In India, you find almost every corporate house celebrating women’s day & mothers day etc. They conveniently seem to forget Men’s day, Fathers Day, Boy’s day etc. Even the calendar manufacturers forget to mention these days in their publications.


Last year I tried to push calendar makers to print days related to men in their calendars and companies to celebrate these days. I have been partially successful this year. Many corporate acknowledged father’s day. But still the impact is much less than desirable. So I thought of marking the important days related to men on this blog. You can bookmark this page as I plan to update this page with upcoming event related to men and any important days that come up.


At present I have just put in the months and the days that men need to watch for. I will try to get these days implemented in calendars so that men do not forget these days, they can use to be assertive about equality.


I have also made a pdf calendar with beautiful images that can be downloaded and printed for keeping at your home/office desk.. Below this blog is the preview of the downloadable file. You can download it from this link .  If you do not have pdf installed on your computer, you can download it for free from adobe site. You can also send this file to local calendar/ diary maker and ask them to incorporate the days mentioned here in their products.


Update— I have increased the resolution of the pdf file and now it can be used for printing this calendar for your personal use.


I had chosen various images on Malendar to send a positive message and portray various phases in life of men.  But I did not write any description for images on Malendar as I felt that people can come up with more awesome and inspiring interpretation than me.


Lately many people asked me to describe the reasons so here they are.


January- A male and female both are at same level, walking in same direction was chosen to show society will be better place if both gender are treated equally and they put their energy in the same direction. It is also beginning of a new year, so it has a subject of traversing ahead by keeping focus on the track



February – An image of couple in love was chosen as Valentine day falls in February.


March – A single guy is enjoying among the crowd. This was chosen just after February couple’s image, as many of youngsters today are under peer pressure to have a girlfriend or group of friends or be part of elite groups etc. The intent of this image is to show that a person can be happy even if he is not part of a group or doesn’t have a girlfriend. A person need not depend on others to make him happy.


April – 16th April 2016 is Husband appreciation day. So image of man as husband with family was chosen.


May – 5th May 2016 is Boy’s day. Present day society has been neglecting male kids. So image of a calm but lonely boy was chosen.


June – 19th June 2016 is Father’s day, so image of father with kid was chosen.


July – July is mid year period. I equate it to middle aged people; they are susceptible to midlife crisis and tend to feel defeated, of things that haven't gone their way. The image of man lighting up a dark tunnel was chosen to send a positive message to men in distress, to hold on to hope even in the darkest time of their life.



August – India got independence on 15 August 1947. But men in India still do not feel free due to restrictive laws and intolerant policies. So instead of observing Independence day, they have a National meet for men’s rights on 15th August each year. The image is of the meet held on 15 Aug 2015.


September – 10th September 2016 is Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide is major killer nowadays. People commit suicide as they only see the 1% grey areas in their life and fail to see the 99% colorful positives around them. This colorful scenic image was chosen to motivate people to change their outlook and see the positives in their life and around them too.


October – October is observed as ‘Violence Against Men & Boys Awareness Month’ i.e. VAMBAM. The biggest hurdle for male victims of domestic violence is that nobody believes them to be victim. Even the laws do not provide support to such victims. So the image chosen was that of a calm composed man who has reached mountain top, he is also above every other surrounding mountain. This was to give a message that even if you problems are as big as mountain, you can surmount them and be on top of them.


November – 19th November 2016 is Men’s Day. Men’s rights activists prefer blue color. November is also celebrated as Movember, encouraging men to grow moustache. The intent was also to show that men face lot of hardships and hence age faster. So an image of a middle aged man in blue jacket, sporting moustache was used. He's standing on a rugged terrain with a faint smile, that's how most men have lived their lives since millennia



December – 2nd December 2016 is International Slavery Abolition Day. Though there have been many positive developments to eradicate slavery / forced labour, but even in 21st century the slavery statistics neglect many situations where men are forced into slavery, many times such practices are even legal.  So image of man who physically appears to be in situation of slave but has positive expression and outlook has been used to depict men who are currently facing hardships due to misandry in society but are still keeping positive outlook and working towards equality.




Malendar - A calendar for men

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