Most of the Anti male laws & attitude stem from two evil disease


          1) Misandry (Hating Men)


          2) Male dispensability


I have written this article as an antidote against Misandry & Male dispensability to help people identify these two evils. Once they are able to identify them they can get rid of the disease and also prevent spreading it.


What is Misandry ? - The society subconsciously considers every man to be criminal. The height of misandry is most of the men too consider every other man to be criminal, except themselves and their family men. Even our education system and society rules are devised to spread male hate. Every male is expected to work towards becoming alpha male. So males end up hating each other while competing to become alpha male.


What is Male dispensability ? - In case of war, accident or natural calamity etc. It’s the women who get first right to safety, leaving men to die. Even young and healthy women are rescued before rescuing frail, old and weak men. Titanic is the most well known example showing that the society considers men as disposable. It will be worth noting that chivalry is just a euphemism for male dispensability. Soldiers and security forces are the worst affected by male disposability. There are cases where a martyr is deprived of compensation and basic recognition of his efforts. Since childhood a male is asked to give more importance to life and comfort of women than his own. I have seen traveling old men offer seat to young healthy lady in an attempt to be chivalrous, and the women also willingly accept the seat without feeling any guilt of making an old person stand. No one challenges the discrimination.


Misandry & Male dispensability complement each other. The ill effect is, all men are forced to compete against each other and there is an unending race among them to become alpha male. Men themselves start to ignore and suppress men’s right instead of supporting it. Men lose out the truth that everyone can't be alpha male and being alpha male is not the only source of happiness or achievement.


Though people do not realize its presence, misandry is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now in our very room. It is there when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. It affects you when you go to work… when you go to worship… It sucks you, when you pay your taxes. But men do not realize the extent of misandry affecting them till it’s very late. The smoke screen created by the world that has been pulled over our eyes to blind us from the truth.… As a male you are a slave. Like everyone else you were disposable since you were born. Born in a jail, you cannot smell or taste or touch. Every man is in-explicitly living in psychological glass jail created due to prejudice of society towards men -


Let’s see some examples which highlight the Misandry & Male dispensability prevalent in society. It will help you identify the evils that harm you so you are able to avoid the pitfalls.


1)  Male dispensability is when a male is expected to be a protector (free bodyguard) of woman. Socially he is supposed to save every known/ unknown female he finds in need of help, by putting himself at risk.  But when the boy dies while saving a girl, normally girl gets more coverage than the boy. People soon forget the boy and only remember the girl who was glorified by media at the cost of courage shown by the boy who died. (So the dispensable male loses out trying to be the alpha male.)


2) One of simplest ways to spot misandry of people is to ask them question. You can ask something like, consider a male and female are stranded in sinking boat and only one of them can be saved, who should be saved? If the person answers female, he is suffering from misandry. A healthy mind by default will reply to save the one who is weak and needs more help. (The lady may be a good swimmer who may not need any help at all or the male could be an infant that just can’t be expected to save himself)


3) Another social experiment may be done by you to check misandry in woman.  Ask a lady colleague, if she is leaving late from office than whether male colleague (junior to her) should accompany her for safety. The answer to this question is generally yes. After some days ask the lady to fetch a coffee for a man especially junior to her in designation. If you are rebuked or lectured on respecting woman and not consider her as slave etc. it will show she has misandry. (The risk and effort required to bring coffee is negligible than being some lady’s unpaid bodyguard. But the former is highly unacceptable and latter is highly expected due to misandry. )


 4) Misandry is when respecting only woman and abusing men without reason is found perfectly acceptable


 5) Misandry is when expecting women to deliver many babies is considered bad. But expecting man to get lot of money, assets, home and gifts for his wife/female partner is considered acceptable. A man is taught that he will be considered a good man if does his job, earns money and runs the family. It can also Includes helping wife after office, cooking for wife, cleaning toilet, managing children etc, etc, etc irrespective of the fact whether wife handles any responsibility or not. (All responsibility is forced on male, while rights are only for the female. Equality goes for toss)


6) One has to take precaution for safeguarding whatever is vulnerable. That's why people keep gold in vaults not in glass boxes in drawing room. So misandry is when some law enforcing body talks about provocative dressing or someone advices woman to avoid wearing see through dress and people start to outrage hysterically. These same people keep silent when men get robbed & murdered for money on the streets by women or men (Selective outrage supporting female and demeaning men is definite sign of misandry.)


7) Misandry is when premium institutes like IIT have reservations for girls, No fees for girls, No creamy layer for girls. But nobody questions this practice, that a girl who can afford high fees for classes and pay for expensive books than why not pay fees for the college and why not admitted on merit. Incentive is given to girls across the board instead of only the needy ones (Many talented and deserving boys do not get admission, while girls who may not even complete the entire course get enrolled)


8) Misandry is when a person advises woman to file complaint against abusive husband but asks man to tolerate abusive wife or worst still, makes fun of the man abused by wife.


9) It’s Misandry when people give reaction about fake cases on men like, “The women-centric laws are being misused, but more women suffer than men” Or worse, “Men should suffer some misuse as women have suffered since centuries” This exposes the double standard that springs from misandry and gets propagated due to male dispensability.


 10) Even well known management schools like IIMs are becoming highly anti men. They are openly discriminating against boys by giving free marks to girls, ignore merit, and ignore the intelligent & deserving boy students who lose out to discrimination in the name of fake equality. (This discrimination will result in subprime students being churned out of the institutes while talented boys suffer neglect)


 11) One more example of misandry at work in school is of St Stephen’s in Delhi. It was an all male college till 1975 when the college opened its doors and admitted girl students for the first time. It was the then Governing Body that had decided to have a minimum of 25 per cent reservation for girls in this prestigious institution. The first co-Ed batch of the college had only 12 girl students. Over the years, however, the girls have outnumbered the boys. Girls got admission through the reservation as well as the open seats. Valson Thampu, the principal of St. Stephen’s, proposed the reservation in an apparent attempt to strike a balance between the number of girls and boys in the college. He proposed to introduce a 40 per cent quota for boys. But it was shot down by teachers.


Mani Shankar Aiyar, an alumnus of the college and a Rajya Sabha member, said: “I am delighted that the number of lady students has overtaken the men to the extent that reservation for men is being thought up. I do not think that we should have reservation for men. It is a college for the best students. The best students happen to be women. Congratulations to them. Reservation for men would dilute the quality of the institution,” he said. But he did not demand cancellation of all form of reservations. , ,

12) In armed forces, invariably men are sent on risky operations while women are sent on low risk assignment. Here misandry in the senior cadre comes into play; they send men on assignments with high probability of death while acting soft on female recruits. Even the soldiers are willingly take up riskier assignments compared to their female counterpart as they willingly consider themselves more dispensable compared to any other female in the world.


 13) One social situation most of us will definitely be familiar is the student life. The good looking/rich alpha males in college etc generally offer party gifts etc to females but neglect beta males. Similarly the studious alpha males share assignments/notes in college easily to the girls than a group of beta males. When students have a get-together with college friends, it’s the boys who always end paying the bill, though boys & girls in college are not earning.  So in the group the beta girl gets more importance than the beta males of the same caliber due to misandry amongst them to look down upon other males.


14) One example that glaringly exposes the misandry amongst men is of M Sakthivel. His wife Bhuvaneshwari a mother of three children was adulterous and had once eloped with a person named Satish. At that time Sakthivel ignored her act and brought her back to live with him. Still the lady did not improve and one night Sakthivel caught her sleeping with his neighbor, Satish. Sakthivel attacked Satish with a knife and killed him in front of Bhuvaneshwari.  The point to be noted here is that a level headed unbiased person would consider both Bhuvaneshwari & Satish equally responsible of crime but Sakthivel considered only Satish to be guilty and hence killed him due to misandry in him. He only considered the male Satish guilty of everything even after being repeatedly fooled by wife. By murdering Satish he created more opportunity for his wife to be adulterous, as after murder he would go to jail and his wife would be free to enjoy the money saved by him in his property with her new boyfriends. He acted as a perfectly dispensable man for his wife. Misandry is when a man kills another man for a woman who had ditched him. Fools don’t realize that it was the lady who was back stabbing him. 

 15) Management of companies / institutes show misandry when they allow late slot only to boys in classes and offices while the girls are given the slot preferred by them. Even while completing an urgent work that requires late working, the bosses are reluctant to ask the female to put in more working hours. But force the dispensable male employees to sit late at work and leave only after completing assignment. In this example some people may argue that even women put in additional hours. I want them to compare the relative treatment to see the truth.


16) Another example of Husband being treated as dispensable free ATM even by court is the latest High court Judgment saying No job can't be an excuse for not maintaining wife, child. Refusing to grant relief to an unemployed man, the Bombay High Court has ruled that a husband has to work and earn in order to maintain his wife and child and cannot escape from it on the ground that he does not have a job. No judge would have forced a wife to pay her husband if she was not working. In fact instead of asking the divorcing wife to start to work and earn living, the husband is forced to pay for the parasitic lady due to misandry that considers male to be responsible for every demand of woman.

17) I came across interesting incident. Two women married, then they get separated. Guy who donated sperm is now being forced legally to support the Child. Because a man is being dispensed off, no one is challenging such biased judgments. A man is simply made into slave for no fault of his own due to misandrous judges. Such things will happen all over the world if misandry & male dispensability is not stopped.

18)  Read this very straight forward article on how society keeps men pinned down with over-responsibility of lifelong maintenance or alimony to women. The language is raw but that can be ignored as truth is seldom cosmetic

19) A very touching story of how the Sec.125 of Cr.PC, has become cruel in some cases

20) There is a popular proverb in India- “ Ladki fail hui to marriage. Ladka fail hua to garage “(The boy has to earn irrespective of whether he is willing or not. But a girl has option to choose to earn or not before or after marriage)


This way Man is always dispensable donor

           Before marriage – Money donor for all her expenses

           After marriage – Money, Sperm, Property donor


There is no pressure on a lady to be in race of alpha female So a Lady has option to be in the race or not. But a man is severely criticized if he is not in the race. Millions of Men are committing suicide because they are forced to be in the race and act as protector & provider irrespective of their view. They are forced to be in race, not for themselves but for others who feed on them like parasite.


Misandry has created a misandrous system. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Everyone whether that person is daily wage worker, businessperson, teacher, lawyer, artist, bureaucrat, scientist, astronaut or anyone, all of them are supporting it. These people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. Misandry in these people is like the egg of wasp in caterpillar. Once the larva emerges from the egg, it keeps on sucking nutrients inside the caterpillar, so the caterpillar feels very hungry. He keeps on eating voraciously, unaware of the fact that he is nurturing his enemy and being eaten alive. One day the caterpillar dies. The wasp then leaves its prey to find another caterpillar to lay its eggs and the cycle continues.


 So there is urgent need to get rid of Misandry & Male dispensability. One of the ways to do it is to spread awareness in society especially men, about these evils that suppress men’s rights. Sooner or later you're going to realize, just as I did, that there's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path. I'm trying to free your mind. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it. You need look at your surroundings with a gender neutral attitude. Men should start working towards men’s right and gender equality - To create a future which gives equal treatment to everyone. We are facing this kind of biased treatment as our fore fathers did not take efforts to demand rights for men. If we too stay complacent like them our son’s will suffer the same fate and will blame us for their sufferings.


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