War in the name of God started since the time man created God.


The purpose behind creating God was to have someone to be held responsible for everything that humans could not understand. To prevent people from indulging in socially unacceptable behavior and make them follow a set of rules made by a governing system (Like even today people tell children to behave in certain way else God will punish them). Whether Muslim, Christian, Hindus, Buddhist etc. they're just labels accepted and driven only by the 'governing system'. But letting go of the labels which we are 'forced' to adopt is just one bridge too far for many people in society.

Today people have become slaves of their own creation same way as they have become slave to money which was also created by mankind. One of the famous victims we know is Galileo who asserted that the earth was not the center of universe but was jailed by the church because he did not accept their baseless arguments.


The pernicious 'faiths' have now reached such maniacal level that they want to dictate and overpower every other faith. Religions instead of being involved in bringing mankind to common sense, brotherhood and Human Rights have got involved in something like "My God wants me to kill you" This makes me believe more strongly in the logic of “No God No war”


We see religion based war across the world be it Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, US or Russia. It is crazy to have lost basic freedoms and that torture is back as if it is normal. Some might argue that US is not suffering from this than why when the political right calls Mr. Obama a Muslim, he or his administration ferociously denies this, as if, there is something wrong with being a Muslim. Couldn’t Mr. Obama say "What is wrong with being Muslim? He is the President of a nation which also includes millions of Muslim Americans.


The west harped on the so called freedom speech when violence spread due to a film being released depicting some faith in poor light. But the same west is after Assange’s life and not allowing him the same freedom of speech.


In India people of one faith travelling in train were burnt alive by people of other faith and later in retaliation people of the faith hurt in incident burnt houses and people following faith of people involved in train burning. Humanity lost on both occasions.

Israel and Palestine have been after each other for ages, Hitler was also one of the offshoots to this mania.


All the problems mentioned above can come to end if people find the courage to accept responsibility of their actions and not rely on blaming GOD, faith for everything and anything they cannot explain. We have to free ourselves of the ideas forced upon us since out birth and think logically with open mind. Religion is most often embedded into our minds as children when we're too immature to question it. It's a violation of human rights.


"The human brain is a great creator of absurd notions, and God is the most absurd one of all." said José Saramago


I say it’s not just fine to be Atheist but it’s also time to be Atheist.

Time to be Atheist

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