How Assam acident became a 'gangrape' & sparked outrage'


13 yr old booked for touching 2 yr old 'inappropriately.' Where are we headed to? Half population of India would be booked very soon!


Now 6 year old boy accused of sexual harassment as he kissed a girl hand Feminist have become maniac


Shehnaz Shaikh, left her husband and child to be with her paramour, Hafizul Shaikh later came to abduct the daughter


Justice for Sunil Ugde he made 19-min video accusing his wife of 18 years & her paramour for driving him to suicide



Who says wife saves money. A Businessman found that his wife stole his own gold, luckily he got freedom through divorce


Air India cabin crew member held on rape charge. This is clear case of a man getting trapped in rape case just because he wants to not get into marriage.


Man leaves a SUICIDE NOTE of being pushed to death by In-Laws. Court acquits wife n family. SHAME. -


A rape story can't get more interesting than this. Jewellery, Mortgage, Promise of marriage, Betrayal Rape


Right to property is a human right, HC says  But Government is bringing property division into the IrBM divorce law to rob men of their property. Why?


Rape charges by married women need harsher scrutiny: HC. Why only married?it should be all women.


Family court orders maintenance for child born of love affair  being a man is a big liability in India.


The slavery reports always neglect legal slaves who are even forced to sell their kidney for surviving


Mother Accused of Molesting Teenage Boys - A suburban mother was charged Tuesday with seducing.


Should a rapist with unstable mind get pardoned? If Women get away with child's murder by feigning unstable mind Y? 


Innocent dying daily But no government tried to stop Legal Terrorism why vote for them? 

The trend has started we’ll now have plethora of such cases. Where Kids are taking revenge for harassed fathers.


Women trap men even after 7 yrs of consensual relationship. Women have gone berserk for extorting money by filing cases and calling consensual relation a crime -


Countrymen & ArmyMen need to rise so that they can save themselves from Law Misuse As No man is safe


True equality is her goal


Man hangs self, due to harassment by adulterous wife & her boyfriend …

IPC 497 considers women can't be adulterous


The facade called Women Empowerment …


Even if wife has turned him out of the house Estranged husband must pay home EMIs


Man's Body found dumped in suitcase, … Is Mens safety no one’s priority?


A lady, who had alleged that a youth, Rahul, had sexual relations with her for two years after promising to marry her, was arrested in Hisar town, 260 km from here, Monday. after she allegedly threatened to kill woman Deputy Superintendent of Police Dharna Yadav in the presence of another officer.


An Indian American mother of two from a well-to-do West Austin neighborhood was charged Sept. 9 with plotting the death of her husband.


Dejected over daughter's affair, parents end life  Should parents love such daughters who do not care of their life?


New bride Puja, decamped taking away household jewellery just three days after her marriage leading the groom Kailash Parihar to commit suicide


SC bench headed by new CJI slams decision of just-retired CJI Kabir  we need judiciary liability bill to prevent malpractice in judiciary.


Four elderly men found being held against their will in "deplorable conditions" Who will stop Crime Against Men


Monster mom Gomathi, connives to get minor daughter raped


Lady enters restaurant on horseback It’s a myth that ladies are all well mannered


Adulterous wife kills her husband  millions of men have died due to adulterous wife. Still as per IPC 497 woman cannot even be considered as abettor in adultery.


The terrible toll of making divorce easier: Children are more likely to be violent, take drugs & have underage sex


No media reported suicide of innocent Pushkar Singh  While if it had been a female like Jiah Khan there would have been a media outrage campaign was all over the media. This exposes the Misandry of PaidMedia


Men planning to propose beware. Your princess may attack


When a man refuses to marry, it is rape. Should there be Capital Punishment for men's refusal to marry, i.e. Rape?


Accused of theft, 7-yr-old boy tonsured, paraded Is this less than a public Rape? But no one wud cry fr this boy.



Cops lockup & beat boys for ‘ransom’ No talk to stop CrimeAgainstMen or ban arrest of men after sunset


Height of promiscuity a 40-year-old pregnant lady has sought the help of a city hospital to conduct a DNA test to determine who is the father of her unborn child.


Negligent mother risked life of baby by driving moped while feeding, but not punished Why Laws are soft for WOMEN


Even churches are getting foreign funds


Save that fake outrage first account for all of these encounters and custodial deaths


Erred in order on RTI panel heads, SC says


Police rained blows on innocent Man's face & eyes, leading to medical emergency how will police ensure safety of Men?


Seeking VVIP status lands Delhi CBI judge in hot water


A US woman claims she lied when she was 9 years. she accused her father of raping her and is now begging for his release from prison.



 Instead of hollow boasting of Women Empowerment Woman should start respecting those three words "Pay the Bill"


Olympic star was high-end prostitute


PIL questions immediate arrests in dowry harassment cases


'Infidelity over phone ground for divorce'


Wife's dying statement falls flat, man acquitted of dowry death


Misandry creates self hating men -


Men’s Rights in India – From its leaders


mother killed 2 year baby in Kolhapur


No one talks to make working condition of Men better even after Investment bank intern, 21, worked 'until 6am for three nights in a row' before he was found dead in his London flat


The Delhi rape is being used to demonize Indian men


Gurgaon businessman allegedly commits suicide, in-laws booked for harassment


Domestic violence: 'As a man, it's very difficult to say I've been beaten up'


In-laws living far can’t be tried under Domestic Violence Act’


Techie and family acquitted in dowry case

People should Use this Justice Ganguly and Justice Thakur Judgement to free India from


Police Corruption


No money , no alimoney , no maintenence , no property earn yourself =real empowerment .

40% in jails are poor trapped by false evidences and hundreds of murderers are acquitted ?


False case by wife. Damaging public image of husband. Ground for divorce ,


Sample of blind reporting - Fact ( ) and fiction ( ) in the same paper today on terms of the India-China deal to end standoff.

2.6 million Men will experience abuse of some kind during their lifetime. Say "No!" to stereotyping and to misandry


How to fight against gender biased, anti-male and arbitrarily laws- Some suggestions


Newlywed man hangs self  no dowry death as he is a man; whereas every death of women is dowry death


Men's rights movement is a growing and potential political force


Worst myth that Women don’t file false Dowry harassment cases is proven false....Women provide false jewelry bills


Goa Citizens Welfare trust has formed Dadleancho Ekvott, a cell to protect "innocent men" from harassment from false complaints against them.


India Demands US must stop interference in Indian Family System


Husband killer criminal wife should be send to jail, booked under 306 IPC 


It Should Be Against The Law To arrest and book a Boy on Rape for a Consensual SEX in India


Wife shot husband, Indore – NBT


This is the revelation about women NGO's that so called work for 'rights' of women.

दूल्हा करता रहा इंतजार, आठ लाख लेकर परिवार सहित गायब हुई दुल्हन http://


The World is Focusing on Women's Issues While Happily Ignoring Men's


Angelina Jolie inspires women to maim themselves by celebrating medically perverted double mastectomies How Bizzare


So many Woman involved in rape of daughter but invariably child custody goes to women !!


Interesting article by Harry


Again a mother lost a son due to tortute by wife but feminist will consider his wife as woman who needs help, not his mother


It's not all about sex for female offenders



Delhi HC- Suppression of Facts. Wife guilty of contempt,maintenance dismissed with cost.


Feminists say, women are oppressed in Africa. One mom used her son as personal sex slave in Africa.


Azim Premji Foundation gives a clear message that Sexual Harassment cases are harmless


I'm a victim of extortion, says sacked iGATE chief Phaneesh Murthy


Harassed by in-laws, Man commits suicide. Why there is no protection for Men from domestic violence?


Female wrestlers reject Sonika's sexual harassment charges


Anjali Gupta's family says Amit urged her to fabricate sexual harassment charges |


So where are the candle bearers and so call human rights activists ???? when a man is killed by adulterous wife


 Violent women & battered men. Important female abusers are held accountable for their unproductive behaviours


Article on Judiciary Into the Darkness

HEIGHTS of Misandry: MAN kills self ovr failed Love Affair. PPL say : " One less H-1B worker to USA" IRONIC


12 lakh to Judge for bail. N they want Judges to decide property division in IRBM Delhi's bribe meter: Rs 10-1 lakh "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." ~Thomas


 At least some sense prevails "Consensual sex with minor not crime, Delhi court says"


IPC 497 does not punish a woman for Adultery. What option does a husband have? Man hangs himself, kills wife


Options if BF refuses to Marry: ABDUCT him /File Rape/ File Outraging modesty of woman. Options if GF refuses to Marry: NONE.


Judge defrauding the defrauded: Justice Susan Crennan


CIC: Spouse not third party if marriage subsists.  The people who are fighting with RTI officials in getting the wife’s ITR details, PF details or any other financial details will be rejoice to hear that their RTI’s wont be rejected on the basis of “Third Party Information”. Because Central Information Commission has ruled that if the marriage between the spouse is subsisting then the information of the spouse wont be THIRD PARTY.


Mothers and their boyfriends biggest child abuse culprits in Malaysia, govt figures show


No one wud try to find who SHE ran away with, No one wud blame her for his SUICIDE, He was HUSBAND. Who damn cares


Lakshmi Padiyar  a married woman attempts suicide to Marry Boyfriend: Had she succeeded it would have been a DOWRY death! Under IPC 304B -


Why is disrobing women a crime whereas disrobing men is not a crime? Topless women march in Vancouver for equality


Mums lead Child Abuse shame - Child abuse is rising dramatically in Australia, according to the


Killer Admits Cutting Off partners manhood after he fell asleep on her couch


welcome to the world of "Legal Terror".Now its Om Puri it could be u tomorrow


Sex with male student 'went against everything I stood for': religious teacher breaks down in court (Crocodile tears I guess)


How can society be safe for women when it's unsafe for Men?


Some myth busters for those who refuse to acknowledge the fact that men can be abused -


Intelligent, thought provoking n logical article How the IrBM law is unconstitutional in present form


British Airways compensates man for sexist child seating policy - British Airways has compensated a passenger


Urgent need of Men Welfare ministry as Society, Judiciary, Police & media all have let down us on Men safety


Afsana a mother of two daughters, married for 14 yrs. Kills husband Akhbar with help of paramour Naseem. Husband’s mistake- he objected to the affair.


India is not safe for men as even when women are found stalking men & Gate crashing they are not arrested


Uhrichsville woman sentenced for raping young son 

NCW rules out sexual harassment of AI airhostess Komal Singh …


EVeryone man must respect women. But, women can create ruckus and be irresponsible.


Woman attempts suicide over IPL match … Had she died, husband would be in jail for dowry death


No action taken if a married man commits suicide blaming wife, in-laws but 304B on him if wife dies


Give some solid reason to protect this helpless woman feminists !

The misandric society will ignore and not demand suspension of Sub inspector for slapping a 70 year OLD MAN??? …


Man beaten to death by wife, 3 in-laws


Innocent man, jailed for 20 years, suing forensic experts — RT USA


Pay Gap is a Myth. With same work and same specialisation, women are likely to earn more than men. …


Wife caused mental cruelty to husband by filing numerous false cases..Delhi HC grants divorce "


Atheism is increasing, I hope the religion based war/violence will end soon …


Abandoned newborn baby boy lodged in a sewage pipe - … But so many male feticides go unnoticed


Jail for sex with stepson: A WOMAN whose illicit relationship with her partner's teenage son was caught on fil...

10 month old boy abandoned by mother …


He must have mustered his courage only now(after 50 years of marriage), after may be the lady got immobile(read...




21-yr-old woman cheats flat buyers of Rs 55crore


Court acquits man in rape case as complainant turns hostile - Zee News


If wife dies husband goes jail, But If Husband commits suicide saying wife responsible it is considered accident …


She tried to murder the baby and on being caught blamed it on a Man. How low can a woman stoop …


It's women empowerment, correct Rush hour for women pickpockets on Delhi Metro -


Empowered woman Leena Maria Paul


19-yr-old’s gang-rape tale puts three friends in a big spot of bother …


Another Suicide (farmer???)!


Men's Rights Association to fight for 'men harassed by women'

Hypocrites even talk of rights of lifeless female mannequin, Ever tried thinking of suffering of men …



Frame Compensation Scheme for Boy-Victims of Sexual Assault: HC:

Litigant need not have to suffer for lawyer’s false submission, says High Court

India Rape Story Championed by Amnesty International False -

'My mom is like Indrani Mukherjea; she has sex with many men'; class 7 boy's note leaves teachers stunned-INews - IBNLive Mobile -

Mother murders 8 year daughter for objecting mothers affair

 ‘Selfie in Prison’ for wronged men:

Woman lies in court for getting alimony. Now slapped with perjury

What about the dignity of a man falsely accused of rape?

New bride walks out after hubby objects to sharing bed with her pet dogs - Bangalore Mirror -

Women get more starting salaries than men in IT: Survey -

Are Women Misusing Laws Meant For Their Protection? From Section 498a To Rohtak Sisters-An Analysis -

‘Men outnumber women in suicides due to family crisis’:-

Call false rape accused as "Rape Survivor" says a Delhi Court .. I have been asking he same for years now but the media and many others calls us "Harrassed Husbands"

Mumbai Crime: Here's How This Woman Turned Into A Mafia Queen in 6 Yrs -

Marine study finds all-male infantry units outperformed teams with women

Will counsel couples in custody battles: Bombay HC -

Man killed after wife stabbed him 33 times in Mumbai - The Times of India on Mobile -

Principal of St Xavier's School held on sexual assault charge: The Hindu - Mobile edition -

'Lack of protection laws leads more men to suicides' -

Police involvement in matrimonial dispute destroyes chances of reconciliation

Attitudes shift on paid leave: Dads sue, too -

“Acche din” for men? Not by a long shot!

Focus News Debate | Is Violence Generated By Men?:

 Girls accused of theft, take off their clothes in public when caught by mob -

Gang of women tries 2set constables on fire

Microsoft sued for gender discrimination -

Tamil actor Krishna booked under charges of dowry and harassment - The Times of India -

Mother kills two musically talented kids -

My Wife Left Me, After I Lost My Job

We need a new strategy to tackle violence against men and boys -

Woman kills husband, then files a missing complaint -


Real killer scot-free, hubby booked for death of wife due to accident. This is similar to the truth of laws like IPC 304b that considers husband responsible for death of wife irrespective of the cause

Framing husband, kin in false dowry case is cruelty,rules HC Nagpur bench

A lady Sunita yadav guzzles beer, abuses, threatens cops inside police station -

Haryana gang that blackmailed men with fake rape cases busted; five held -

Soldier uses GoPro to prove wife's domestic abuse -

Why She Faked 85 Pregnancies Before Getting Caught -

Is Separation and Divorce Becoming the New Relationship Trend?

Wife, Paramour Kill RTC Driver -


Two acquitted in dowry death case - The Hindu -

 Women prefer crime like drug peddling

 Mutt officials strike back, claim both rape cases are defamatory

A perversion of gender rights - The Hindu Business Line -

Woman tries to kill child, held -

Great, so its her 3rd rape complaint ? No one will be spared from Misuse of Rape law

Some California men are tackling toxic feminist in their own way, by using law for equality


Woman, lover held for killing her husband -

Burkha clad woman steals baby

Watch "NEWS9: ' Mard Ko Dard Hota Hai!' , a NEWS9 discussion" on YouTube -

Haryana IAS officer SN Roy cleared of sexual abuse allegations -

Now a drive to save child murderer under the name of Postpartum depression -

A German article on Indian bender biased laws and legal terrorism.

Violence must be condemned whether it’s against women or men,” demand the men’s rights activist groups. A nationwide distress call centre launched by a group of 40 NGOs last year for men has received around 1,500 calls from the two Telugu states. As per the organisation most of these calls were either about abuse of law or violence by women against men.

Man moves court to probe rape case against him


Now men are afraid to help women, thanks to toxicity of feminism


Saudi woman cuts off Tamil Nadu maid’s arm

Slapped with 498A, men put up fight - The Times of India on Mobile -

Man beheads wife; walks on road with her head -

Delhi Court orders perjury case against woman for false rape charge | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis -

Step-parent not liable to maintain child: Gujarat HC - The Times of India on Mobile -



I will add more misandry busters in coming time. Till than happy myth busting.

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