Dad is the Mom: Marriage ends, a new bond begins. Last New Year's eve, Sunil Mathapati's 18-year-old daughter cleaned out his cupboard and discovered that he was still wearing the shirts he wore 10 years ago. "If I didn't," he told her, "you would be."It was roughly 10 years ago that Mathapati's life crumbled. His wife told him she had fallen for another man, and left for Dubai. In those months preceding his divorce, he formed an unshakeable bond with his five-year-old. In 2010, he won custody, and his double shift as a single father began.


Infidel man wouldn’t bother about wife: HC. Nagpur: The Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court granted divorce to a man whose wife was having an extramarital affair while observing that an infidel husband wouldn't bother about wife's fidelity. "On one hand, wife has levelled allegations that husband was having an affair with one of his professional colleagues and on the other, she pleaded that he constantly suspected her character. If husband really had an affair, why should he bother about wife's character. An infidel husband would not bother about wife," a division bench of Justice Vasanti Naik and Justice Vinay Deshpande stated.


1 in 3 sentenced to death is eventually acquitted, reveals study. NEW DELHI: Out of every 100 death sentences that trial courts pronounce, less than five are upheld by higher courts. About 30% of the remaining prisoners are acquitted, and the sentence is commuted for the rest.


Abetment angle delays dk ravi probe report. What is stopping the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) from filing a closure report in the case pertaining to the death of IAS officer DK Ravi, which was handed over to it for investigation a year back?


Woman, 62, is jailed for six months after falsely claiming she was raped by two men with Eastern European accents just so she could make £6,000 insurance claim. Wendy Willson, 62, sparked an investigation that cost Norfolk Police £70,000 with the claim, which officers now believe she invented purely for financial gain.


A former middle school teacher in Texas who admitted to having a long-term sexual relationship with a 13-year-old boy that at one point led to a pregnancy was sentenced to 10 years in prison in what the judge presiding over the case called a message to the community.


No maintenance for wife who can't prove cruelty: HC. MUMBAI: Justice V R Kingaonkar of the Bombay High Court ruled this week that a husband did not have to pay maintenance to a wife who left her matrimonial house alleging cruelty and harassment but could not prove the same before a magistrate.


Woman, 19, pleads guilty after being seen pleasuring herself while lying on a city centre bench in Truro in front of horrified passers. A teenager has admitted intentionally exposing herself after she was filmed pleasuring herself while lying on a city centre bench in broad daylight.


The 19-year-old said she could not remember the incident in Lemon Quay, Truro, Cornwall, and magistrates in the city heard it was a 'massive source of embarrassment'.


5-Year-Old boy Succumb To Injuries After His Mother Had Beaten Him For 24 Hours. 26-year-old, mother of the two children, Theresa Hawkins-Stephens and her 29-year-old accomplice Rachael Bostian, were charged with murder felonious assault, and threatening children. The Bond which is  set for them is $1 million. A third woman was also involved who reportedly is the mother of second accuse, Rachel Bostain. Ramona Bostian, 56, is charged with child endangering and felonious assault. And her bond was set for $500,000.


Murdered by 'mum': Woman who tried to blame her son, 17, for the death of a toddler she was 'fostering' is convicted of the girl's killing. A 'barbaric' mother-of-four who tried to blame her teenage son for the death of a toddler she was 'fostering' was today found guilty of murdering the little girl.

Kandyce Downer, 35, from Weoley Castle, Birmingham, killed 18-month-old Keegan Downer just months after she was made the little girl's legal guardian.


New Orleans paid taxi driver $40,000 to settle 'false arrest' lawsuit after he filmed lewd footage of attorney trying to seduce him. The city of New Orleans paid a cab driver who claimed that he was jailed on false charges a settlement based on extortion accusations made by a local radio host that he recorded exposing herself to him while in the front seat of his taxi. According to court records, driver Hervey Farrell was paid $40,000 by the city last summer to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit over being arrested in August 2013 on voyeurism and extortion counts.


Girl beats the shit out of boy for arguing with her. This may be necessary, especially when there is no hope and the men have just had enough abuse. When a man is pushed and is emasculated, he will snap and retaliate by thrashing her face and just randomly turn to the nearest men who look angered by his self defense and preempts any white knighting from happening. He might as well go down having knocked out two or three blue pill WKs in the process. However, CS MGTOW made some good points in his video about men these days being custodial citizens and how they choose disengage from society, even unknowingly and as a natural consequence of the toxic environment they live in, for fear of their own well being. Men will probably choose to diffuse and avoid bad situations altogether.


Child born in wedlock will be presumed legitimate: HC CHENNAI: The Madras high court has rejected a man's plea to make his wife undergo a DNA test to decide the paternity of their child, stating that if the marriage exists it should be "presumed" that the child is a legitimate one.




WASHINGTON: A woman in the US has been sentenced to 100 years in prison for cutting a woman's baby from her womb. In a crime that shocked the nation, Dynel Lane was found guilty in February of seven counts against her, including attempted murder and unlawful pregnancy termination, Xinhua news agency reported.



Indonesian minister says men become corrupt due to their greedy wive. AN Indonesian minister has blamed women for the scourge of graft in the country, saying that men become corrupt due to the greed and materialistic nature of their money out of guilt for not being able to spend more time at home with their families, and this leads them to corrupt practice.


Property and family disputes account for 76% of litigation. NEW DELHI: Property disputes and family conflicts clog our judicial system and in a majority of cases, police detain the accused unnecessarily. These are the findings of Daksh, an NGO which analyses the performance of the judiciary.


Wives become less stressed after husband's death: Study. LONDON: Marriage has long been thought to be beneficial, but a new study suggests that widows suffer less stress and frailty than women whose husbands are still alive.


One mother's story: How strep throat attacked my child's brain. Eleven-year-old Chris Heckmann was healthy and in good spirits when his mother, Maura, left him with friends for the night. But when she returned, 24 hours later, her son was unrecognizable. Stricken with paranoia, he refused to eat and paced around the family room, fear in his eyes.



Hong Kong bars may offer ‘men’s nights’ after court deems ladies’ night promos discriminatory. The move came after the District Court gave an interlocutory judgment in favour of the Equal Opportunities Commission last week, stating that it was against the Sex Discrimination Ordinance for Club Legend in Mong Kok to charge men more than women. The case was uncontested as the defendant did not give any notice of opposition or turn up for the hearing.


Shishu Griha Kids Routinely Tortured. KARIMNAGAR:  A day after video footage of children being branded with hot spoon at Shishu Griha in the district surfaced, police investigation revealed that the inhuman treatment meted out was not the first of its kind.


Colleges are spending millions defending themselves from accused student lawsuits. Colleges and universities across the country have been forced by the federal government to micromanage the sex lives of students, and now they are seeing the costs associated with those demands.


Mumbai: Man saves abandoned day-old baby found in nullah. I was on my way to Borivli around 11.30 am, when I saw a large crowd of about 100-150 people peering into a nullah at Naigaon. I stopped the car to see what was happening and was shocked to see a newborn lying in the nullah, with ants and mud all over his face and body. People were busy taking pictures and videos and I heard them murmur ‘dead baby’. But then I saw a tiny movement in the baby’s hand and realised he was alive! I immediately went down to the nullah and picked him up. I washed the mud and ants off his body with two bottles of water and then wiped him dry with my handkerchief.


Lesbian who is accused with her civil partner of murdering toddler, 2, 'forced another boy's hand into the dead child's mouth then said: You've killed him. A lesbian accused of murdering two-year-old Liam Fee with her civil partner forced another young boy to put his hand into the toddler's mouth after he had died and said: 'You've killed him.'


The boy, who cannot be named, told police he slept naked inside a cage made of a fireguard and bars with his hands bound with cable ties, a court heard.


Woman commits suicide after harassment by in-laws. FARIDABAD: A 20-year-old woman allegedly committed suicide in the city after she was harassed by her in-laws for want of dowry, police said on Tuesday. According to the complaint filed by Mohammad Imran, he got his daughter married to one Salman, resident of Ismailpur in Faridabad about seven months back.


Govt mulling criminalising marital rape. Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi on Tuesday said the government is mulling criminalising marital rape, a month after her statement in Parliament that the concept cannot be “suitably applied in the Indian context” created an uproar. Gandhi said there is an attempt by the government to move forward on the issue.


Ohio woman charged with live-streaming rape of 17-year-old friend. An 18-year-old Ohio woman has been indicted on charges of live streaming her own friend's rape.Marina Alexveena Lonina and 29-year-old Raymond Boyd Gates were socialising with the 17-year-old victim at a residence in Columbus, Ohio on February 27. They were indicted on charges of kidnapping, two counts of rape, one count of sexual battery and several counts of pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor.


Rape allegations did disturb me mentally: Sardar Singh. India hockey captain Sardar Singh opens up to Rutvick Mehta about controversial allegations of rape against him and how he overcame it. Excerpts from an exclusive interview

The past couple of months have been like a roller-coaster ride for you. You were accused of rape, and despite all that was going on,


From IIT Madras Students To Brides To Be, A Warning Song Gone Viral. CHENNAI: HIGHLIGHTS What is expected of brides in India? The vexing question has now been answered once and for all in a music video produced by three students from IIT Madras. And naturally, it has gone viral.


Do Your Bit, Say No Thank You. WHY ARE WOMEN exempt in the Odd-Even plan of the Delhi government? Because Arvind Kejriwal believes the city’s public transport is not safe for them. At a press conference, as reported in Mint, Delhi’s Transport Minister Gopal Rai said, “We held a meeting with various women’s associations. The suggestion that came was that while women want to play a part to save the environment, until security is ensured, women should be exempted. The Delhi CM has decided that security measures are not at par and the government has decided to exempt women from this phase.


Vidya Balan's open letter to all the girls and the victim of Child abuse. (7 Dec) Child sexual abuse is a very sensitive issue. Figures tell that this disgusting thing is happening to every 2nd or 3rd girl by any means. It has been tried to understand the psychology in the recent released film 'Kahaani 2' that how Child sexual abuse affects the thinking of that child and her upbringing. Film's actress Vidya Balan wrote a letter regarding this issue and we are sharing in below : Lovely Friends, Childhood is a beautiful memory in everyone's life.


Husband filing divorce petition is no justification for wife to lodge false criminal cases against him and his family: Bombay HC (DB). Bombay High Court has held that the husband filing divorce petition, would be no justification for the wife to file criminal cases making wild allegations which she is unable to prove. Division Bench comprising of Justices A.I.S. Cheema and R.M. Bord...Read more at:


Irritated by cries, Bangladeshi woman kills child by throwing him on floor. 5 Apr) Dhaka: In a shocking incident, a Bangladeshi woman allegedly killed the child of her tenant by throwing him on the floor after she got irritated by the toddler's cries. The toddler, Hafizur Sheikh, was on Thursday crying in a room of his house when an angry Nupur Begum came in and threw him on the hard ground, hurting his head and chest, a police official quoted the child's family as saying. The boy was rushed to the hospital.


Don’t name rape suspects unless they are convicted, says Harry Hodges. The names of Thady Duff, Leo Mahon, Patrick Foster and James Martin will forever be associated with a crime of appalling cruelty and depravity. Indeed a crime so awful in nature that even the merest hint of suspicion is enough to tarnish an innocent man’s name for life. For rape is a special case. The normal rules of justice do not apply and in the court of public opinion the doctrine of “no smoke without fire” is far more potent than the principle of “innocent until proved guilty”. If our legal system cared about the rights of those wrongly accused, it would keep the identity of rape suspects secret until they are convicted.


NO SEX? HC GRANTS DIVORCE. The high court has struck down a Mysuru family court order which had said a woman would be humiliated if she made arrangements for the 'first night' of her own marriage, or if she had requested her husband to stay with her after the wedding reception to consummate the marriage.The HC has said it was nobody's case who organised the 'first night.' In its judgment, a division bench of the high court said.


HC grants bail to two, denies one in Pune techie gang rape case. MUMBAI: The Bombay high court on Friday rejected a bail plea of Abhinay Sahi but granted two other accused Devrath Dubey and Anand Chanar bail in the case of a techie's gang rape that had shocked Pune earlier last year.


Saudi Arabia needs to move ahead with project management offices to unclog pipeline. Saudi Arabia’s government needs to move ahead with plans to design and implement project management offices (PMOs) to avoid further blockages in the country’s project pipeline, according to experts.

David Clifton, a business development director for cost and project management consultant Faithful+Gould, who was one of a number of consultants advising the Saudi government on the introduction of PMOs, told The National that "it is going to take a year just to design and start implementing this national project management office, whoever is going to do it".


पीएमओ ने जजों के खिलाफ शिकायतें सार्वजनिक कीं नई दिल्ली। प्रधानमंत्री कार्यालय (पीएमओ) ने एक आरटीआइ आवेदन के जवाब में जजों के खिलाफ आई शिकायतें सार्वजनिक कर दी हैं। शिकायतों के इस पुलिंदे में पूर्व न्यायाधीशों के साथ कुछ मौजूदा न्यायाधीश भी शामिल हैं।


Testing Chastity, Evidencing Rape Impact of Medical Jurisprudence on Rape Adjudication in India. I n this paper, we argue that the continued use of medical knowledge and evidence in rape trials requires substantial reform of medical textbooks, medical education, as well as the standard protocol for collecting medical evidence in rape cases. We trace the origins of the use of medical evidence in rape cases and critically analyse the historical and contemporary role of medical evidence in the adjudication of rape cases in India. We also examine textbooks of medical jurisprudence1 that are widely used in India, which originated in the 19th century during the British colonial rule.


Russian Woman Stabbed Husband To Death, Then Fed His Remains To Family Dog. A Russian woman has been accused of butchering her husband with a knife and feeding his flesh piece by piece to her dog until his last breath. It is believed that the woman was highly inebriated and did this in cocaine-fueled frenzy leaving him covered in blood.


Ex-teacher accused of sex with students says one boy’s grades improved. SALT LAKE CITY (WCMH)–A former teacher in Utah who pleaded guilty to sexual abuse charges defended herself in a written response filed Tuesday in federal court.


Case filed against 5 Judges for allegedly abetting suicide of fellow Judge.. Maharashtra Police has reportedly filed a criminal case against five Judges, for allegedly abetting the suicide of a fellow Judge. Anup Jawalkar, Civil Judge Senior Division and Addition Chief Judicial Magistrate at Darwha in Yawatmal had allegedly.


Woman convicted over husband’s murder in Kulgam. A local court in south Kashmir on Saturday convicted a woman over the murder of her husband in 2007. The woman, identified as Akhtera, wife of Late Mohammed Shafi was found guilty for murdering her husband after a trial at honorable Sessions Court in Kulgam, a police spokesman said.


What was the meaning of this quote from The Dark Knight movie?

Help me settle this debate with a friend. I feel the quote: "Because he's the hero Gotham needs, but not the one it deserves right now" means Gotham needs him but doesn't deserve him because he's willing to give up everything for them and they continue to get worse. Therefore "They don't deserve him because they don't appreciate him." However, my friend thinks the quote means they need him but they don't deserve him because they deserve better. Which one of us is right, or are we both wrong?


These Are The Strange Cookies This Mom Brought To A 2nd Grade Class (Photo). The parent of a second grade student brought some very questionable cookies to her child’s class recently. The cookies were so strange that someone in the class couldn’t help but share the story behind them on reddit..


My daughter's not breathing... she's gone': Chilling recording of 999 call by mother who murdered toddler Ayeeshia Jane Smith after she screamed 'stop mummy' is released - as boyfriend is convicted of allowing her death. Kathryn Smith, 23, killed her 21-month-old daughter while at home in Burton, Staffordshire, with her partner, Matthew Rigby, 22, who was convicted of allowing or causing her death.


Mum cleared of killing two-year-old daughter 'paid her lawyer with sex' A mother who was cleared of killing her two-year-old daughter is accused of paying her lawyer with sex, it's reported. The private detective claimed that the misconduct 'escalated' because Casey was broke, adding that in September 2008 he witnessed her running 'naked' from Baez’s private chambers.


Why India Doesn’t Need The Sanitary Napkin Revolution

Unhappy with marriage, woman cuts off husband's genitals. Mohammed Nausad married Rukbanu while he was fast asleep; she cut his genitals with a razor, washed the blood off her hands and went to sleep in another room.


For The Daughters Who Don’t Love Their Mothers – Screw Mother’s Day


Groom cancels wedding after seeing video of bride going wild in bechrlorette party

Pakistani students are covering university walls with sanitary towels in protest over period taboo. A group of students has been pasting sanitary towels on the walls of a Pakistani university in protest against the taboo over discussing menstruation in the country. The six women and men, who study at Beaconhouse National University (BNU) in Lahore, wrote slogans on the towels such as "it's something so natural" and "I'm not flawed or poorly made".


HC rules: You’re not an advocate if working anywhere full-time (including probably at law firms on retainer loophole) [READ JUDGMENT. A lawyer consulting full time with a public sector undertaking (PSU), who had been unsuccessfully trying to get enrolled with the Gujarat bar council (BCG) since 2012, is not allowed to do so and therefore practically not an advocate, ruled the Gujarat high court according to the Times of India. The long-running saga of Jalpa Desai, who said that she works as a legal expert consultant with the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC), had seen a report by a committee led by retired judge Justice RC Mankad recommending enrolment that had been ignored by the bar council.


This Uncle wants unmarried couples to get a room, by the hour. When the Delhi/Gurgaon-based startup StayUncle launched last year, it wanted to give people the option of booking a hotel room for even 10 hours, breaking away from the standard practice, which required a guest to pay the full day's tariff even if the stay was only for a few hours. But when the enquiries started pouring in, the founders realised they had tapped into an unexpected customer base: unmarried couples.


Rajendra Pachauri Files Suit Against Vrinda Grover Seeking Rs1 Crore In Damages. NEW DELHI -- R.K. Pachauri has filed a civil suit against lawyer Vrinda Grover, seeking injunction and Rs1 crore in damages, alleging she was trying to prejudice the ongoing sexual harassment case against him. Grover had made public the statements of two women who are her clients and have alleged they were sexually harassed by the former TERI chief. Neither of the women have, as yet, lodged a criminal complaint in the matter, but in their statements released to media through Grover, they alleged that Pachauri is a serial sexual harasser.

Thane: In-laws kill tea seller just six days after wedding. Police officials from Hill Line police station said despite opposition from both the families, citing caste and social status, Pankaj and Pooja Saudhe tied the knot six days ago. To ensure that none of their families interfered, they opted for a court marriage. “Pooja’s family was never comfortable with Pankaj running a tea stall in the area and cited this as the primary reason for them being against their union.


Ignorant Judges have been destroying young and innocent lives through rape convictions. Advocate K.V.Dhananjay argues here that a number of judges, including judges of the Supreme Court, have invented or imagined a crime that simply does not exist in the penal statute at all; these judges  have been ignorantly punishing young men who have had sex with a woman on a false promise of marrying later by convicting these men on a charge of ‘rape’.

Sanaya Sahib death: Mother Sofina Nikat charged with murder of Melbourne toddler found in creek. The mother of 14-month-old Sanaya Sahib, whose body was found in a Melbourne creek early on Sunday morning, has confessed to killing the toddler, a court has heard Sofina Nikat, 22, faced an out-of-sessions court hearing after being charged with one count of murder. She was remanded in custody to face Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday.


Dad and daughter relationships, as explained by 10 paintings. Being a dad is an amazing job no matter the gender of the tiny humans we're raising. But there's something unique about the bond between fathers and daughters. Most dads know what it's like to struggle with braiding hair, but we also know that bonding time provides immense value to our daughters.


Haryana police adds gang rape charges in Murthal incident. CHANDIGARH: Adding twist to the ongoing issue related to alleged incident of gang rape at Murthal near Sonipat during Jat stir for reservation, the Haryana police on Monday informed the Punjab and Haryana high court that fresh charges under section 376 (D) (gang rape) has been added in the FIR already registered on complaint of Delhi resident on the issue.



Australian NRI, Delhi girl among women allegedly raped at Murthal. Chandigarh: After rejecting reports of gangrapes at Murthal during the Jat stir for reservation, the Haryana Police has told the Punjab and Haryana High Court that the section on gangrape had been added to the FIR in the case. The move comes after the police received two anonymous letters from women stating that they had been sexually assaulted.


Consensual sex on promise of marriage not rape, says HC. The Bombay High Court on Thursday refused to accept that an educated, adult woman could term a consensual relationship as rape after the man allegedly promised to marry her but then failed to deliver on that promise. The court was hearing the anticipatory bail application of a man who had entered into a relationship with a 24-year-old woman last March. On October 7 , she had filed a case of rape at the goregaon policestation


Ignorant Judges have been destroying young and innocent lives through rape convictions. Advocate K.V.Dhananjay argues here that a number of judges, including judges of the Supreme Court, have invented or imagined a crime that simply does not exist in the penal statute at all; these judges  have been ignorantly punishing young men who have had sex with a woman on a false promise of marrying later by convicting these men on a charge of ‘rape’. Dhananjay argues that there is no such crime in the Indian Penal Code or any other penal statute in this country. He says that in a significant number of such cases, judges have been awarding severe punishment to the convicts for the commission of a crime that merely exists in the judges’ imagination and nowhere else.


13 reasons women lie about rape



In australian military it's ok if a male officer loses his fingure due to joke but if pony tail of a female officer is cut off, its called assault!!



Jailed: pregnant mother of four who assaulted man with stiletto outside bar (but it's OK because, you know, she's a mom)


When a divorced woman received £120 million from her millionaire husband, it was fine. But when that happens to a man, we need to abolish these archaic laws!


"I Aborted My Baby - Because it Was a Boy"


Child aged FOUR investigated by police for rape: Experts blame internet porn for the 800 under-tens who have sexually assaulted other children


Chinese man forced to wear sign apologizing for not handing all his wages to his wife


Awesome article in the Australian woman’s weekly on males and body image,0xlUMmK,ju7Njnm,8qo8tZY,vC5UqDw,m6f8vvX


Cops Who Framed Mentally Challenged Man For Rape and Murder Ordered To Personally Pay Him $7,000,000


Woman tries to cut off penis, cops arrest him. 11 Months later she murders him.


10 famous women who reject feminism or its label and support men. Why this is a growing trend. Why many feminists are trying to force "feminism" politically and legally.

He actually just compared a woman's life to prison


2012 TEACHER OF THE YEAR Took Boy Into Her Home, Had Lots Of S*x With Him

Lawmakers kill bills meant to protect rights of accused male students

Australian Human Rights Commission could not care less about the welfare of men and boys

Australian court rules that consent for sex obtained by fraud constitutes rape


The tide is turning - "Prosecutor: Highline teacher raped boy living in her home SeaTac elementary school teacher charged over allegations of long-running abuse of former student" - They are finally calling it rape

Pennsylvania, USA - Mother and Grandmother attempt to starve boy to death

Woman jailed after 11th false rape claim in a decade.

Australian state plans to violate sperm donar anonymity. Donar children will be able to track down biological fathers and sue them for support/inheritance


One of the direct consequences of quota and lower standards in the police force, women police officers need the assistance of a teenager boy to beat crime.

MGM / Male Circumcision: Another great paper from Brian D. Earp. This time on a recent judgement from a UK High Court Judge


'Consent is consent, blind drunk or otherwise': Fury as barrister insists it's NOT rape if a woman's under the influence of alcohol or drugs


Indian National Elections and decline of misandrist Congress Party

Mother viciously assaults child. All of a sudden the cops are in the wrong for taking child abuse seriously. This in the middle of national debate over "violence against women and their children".

Female teachers are 'bossy'. Male teachers are 'awesome'


TIL that if a 35 year old woman has sex with a 14 year old boy and gets pregnant, he despite being a minor will have to pay her child support. Start 3:42


Women in the Military - Ludicrous Double Standard

Woman retracts rape charge, man freed

Wonder what horrible man made her do it? "Stripper charged with allowing 2 month old boy to starve to death"

Why Are So Many Americans in Prison? A Provocative New Theory.

Three men convicted of rape, despite a judge trying to stop their trial because of a lack of evidence

Carnell Alexander: An excellent video analyzing the story behind the man forced to pay child support for a child that isn't his


Something about this rubs me the wrong way.

Woman pulls gun on man after being denied sex. Found to be primary aggressor. (Duluth model denied)

Rowdy women attack man at '50 Shades' screening

Police allow woman to kidnap 6 month old and leave Canada despite the father getting a court order. Father sues police.


17 y.o. son writes about how his mother threatens to take everything from his father during divorce and put his father in jail


Harvard medical school censors its own study showing 70 percent of domestic violence is committed by women against men..


Men’s Pay Being Reduced To Match Women’s Salary


'Paranoid' mum kills herself and son


Cardinals' cheerleader calls cops on boyfriend for domestic violence. Boyfriend has video evidence that she was the one hitting him

1,500 Men Lock Arms Protecting Their Place of Worship Against 7,000 Feminists Spitting, Spray Painting, and Sexually Assaulting Them.

An attractive young lady intends to have sex with a player on each of the 17 hockey teams. She texts nudes of herself with an invite for sex. Two 19-year-old males face felony charges including sex with a minor. Who's the sexual predator?

Women’s rights prof arrested for beating up boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

Swedish Mother locked up three daughters in a house for up to a decade in an attempt to keep two of them away from the father.

Teacher who had sex with 6 underage students, her defense plans to paint boys as the aggressors

Woman pulls gun on man after being denied sex. Tells police he assaulted her.


Straight from the horse's mouth: "jurors have a hard time putting female defendants to death

A BRAZILIAN woman has confessed to trying to kill her husband by putting poison in her private parts and urging him to have oral s*x with her. This incident took place in the city of Sao de Jose Rio Preto. The intended victim, a 43-year-old man who has not been named, says his wife tried to lure him into bed and encouraged him to perform oral s*x on her. His suspicions were aroused when he noticed an unusual odour emanating from her private parts and, fearing she was unwell, took her to hospital. Medical tests revealed she had doused her private parts with enough of the unspecified toxin to kill both her husband and herself.


Women can’t lie is myth -


Biased nation Cabinet okays pro-women divorce clause


Law student’s rape plaint may be fake, suspect police -


Rejected by girl’s family, man ends life from sea link -


HC commutes sentence of man who killed unfaithful wife at least there are some unbiased judges -


Techie rams bike into bus to kill 'cheating' girlfriend, himself -


A so called social worker sudha choudhary from cuffe parade killed her husband last night over minor house hold scuffle and fled -


Woman held for cremating mother and father inside house let off -


Girl robbed chains to keep 20 lovers happy -


Woman fined Rs 200 for slapping doctor -


Wife not parting salary with man no cruelty: HC


Mother who 'had sex with her friend's teenage son' charged after boy's mother finds bite mark on his neck -


Legal Remedies (5) How to Complain Against lack of impartiality in TV Channel programmes?


How to file complaint against a sitting judge of High Court? #LawForLawman


Business of Filing False Civil and Criminal Cases in India -


Blaming men for everything has no end - Now a ill sampled report suggests that stressed father lead to miscarriage ??? They have only studied those couple who have more miscarriages and not considered those who did not have miscarriages. Hence the sample itself is incomplete and they have the guts to come out with a report as well with such incomplete sample!!! -


Fed up with his marital problems, a US-based techie flew all the way from San Diego to commit suicide in his homeland on Sunday. The 30-year-old , a native of Guntur, hired a cab and was found dead by the cab driver when he reached the destination, his brother-in-law's house in Kukatpally.


Men to pay salary to wife??? -


Spurned by a married woman, a heavily armed 27-year-old jobless youth went on a killing spree that left six people dead, including himself, in Delhi. He had no recourse to justice. At the time when woman spurned by boy are able to file rape case against them the boys dumped by women don’t have any help from anyone -


Valerie Jean Solanas (April 9, 1936 – April 25, 1988) was an American radical feminist  - She was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic and pled guilty to "reckless assault with intent to harm", serving a three-year prison sentence, including psychiatric hospital time. After her release, she continued to promote the SCUM Manifesto, initiating modern radical feminism. She died in 1988 of pneumonia, in San Francisco, California.


Man ‘raped’ by a gang of girls, claims perpetrators shot MMS Dehradun (Uttara-khand): Women it seems have turned the table on men, yet again. A man from Dehradun has alleged that a gang of girls abducted, forcefully had sex with him and filmed the act. He also claims he was threatened with dire consequences if the went to the police.  Woman held for raping man in Stockholm


Maury Getkate  psychologist working in Ottawa, was shot to death by his wife, as he slept Lilian, When Mrs. Getkate testified about the shooting, she said that she had no recollection of killing her husband. She said that she heard footsteps, creaking and sharp noises. She remembered that her daughter cried out.


2009, Noreen Jessamine Weetra received a suspended five-year term for killing her partner, Ross Owen Calyun. Police had been called to the couple’s home 10 times in three years before Weetra struck back, stabbing Calyun in the heart in front of her children. Justice Margaret Nyland dubbed her actions “rare and exceptional”, and therefore deserving of a “merciful approach” in sentencing. A MOTHER of seven children has avoided a jail term, despite breaching the good behaviour bond imposed on her for killing her violent partner.


A CALIFORNIA woman has pleaded not guilty to cutting off her estranged husband’s penis and running it through a garbage disposal -


Topless - if you have a VALUABLE possession like a diamond or a bond certificate for example, u won't DISPLAY it in your living room, uncovered, for everyone else to see it. Certainly you will put it inside the safety box where no one else can see it BECAUSE it is valuable to you. These women do not consider their bodies as valuable to them.. if they are so ready to have EQUAL RIGHTS in every single thing, why don't they fight for their rights for EQUAL PUNISHMENTS as well ?


Police say she attacked a 75-year-old man just because she didn't like men


72-year-old dies of heart attack at police station


Misuse of dowry act provision


Modern Feminism Is The Most Destructive Force In The History Of Mankind


Accused dies in custody – 


Work place sexual harrasement –


Misuse of dowry act provision


Texas Man Freed After DNA Clears Him Of 1988 Rape -


Sperms marital asset -

Jhanvi Kapoor  Abhishekh wedding



HC questions police inaction in case of girl abducted away from father by divorced mother -


After Sayali Bhagat accused the A- list celebrities of sexual harassment she accuses her publicist.


Feminist opposing rape law to be gender neutral! Do they want women rapist get away with it? -


Low conviction in rape cases due to large number of fake rape cases being filed by women


Men to compensate their live in partner -


Pussy riot case


Girl stalks boy on social media, cops get a plaint...

 Women reduce corruption?? MT @dna Anti Corruption Bureau recovers over Rs 50 lakh cash from woman Planning officer

सपने में हुआ गैंगरेप, सच में लिखा दी रिपोर्ट

HORRIFYING: Adopted juvenile girl murders parents, leaves bodies to decompose for 2 months

Drunk Woman Says Cop Sexually Assaulted Her, Cop Shuts Her Down With Video Evid...

After sullying a man's reputation printing #FalseRape false #498A FIR verbatim as News they publish "corrigendum"

Odisha woman cuts off husband's genitals with blade

महिला टीचर कहती थी, सेक्स करो वरना... | Webdunia Hindi

Woman tutor, sexually exploit boy threatens to file Fake Cases of rape on his father Woman booked in POSCO act for sexually exploiting minor boy in Ludhiana but her name not revealed unlike Asaram Y?


Barely 17, young convent boy kills himself as a girl "said" he was "harassing" her. Applaud #Feminism Kill ALL MEN


15% Of Women have Slept with their Bosses And 37% Of Them Got Promoted For It!!! #Patriarchy!

How One Woman Is Standing Up for India’s Abused men

Man rape in police station; no outrage no news in MSM;who cares for men

This woman rocks! She's explained Western #Feminism in 11 mins FLAT! Declare War on Feminism:

Scrap #498a end legal terrorism on innocent men, they are being forced to commit suicide due to #FakeCases

No one else but Delhi Commission of Women finds 53.2% rape cases as false. #falserape #fakecases

Just too many actress getting into trapping men by fake case of rape molestation or making extra money from prostitution.

 No rape over marriage promise, insists sex consensual as girl educated: Court Hail Justice Virender Bhat.

 Rise in fake rape cases worries women’s panel -

 Financially stable wife can’t claim maintenance: Bombay high court


When a woman fools the system by petitioning for Maintenance under 3 laws, in 3 different Courts.

Women could be made respondents in DV Act cases: Bombay HC

Single act of Adultery justifies divorce

Man kills wife, stabs her lover. Sudhakar, had been quarrelling with his wife Suganthi over her affair with a friend of his Elangovan


Wife N Sowjanya, her lover Jaideep Deshi, both software engineers in Accenture, Bangalore, and their accomplice Swamy Raj Kumar killed husband Venkateshwar Rao

Bombay HC frowns on stringent bail conditions, cites case backlog


Sugar coated sexism to deprive men of equal opportunity is Crime Against Men don't spread it, stop it


Male minister, staff jump into lake, save 6 in sinking car Men are rarely appreciated in feminist clamor for credit


Woman stalling divorce for extortion asked to pay Rs 50,000 for wasting courts time, Need more judgement like this


Women smugglers caught with 20 kg gold, its biggest gold haul at Indian airport


Kids mostly boys are being blackmailed to do sex acts online. Why no laws or ministry for protection of male kids


High court offers some respite to helpless father BR Srinivas, deprived by his wife Vinaya KM from contacting his child


Woman Afsana along with her lover Naseem kill husband Akhbar for objecting to extra-marital affair; arrested


"In 2001(Age10-24) Men: 16.59crs Women:14.89crs. they became (Age20-34 in 2011): Men: 15.35Crs…" — Stop abuse of men


HC orders joint custody of child - Bangalore Mirror  STOP PARENTAL ALIENATION Shared Parenting is the future


What Digital Rape?? A doctor accused of digitally penetrating two women for vaginal examinations


If max crime is cmtd on GIRLS by In-Laws,how's that d number of suicides of girls between 15-29 is way above 29-44???


Moti Nagar resident Man Samir accused of rape acquitted by court, which called it a case of "extra-marital affair being converted into rape"


CORRUPTION: Police Sack Two Women Corporals 'Caught in the Act': Two traffic policewomen caught in an armature video

Another draconian law in making HINDU SUCCESSION (AMEND) BILL, 2013


A man Amit Budhiraja is booked for Murder even after his suicide n a women Rinku Sachdev not booked even when she pushes man for suicide.


Dowry harassment case: Retired army man Ramnath Das pleads for mercy killing as his family has been falsely implicated in the Anti-dowry Act by the family of the daughter-in-law


Refusal to have sex with a life partner during honeymoon does not amount to cruelty says court. I can’t accept such judgment as fair.


I’ll effects biased IPC497 that has no support for helpless husband VP of Gurgaon firm stabs wife to death

Inherent Flaws in the Anti Dowry Legislation

Those who think women take best care of children whether theirs or others. I dare them to keep their children with women criminal like Renuka Shinde & Seema Gavit or else ask the government who'll develop police & laws to protect humanity from such women


Mom left her daughter locked for 6 days while visiting her boyfriend!!!


Staci Hargreaves who kicked her stiletto heel through her boyfriend's eye till his brain is set free


Ana Trujillo killed her boyfriend by repeatedly stabbing him with heel of her stiletto


Susan Wright stabbed her husband 193 times but still got parole Life of Men so worthless their murderers live free

Roshana Shashikant Gaikwad Woman who set Hubby Shashikant             Ablaze gets a reduced sentence proves men=disposable, Women are seen as innocent, their testimony valued


Cops book wife Shilpa Chandani , 7 others for abetting Umang Singh Thakur suicide case. Wife Shilpa married him and got his company transferred in her name later implicated Husband in Rape as well and was threatening harassing him to get a case of abduction registered against him.


Woman Anu Santhi killed her husband Lijeesh with the aid of her boyfriend Nino Mathew barely 7 months after marriage, Women Empowerment I guess.....


Shame that 45 year old women & mother of three, cheats husband to enjoy extra marital affair with a 22 year young boy


Even dogs know that it is wrong to beat child but not women


Sending vulgar messages, posting pictures amounts to outraging modesty, says HC The observation was made by Justice Mehinder Singh Sullar while hearing an anticipatory bail plea of Adarsh Singh. Will court adopt same approach if a woman sends similar content to a Man


Sat in a chair and beaten by his wife as their help watched — this is what former James Bond stuntman Eddie Kidd endured for years at the hands of his wife Samantha.


London's sex workers have won a legal challenge against a police decision that prohibited them from attending to clients in their residential apartments. Clearly shows that women also do prostitution as preferred choice and are not always trafficked as proclaimed by feminist


Even though we have so many cases of women raping men & women the high court questioned if a woman can be accused of outraging the modesty of another woman and sought the legal provisions for it.


Strange judgment, No divorce as estranged couple still had sex, Bombay high court rules


Crime by women on the rise as 23% increase in arrests of women in Mumbai for crime in a year


Crime against men rarely gets punished as we see Nerul murder: Wife, 'lover' walk free



A man Prakash Suryawanshi was killer just for Rs 300 by Pradeep Suryawanshi, his brother Deepak Suryawanshi and Praveen Solanki. Is value of a Man’s life less than 6 dollars?


Bhiwandi: A Bhiwandi resident, Seema Sarfaraj Shaikh (25), was booked for dumping her newborn in a gutter. The baby died


HC Justice Revati Mohite Dere slams police for charging 15-yr-old Bharat Suradakar with suicide abetment


Qazi in the dock for granting divorce despite court order


Crime by women - TV artiste dupes 70 persons of Rs 50 million


A 67 yr old Man beaten to death No media outrage or protest as CrimeAgainstMen is nobody's worry


Woman smuggling 2kg of cocaine in fake pregnancy bump … Light punishment to lady criminals increases such behavior


Doctor husband granted divorce after wife EmpoweredWoman refuses to allow him to eat, locks fridge & insults him …



Daughter-in-law arrested after she kicks father in law out of home WomenEmpowerment … , 



Punjab DSP kills self over strained relations with wife but wife not arrested Crime Against Men …


Divorce - A new quick fix for the newly wed youth. And a money game for women. …


Indian women CAN plot & commit cold blooded murders, but NOT domestic violence. How incorrect assumption. …


 Wife wants to enjoy adultery so gets husband killed, High time to change IPC 497 & save innocent Men from demoness


Imelda Marcos shoe collection, reminder of public money misuse by women in power & sign of wrong Women Empowerment …


Media Misandry A lady uses gun for tax collection is praised But the same act by a man is always criticized


Lady terrorist Samantha will be absolutely safe in Misandrous India here terrorist Ishrat Jahan is called daughter


A Davis mother is accused of murder after her 5-year-old daughter was found in her trunk. … a fathers wish 2see his son b4 his life ends. Biju Matthew we are with you. God bless you. Stay strong please.


Mother stabbed baby, it's intestinal coils protruded out & it died


That's beyond disgusting. Sadly, this post-natal insanity isn't isolated either 


Woman gets 10-year jail for trafficking  Gud judgement. No leniency on basis of gender....

A malicious mother with an axe to grind - She's the ex-wife from hell! An outraged judge


10 reasons we should ban male circumcision in Europe according to German socialists


Should a rapist with unstable mind get pardoned? If Women get away with child's murder by feigning unstable mind, why?


After she lost interest in husband she gifted infant to a stranger!!


Rape laws are designed to rape Men.

Woman drops Rape Charge: ‘Grant him bail, we'll marry’ Court grants bail: 'Next hearing show the proof of marriage'


Delhi High Court overturns man's conviction for raping daughter


Delhi High Court acquits father for Raping his own daughter. Case filed by 11 yr old's mother to seek revenge for divorce.


Lady having two lovers kills own 4 yr old daughter Judges who give custody of children only to mom Are you listening?


Woman Lisa Brea Griffiths, accused of raping 2 teenage boys aged 13 & 14


Man kills wife, stabs her lover Sudhakar, had been quarrelling with his wife over her affair with a friend of his


Court- Depriving sex to wife is cruelty & I wonder if same judgment will be given if man is deprived of sex by wife


Empowered Woman seeks damage for professional negligence, claims lawyer should've told divorce would end marriage



A man commits suicide ovr failed love affair-its SUSPICIOUS DEATH. A woman does that, man n his family is ARRESTED …


Woman who married 50 Men and duped all of dem …


If Vienna Conventions apply to Devyani it should apply to me too - Pascal Mazurier …


Crime against women: have we have become a lynch mob???? …


As always. When women want it its fun when men do its marital rape? …"


Was Vanessa George an 'abuser' or child 'sex offender'? No. She is a Paedophile. …


Accounting for the ‘invisibility’ of the female paedophile: an expert-based perspective from South Africa …

 School teacher who lied for maintenance from estranged hubby faces 3 years in jail -


Women equally responsible fr crime against them: Vibha Rao, Women Cmsn Chhattisgarh …


‘Missing’ Thane actress found in Chennai with boyfriend/ paramour half her age - The Times of India


Desertion is cruelty, ground for divorce: HC  A man in India has to wait for 20 years to get just a DIVORCE


Empowered Woman seeks damage for professional negligence, claims lawyer should've told divorce would end marriage …


Idea that lady police officer decrease crime is wrong Given opportunity women themselves do gruesome violence …


When a woman induces someone into prostitution it's plain simple 'cheating' charges. If a man, it's rape. …


Good Man - Suspended professor takes classes on roads. If he had been a woman, nation would have been crying in outrage. …


Men never cry- Discrimination of tears -


The Gang rape that never was -  India tribal villagers deny 'gang rape' took place


Woman 'goes missing' to live with paramour …


Single Mother Families are Hotbed of Child Abuse: Research …


How much child should love a mother like Rebecca Shuttleworth Read it once and then make tall claims about mother being the best guardian for a child …



All our electronic media and activist are silent as the same is happened to a Boy. If this happens t


Another fraud teaching method, why to lie at first place? Find a man who does not mind yr previous



Female sex offenders trigger similar trauma in victims as male sex attackers | Herald Sun …


Woman abandons daughter, alleges kidnapping  this is how stories are concocted. Hope d woman is duly punished.


Woman arrested for sending poisonous letter to Obama … Still they say women can't commit crime


2,000 people looked on as 55 year-old Man Jawaharlal Mura was killed … Crime Against Men occurs everyday


Delhi: 82-year-old acquitted of charge of raping domestic help …



Andhra Pradesh HC:- We never expected that women would be of such a character in this country w…


This is how a debate shld b,nt some scripted show lk We The People whr all agreeing ppl come & say "We agree"


After 16 years of marriage man finds out 3 of his 4 children are not his …


Husband commits suicide on Nov 28,2012. Complaint accepted on June 15, 2013. Why biased treatment to men by Indian Police. …

Some good news from Germany: court uphold men’s right to stand when urinating!


#RealStrength l Dove Men+Care


Carly Fiorina says White House is not paying women equally (except when it's the same job title, the pay is practically the same)


Judge Lets Woman Murderer Go Free AFTER Guilty Verdict Delivered By Jury


Acid-throwing: Almost exclusively a women’s crime?


A 16-YEAR-OLD boy who was acquitted on Friday night of multiple rape was locked up for almost a year awaiting trial.  Audio: Solicitor Laura Timpano discusses this case with 6PR's Millsy and Tony Mac 15-year-old Catholic college student, was dragged out of bed by police a year ago and refused bail on nothing but the say-so of a lying 17-year-old girl who cried rape.


State to sack prosecutors with less than 25 success. This appears to be a knee jerk reaction. Just forcing public prosecutor to achieve success is not the correct approach as it will further increase the number of innocents getting jailed. To explain my point let's take example of traffic cops. If similar order is released for them saying, every day he has to issue penalty to at least 500 people or else he will be sacked. Than what he will do, he will start to penalize even those who follow traffic rules. The cop will come up with dirty tricks just to meet his targets. Who will be responsible for such a mess?? Instead of ensuring that a criminal is punished. This order wants to punish the accused without checks that the person is guilty. This order appears to be a step in backward direction, when already the judiciary has lot of fake cases piled up. The fake case industry will definitely  boom with more innocents getting convicted just because the public prosecutor needs to meet targets.  


Japan’s sexual apathy is endangering the global economy  


Japan’s sexual apathy is endangering the global economy



School Boy Gets Hospitalized After Beaten By Female Teacher


Husbands Who Shout At Wives Will Face 14 Years In Jail Under New Law



Elder Abuse: 63 Years old Sachin Protest in Front of PM House 

Another high profile - all about money honey divorce: Messy divorce? Wendi Murdoch hires new lawyer

5 lacs can take away all d torture, beatings, thrown out f home trauma, dowry harassment..VOWWW.. …



Woman accused in doctor's murder sends private parts to his wife -


Consensual Live in is not cheating says HC, Civil dispute cannot be criminalized - The New Indian Express …


Toddler boy suspended for calling teacher cute!!!!District Reverses Suspension of 4th-Grader Who Called Teacher Cute …

Woman double-crosses court for son’s custody, gets rap, asked to pay 2 Lakh fine. rarejustice …


Do not jail accused in dowry cases, rules High Court | Deccan Chronicle Children interest upheld …



Hanged 15 y boy 'scared' after s-x talk - when told that a girl under the influence of alcohol could not consent to have s-x he seemed "shocked and scared".

Lady boss of auto-lifters is an MBA too -

Mother sets boy on fire for stealing Rs 5 in Bikaner -

If a woman has physical relation with a married man and gets pregnant, that is promiscuity not rape.

Ex Bahrain cop gets relief in dowry harassment case

Man writes to President seeking permission for suicide

Drunk woman lawyer rams Audi into cab on Eastern Freeway, kills 2 - The Times of India on Mobile -

13 year girl refuses to leave prostitution

After woman kills techie husband, her parents help get rid of his body

Mum 'left quadriplegic son in woods to die' -

​Swarup Sarkar on Face the People show talking about domestic violence and Yukta Mookhey case


Massive human rights abuses in the name of stopping abuse of domestic violence . Domestic violence is defined so broadly these days that just raising your voice is now considered grounds for state invention. The mere allegation of abuse invites a draconian response, requiring the man to vacate his home and avoid any contact with the woman or even his own children.

Husband’s are beaten black & blue everyday but no law to save them. This violent wife still breathes in free air and no legal actions taken against her.

8 Reasons Straight Men Don't Want To Get Married


Ex-wife wants to milk former husband over compensation for the 24 years he spent in prison for crimes HE DIDN'T COMMIT!


Mamata Banerjee says those discussing rape on TV are linked to porn:


The £49bn bill we pay for children who can't celebrate Father's Day: The devastating financial - and human - cost of our fatherless society


If boy kills self, will girlfriend be blamed?: NGO


On Father's Day, men's rights activists demand shared parenting -


Even husband’s suicide is NO use! Wife acquitted and is free to remarry! But fake suicide letter sufficient proof of abetment of suicide for arresting boyfriend


Newborn baby thrown in drain to die by mother Still judiciary foolishly gives child custody to mothers only


NZ boy becomes father after 'abuse' by his friend's 36-year-old mother for several months


Abused husband's article in DNA Bangalore The fairer sex and the unfair laws


Man entitled to divorce if wife doesn't let his parents stay with them, rules HC -


6 year old saves his abusive mother even after she slit his throat -


When the lady is lewd | Life | Times Crest



The SIFF Band of Brothers … Helping Men in distress


The problem with feminism is it seeks role reversal rather than gender equity … leading to suffering of Men



This is EPIC. 4500 Men renounce world afraid of arrest and torture in name of False Dowry cases. …

Women make things uncomfortable for each other but never accept it'


I will add more misandry busters in coming time. Till than happy myth busting.

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