Statistics show acid attack on male form 50% of acid attack incidents but whenever people talk of acid attack they think that the victim is always female. This prejudice has got so entrenched in mind of people that even supreme court while hearing a plea on acid attack considered the victims to be women only The court said that the government is not serious about curbing the rise in acid attacks on women and must act swiftly to control the sale of dangerous chemicals which are being used to disfigure or even kill them Thereby people think acid attack as a gender specific crime always committed by a man on a woman and not the other way round etc. So I decided to bust this myth by citing some cases where a man has fallen prey to acid attack or where women have committed acid attack. I am purposely citing examples of regular news papers to point out that people even read news with prejudice hence ignore the news which is not in line with their preconceived notions.


A 24-year-old woman threw acid on the face of her boyfriend in east Delhi on Sunday after he failed to fulfill his promise to marry her, police said. Arti Dikshit, a resident of Yamuna Vihar, attacked Vineet Kumar, 25, at Cross River Mall in Anand Vihar. The reason for doing this heinous acid attack on male was her fear that the was about to desert her, police said. She forgot love is name of giving not confining.



Woman Sriparna Ghosh Sanyal (26) threw acid on husband Subhobrata Sanyal. The husband, lodged an FIR with Khardah police station but still wife was not get arrested. Shows the way males are treated as disposable with no rights.


Samsunnehar's a Malda woman and her lover allegedly threw acid on her husband exactly a month after she got married to him. The victim husband Tajibur Rahman was burnt severely and succumbed to his injuries at a Kolkata hospital on Saturday.†



After a heated argument over a petty issue, a 24-year-old woman Rabeena, along with her family members, overpowered her husband Nasiruddin and threw acid on his face


Lady Samsunnehar was released on Bail, Even after killing husband Tajibur Rahman along with her boyfriend Musharraf Hossain by Acid attack. Such thing can only happen India


Girl threw acid on boy Dharmendra for refusing to marry her, no media or social outrage Acid attack on male overlooked as usual. The reporter has not even mentioned the name  of the girl. -


Bihar, with a population of 103 million people, is one of India's most crime-ridden and impoverished states, it is has high rate of crime against male. A19-year-old man was repairing his motorcycle that had broke down, the residents got angry on such trivial matter, they chopped off his fingers before pouring acid into his eyes following a minor dispute. -


Thirty-nine-year-old Mazrul Islam from Murshidabad, West Bengal, had taken a loan of Rs 20,000 after depositing a gold chain with a goldsmith in his village. When he paid back the loan amount to the goldsmith and demanded back his chain, the goldsmith kept on dodging him, refusing to hand over Islamís chain.† A argument broke out due to this and before Islam could make sense of what was happening in front of him, the goldsmith took a bottle of acid from his shop and splashed it on Islamís face.



Murad a good looking man was exercising on a treadmill, in his posh house, when the door bell rang. Murad not wanting his wife or kids to go out, decided to go to the gate himself. A stranger threw a bottle of acid on him. Murad caught up with person who was trying to escape with an accomplice. The person who had thrown the acid was caught but the accomplice on the motorbike escaped. Murad was immediately shifted to Pakistan institute of medical sciences (Pims) Burn Centre where he is being treated for third degree burns. Doctors and visitors all have been won over by Muradís optimism, who despite having his entire body stitched up in bandages, remains upbeat and is hopeful that all will be well.


A unnamed 22-year-old was returning to his home in Greater Manchester at 12.30am on Wednesday when two balaclava-clad attackers launched acid attack, burning his face and an eye. The victim, who detectives believe was targeted, had just got out of his black BMW on the drive at his home on Arnfield Road in Withington as the duo emerged from the darkness. Police think they had been waiting for him. "The reason for this horrendous attack is not yet known, but I am certain that neither robbery nor burglary were the motive.


A 24-year-old man was attacked with sulphuric acid and stabbed by four males. He was blinded in one eye, suffered severe injuries to his tongue and throat and suffered 50 per cent burns. He was also stabbed twice in the back and attacked with bricks leaving him with fractures to his face.


The Lahore High Court on took notice of acid attack on a man by his wife and her accomplices in Toba Tek Singh and directed district & sessions judge to probe into the matter and submit a detailed report. Muhammad Mushtaq, a resident of Umar Farooq Colony Peer Mahal, was attacked. His wife along with her companions tortured her husband and then threw acid on him.  


Apart from acid attack on male, women express their criminal nature in other was as well example  a woman Suklata stabbed her husband Sureshís genitals was released without charges!!!. Do males having no right to be safe? -


Man dies in acid attack, but no follow up by media or others the way it is done in Female acid attack. The reason for this is media themselves are so full of feminist that they try to underplay the crime against male, so that their sham does not get exposed.


Eight year child along with 4 other persons were injured in acid attack by woman in Bihar. As per police, the culprit Prabha Shah, threw acid on her neighbor Janardan Paswan and his three family members following a quarrel



Through this blog I also want to say that women also cause acid attack on women just to harm a manís life as done by Amitpal Kaur, she orchestrated acid attack on a lady Harpreet Kaur just because the lady was about to get married to her ex husbandís brother. The vicious nature of the lady Amitpal Kaur comes to fore from the fact that the bride whom she attacked had done nothing wrong to her. She was already divorced and remarried still she wanted to settle grudge against her ex husbandís family and she was also cheating her current husband by having a paramour.


There are many more news of acid attack on men but when the attacker is woman the biased media supports the girl instead of sending her behind the bars without realizing that those women will also attack other woman with acid.



Acid attack on men leads to immediate serious consequences hence they are noticed by the people in general. There are many other violence acts on male by women which do not get attention or are brushed under the carpet by the society like domestic violence on male by women is one such problem that is severely neglected and leads to severe problem and many males end up committing suicide because they are helpless without any law to support & protect them -


The discrimination against in males is not only present in the laws of society but it has crept into every aspect of a personís life including job. Man get discriminated and most of them feel helpless about it -


Please read the Disclaimer about my posts on this website. -





Acid attack on Men

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