government recently issued directives to the state governments not to make any immediate arrests but conduct thorough investigations before taking any action. - Though this may not be sufficient, at least some efforts from Men rights are taking effect.


One of the most widely abused law is that of rape which is many times used as a extortion tool as the woman has everything to gain but little to lose as even if the victim accused is proved innocent there is no explicit provision to punish the woman who abused the law so they think that they can take a bet wher they stant to gain a handsome amount from the accused whereas nothing will be lost by them as the accused are content by just being acquitted and so not press any charges on the lady who misused the law and destroyed the life of the accused socially and financially. But one such man who was made victim of this law came back strongly and not just got acquitted but also ensured that the law recognized the malafied intentions of the woman and punish her. He filed a defamation case against the woman for the emotional trauma he underwent and positively additional district judge Rajender Kumar Shastri directed the woman to pay compensation of 0.5 million saying "every man has his own status, however humble, and he has a right to guard his reputation". Though sadly the woman was not jailed and the compensation can hardly compensate the life a ccused had to life for the 15 years the case went on. But I think we can see this judgment as a positive step towards ending gender bias against men in judiciary


I also saw an unbiased article by Nandita Patel on Kirsten Stewart who lost her boyfriend Pattinson because she cheated on him for her film director. she also has written on feminists should not expects to get rights without responsibilities as that would lead to social imbalance - Which is unexpected from a female writer hence I appreciate her.


The Bombay High Court has held that a divorced father is entitled to have access to his child, if not physically, at least through e-mail, chatting, telephone or through any other electronic media. Justice Roshan Dalvi of the High Court also set aside an order of March 27 this year passed by a Pune Family Court rejecting plea of Gary Sewell, father, to have access to his child in the modes applied for in his petition.-


Supreme Court has said that Casual, wholesale reference to in-laws in FIR wonít justify dowry case, hence should be quashed.


Divorce given by foreign court is conclusive under Indian law. Once a decree of divorce is granted by a foreign court after the parties submit to its jurisdiction and contests the case, the marriage stands validly dissolved, the Bombay High Court has held. "As such nothing further survives in the marriage. Therefore the conjugal rights cannot be restituted and hence the petition for conjugal rights or even any other petition cannot proceed and must be dismissed as infructuous," ruled Justice Roshan Dalvi recently in case of Kaustubh Sudhir Mestry and Praveena Lakshmanan. -


In a rare case that will warm the hearts of beleaguered husbands, a Hindu marriage ended with Gayatri Lulla the wife paying alimony to her blind, jobless husband
Deendayal. -


Rajasthan High Court on ruled in a divorce case that asking an unwilling spouse to compromise and live with the other would make the life of both a "miserable hell." The observation was made by a division bench comprising Justice Dalip Singh and Justice Meena V Gomber while rejecting an appeal filed by Rekha, a law graduate, against the decree of divorce granted by a Family Court in favor of her husband, Mohanlal Wadhwani, while holding her guilty of committing cruelty.


Auto drivers son leaves IT job for army Men Power useful and not abusive like feminist women power



Karnataka HC:- Unhappiness between Husband and Wife does not attract IPC 498a


Interesting case on illegal termination of pregnancy and counter blast 498a !! In addition to...


High court alert on 498A 


Though Feminist are opposing help lines and shelter for men so they can enjoy their sadistic exploits but such centers are coming up across the globe and helping men to fight for their rights I shall mention a few here for your reference and use in time of need Ė

1)      US -

2)      US -

3)      NZ -

4)      India -



I feel like these success even small should be shared with everyone to improve our moral and I also believe that ďNothing succeeds like successĒ Once you start succeeding you can expect more success.


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