Only female mosquitoes drink blood. Males are vegetarians.


Just because you've not been raped to death by woman, don't assume that women don't rape


An injustice in the past cannot be corrected by a reverse injustice in the present - to both feminists and reservationists


This pretty lady gym trainer said our bodies are our temples. And suddenly I was a believer who wanted to go inside her temple to worship


Giving away your seat to a woman in a crowded bus when there are already 30% seats reserved for women is like tipping a waiter handsomely, in a overpriced restaurant which has already charged you service charges in bill, totally naive.


Women are more emotional and expressive, they say. If yes then how would you explain why 90% of poets and painters are men?


Living simple life doesn't make anyone saint. Everybody has right to live 5 star life with his hard work


It is easy to preach non-violence when soldiers are prepared to commit violence to protect you from your enemies


What's Marriage: Marriage is a fancy word for adopting an overgrown female child whose expenses can't b handled by her parents anymore!


Dear Married Men, Buddha had to invent a whole new Religion to escape his wife.......that is how difficult it is


A businessman who creates jobs for people does more for poverty eradication than all these social workers and NGOs


In India if woman breaks relation after premarital sex she's empowered. If Man breaks relation after premarital sex he's Raped her. NONSENSE


Arundhati Roy has severely criticized the policemen in Kashmir for not quietly dying when poor innocent young terrorists fire at them


Social workers & NGOs never remove poverty - they only feed on poverty


Is Govt pushing IrBM Law to break down Hindu Marriage system & encourage Live-in Relationship?


He's the same God who lets millions of children die of hunger. So I don't think He really cares whether you get through IIT or not


For those who want reservation for women irrespective of attitude & talent in everything including parliament Think of Womanís Reservation as A Doctor whose no patient survived, is called to do your bypass surgery as itís her turn to operate as per reservation rule.


Reserving government seat for Women decreases corruption. If this logic was true Congress would have given the cleanest Government under her


Those women who say men want sex only doesnít have anything else to offer


If there's ever a shortage of priests in the Catholic faith, the Vatican should tap Indian journalists. Nobody delivers sermons better. Some Journo even made prostitution look more respectable than journalism. Former sell body for living, latter sell nation for Padmabhushan


No one questions woman for dressing like pervert instead call flashy women empowered & Man watching her pervert! Hypocrisy?



Men do it because Men can. Men can because Men want to. Men want to because you said you couldnít. Y U ask 4 equal pay? whn U didn't do it.


As per some religion somewhere, I must be doing some kind of crime right now.


Saying that your religion is better than others is saying that the set of lies you believe in are better than the lies others believe in

One liners for men

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